The One Thing You Should Be Making With Overripe Strawberries

Strawberries go great in many recipes. In desserts, it brings the acidic punch a sweet dish might need, like in a moist strawberry shortcake or a simple light cake. Strawberries can also join a salad, and be jolly as a simple strawberry Santa. Plus, having strawberries regularly in your fridge is not a bad idea. You can top any stack of pancakes with them, decorate your breakfast porridge, or have them as a daily healthy snack as they are high in vitamin C, antioxidants, and fiber (via Healthline).

But, if you didn't store them properly or just forgot that you had this fruit in your fridge, you may find them getting overripe soon. Fear no more, mushy strawberries open the door to a whole set of recipes, like jam, jelly, frozen desserts, smoothies, cocktails, and even pies. Sometimes overripe strawberries are better than firm strawberries because they have more juice and fragrance. So, don't be deceived by their pulpy texture, they are still strong in flavor. If you have not yet decided what to do with your overripe strawberries, here's an idea: Get those berries in the oven! 

Roast overripe strawberries for a compote

To make strawberry jam or any dip, you need to cook the berries, and it's the heat of the oven that intensifies the sweet flavor of the fruit, per True North Kitchen. This is why roasting them is likely to bring the best result, providing compote that could be used instantly in a snack or appetizer, or can be saved for later use, such as on your morning breakfast toast. You'll just need a baking sheet to toss your strawberries, either in big or small chunks and dress them to taste.

Walder Wellness recommends roasting strawberries with balsamic vinegar and honey, or you can use any other sweetener like sugar or vanilla. Go beyond the basics: After roasting them, and chilling them for a bit, mix them with a savory ingredient like whipped feta, the result of blending feta cheese, greek yogurt, olive oil, and spices. You can have this dish as a snack or a light dinner, or serve it as an appetizer at any small gathering. They would go great with some pita chips or your preferred cracker. 

Be open to playing in your kitchen and with your palate with roasted strawberries. You'll thank yourself for saving those overripe strawberries!