Crumbl Cookies' New Weekly Lineup Is A Mystery In Itself

Mystery flavored snacks have been popping up left and right. While it's hard to pin down the exact origin of surprising treat-eaters with a flavor they will not be able to identify until it is already in their mouth, there's no denying that this trend has the potential to reel in curious fans. Oreo's mystery flavor was released in 2021 and had fans scratching their heads while still purchasing the cookie whose flavor they knew next to nothing about until it was announced later that year (for the record, it was churro). 

And they're not the only ones to try the trend. Turkey Hill released a mystery ice cream flavor in early 2022, Twizzlers had its candy revamped in a secret flavor last March, and even Mountain Dew got in on the mystery flavor fun, releasing a version of its drink called VooDoo, whose flavor was not revealed until much later on. And now Crumbl, a cookie franchise with establishments across the U.S., is working on a mystery flavor promotion of its own.

Peanut butter and what?

Imagine grabbing a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but having no idea what type of jelly was inside. That's the sort of thinking we can only imagine led to Crumbl's latest idea. The cookie company recently announced "BIG NEWS" for loyal customers, especially those who happen to also be loyal peanut butter fans. 

Along with its regular new cookie flavor lineup for the week, Crumbl recently posted on Instagram about a new promo featuring 10 peanut butter cookie offerings with varying unknown additional flavors. But those additional flavors aren't the only mystery here — customers may not even know exactly which peanut butter cookie they might be able to get until they arrive at their local store. Crumbl has not announced what is in each flavor, but did note that available options vary by location and those who have downloaded the Crumbl app can cheat by checking which option their chosen store offers. But who would do that and spoil the surprise?

Fans seem to be very into the surprise element, with one commenting on the Instagram post "I'M SO EXCITED TO SEE WHAT PEANUT BUTTER COOKIE MY STORE HAS!!" and another stating "PB LOVERS ITS OUR WEEK TO SHINE."