We Finally Know Turkey Hill's Mystery Flavor

With all sorts of food brands, mystery flavors often pop up in the mix of the classics. Mountain Dew often releases mystery flavors around Halloween under the name VooDEW, and fans thought that the 2021 VooDEW flavor tasted like SweeTARTS, Laffy Taffy, or Starbursts. Sometimes, mystery flavors come with prizes. For example, Oreo asked their fans to submit guesses for a mystery flavor for the opportunity to win a $50,000 prize, and the mystery flavor turned out to be Churro Oreos.

Those who keep up with such promotions probably know that Turkey Hill released a mystery ice cream flavor in early 2022. The sweepstakes included all sorts of frozen prizes, from three months of free ice cream to a grand prize of a lifetime of free ice cream. Fans had weeks to guess, and Turkey Hill also released some clues on social media. Now, the flavor's been revealed on the brand's Instagram page, and it might leave fans feeling blue ... berry, that is.

Turkey Hill's new flavor is Maple Blueberry Pancake

It appears that Turkey Hill had fans of maple syrup and blueberry pancakes in mind because its no-longer-mysterious flavor is Maple Blueberry Pancake. Based on the comments on Turkey Hills' Instagram post, it looks like some fans really loved the combination. One person wrote, "We were right! That just means y'all 100% nailed the flavor, it was FANTASTIC!" Another person said, "We also included maple in the title. It's delicious!!!"

But some Instagram users seemed to think that one thing was missing from the ice cream: pieces of pancakes. For example, man_juan commented, "I put blueberry maple syrup as my guess and honestly without pieces of pancake that's all it is!. Kinda feel robbed." Somewhat similarly, alekr92 wrote, "​​I was thinking maybe adding in pancake mix-in would tie the flavor better."

We don't know why these pancake pieces weren't included, but they presumably could have made the flavor easier for fans to guess. Knowing where this flavor is will be less of a mystery than what it is. Maple Blueberry Pancake is in stores nationwide, according to Chew Boom. For the ice cream lovers who guessed the flavor correctly, Turkey Hills' website says the winners of the sweepstakes will be contacted by email or mail, so they should keep an eye out to see if free ice cream is in their future.