Even TikTok Knows You Shouldn't Make This Major Mistake With Scrambled Eggs

TikTok has proven that anyone can cook, with the millions of recipes and kitchen hacks shared every day, including for our favorite part of the morning routine — breakfast. TikTok has shown million how to use an air fryer to make breakfast toasts or how fast it is to make delicious custardy treats.

But, while TikTok has shown how easy it is to prepare breakfast, not every foodie on Tik Tok has the best breakfast tips, and some users or videos lack basic kitchen concepts — there was a moment a poached egg Tiktok hack caused some injuries. This is why you should be careful whenever following a viral hack, paying close attention to what is said in the video to avoid making common mistakes while cooking eggs.

Recently, a Tik Tok user with over 18 thousand followers shared what supposedly is a recipe for scrambled eggs. She cracks two eggs, stirs them, and adds butter to a pan. So far so good, right? However, in order to fold the eggs, she uses an unexpected utensil that creates a disturbing sound in the video. Although folded eggs can look aesthetically pleasing, the audience raged about the major mistake the user made with the utensils while doing scrambled eggs. This viral video, with more than 10 million views, brought up a crucial cooking tip: never use a metal fork to move food on a nonstick pan. 

TikTok complained about a user folding eggs in a pan with a metal fork

To the @freshlysnapped video, a user commented that this was "hurting their soul", while another asked a tough question to the TikToker: "how can you afford to treat a non-stick pan like that in today's economy?" Many could agree that their moms would get so mad if they ever saw them doing that, while others said the fork made them stop watching the video. Luckily, a compassionate user said the video looked very cute but did insist on how it was hurting the pan next to a blushed emoji.

Metal utensils ruin nonstick frying pans. According to The Kitchn, sharp forks can scratch a pan if we use them to stir food or remove it. This causes the Teflon coating to peel and the surface to get rusty, making cooking an unpleasant experience. To take care of your kitchen utensils, try using a wooden fork or silicone spatula for cooking eggs.

After this video went viral, the user acknowledged that she committed the mistake, surprised how this was actually her big break as a food photographer. The silver lining is that TikTok learned a very good lesson, saving tons of nonstick pans from destruction.