This Viral TikTok Hack Has Injured Yet Another Egg Poacher

The art of poaching an egg can prove to be quite difficult — you need to use the right pot, have your stovetop at the perfect temperature, and time the actual process flawlessly. This TikTok hack was meant to simplify this tedious operation, but it's actually done more harm than good. While people that use the technique come out with an egg that's perfectly runny, they also have a few battle scars to tell the tale.

Rather than heating your egg on a stovetop, this trick only requires a microwave, which seems appealing at first if you're low on space or equipment. All you need to do is put your egg in a dish, along with some water, vinegar, and a dash of salt. The final product is supposed to be a beautifully poached, runny egg, but for some people, this was far from the case. One person who tried the hack ended up needing to go to the emergency room for severe burns (via The South African). Apparently, after she put her cold spoon in the boiling water to get her egg out of the dish, this caused it to splash all over her face and neck. And unfortunately, she isn't the only victim of this hack.

The hack's newest victim

One TikTok user, @8gazmcd1, told the internet to not try this hack. In his video, he simply stated that the trick, "didn't go quite to plan." Though he did not show his final result from the hack, it is obvious from the burns on his face that he was injured from the trend. However, it appeared that the user still retained a positive attitude about the situation. In a follow-up video, he advised anyone who was considering trying this method to, "be careful."

Though this hack is just recently going viral on the popular social media platform, this isn't the first time people have tried to make poached eggs in the microwave. Bon Appétit had actually put out a similar trick in 2011, and called the microwave "your friend." So why has this hack failed others? On one of the major viral TikTok videos, microwave differences weren't specified. This could mean that higher-powered microwaves could literally lead to an explosion and even injury to the user. Maybe we'll stick to making poached eggs the old-fashion way, even if that means that they won't be perfectly runny.