The Big Complaint Some Trader Joe's Shoppers Have About Its Gyro Slices

Trader Joe's has a particularly enthusiastic fan base, with dozens of Instagram accounts dedicated solely to posting about new products at the grocery chain. Its items release to much acclaim: This year alone, shoppers have vied to get their hands on new and returning items, like heart-shaped pasta leading up to Valentine's Day and even what some Trader Joe's customers consider joy in a can: smoked mussels. The love for the California-based grocery company is so apparent, in fact, that some customers drive far and wide to shop at Trader Joe's, traveling for more than an hour each way to get their hands on some of the whimsical products.

It's not often that you hear complaints about Trader Joe's or its offerings. If there ever is any criticism, it tends to have more to do with pricing inconsistencies than quality, as was the case when TJ's fans had a problem with its new croissants. However, every chain has its weak links, and not all items can be winners. Such is the case with one of Trader Joes' meat items, gyro slices.

This gyro is not a hero

According to food blog Shop Smart, Trader Joes' Gyro Slices come pre-cooked and have a "great refrigerated shelf life unopened." A fan of Greek food, the reviewer noted that "it's a bit of a fool's errand to compare quick heat and serve home products, to a great restaurant cooking." The reviewer mentions that many first-time tasters might perceive these gyro slices as falling short in richness and seasoning, though they appreciate these "subtler" flavors. The beef and lamb slices sell for $4.69 per 8-ounce pack and are seasoned with black pepper, spearmint, oregano, and garlic.

Over on Reddit, there's an entire thread dedicated to the opinion that TJ's gyro slices are less than stellar. "They're very greasy and kind of taste like hot dog meat to me," posted u/oolonggaby. Some commenters more positively noted that the meat doesn't taste "gross," but simply pointed out that other options are better, with one noting, "It wasn't awful, but after trying it, I don't think I'd purchase it again. And I forking love gyros." Those looking for authentic flavors may want to take a note from another Redditor and hit their local Greek spot instead. While the TJ's refrigerated find is "convenient," they said, it "doesn't compare at all to a good gyro shop."