This Returning Trader Joe's Item Is Joy In A Can For Fans

Canned seafood can be a godsend during the hot summer months. While some toil away in front of their stove and grill, others take solace in canned goods that offer protein and iron, among other nutrients, without having to add any heat to the kitchen. So while some might be turned off by the lack of perceived freshness and additional processing, others see it as a much needed means to keeping cool while eating well. 

There are tons of canned seafood recipes across the internet, especially those that do not require a stove. Canned tuna salad recipes seem to be the most popular and even Martha Stewart has been known to ditch freshly seared tuna and opt for a nice tuna salad sandwich every once in a while. That means other canned fish deserve their moment in the sun as well, and Trader Joe's returning item may excite some shoppers.

Seems like canned mussels can make quite a comeback

Trader Joe's canned mussels were first introduced to shoppers back in September 2021, according to Reddit, seemingly as a limited time offering. The product received rave reviews from a variety of sources, with Reddit commenters noting how "very impressed [they were] with the size and quality of the mussels," and someone even going as far as to call them "phenomenal." Another reviewer named them the "best mussels ever," giving them a near 5-star review, with a few others mentioning how good they are for the price on Trader Joe's Reviews.

It seems Trader Joe's heard their praise and decided to bring their Lightly Smoked Mussels back for another go. Fans pounced on the news, with many noting how upset they were to see them go in the first place and how excited they are now to go to their local TJ's to grab a few of their own. There were even some who started a sub-thread sharing their favorite ways to consume the Trader Joe's canned mussels — aside from those who choose to eat them straight out of the can. Whichever way you choose, it seems like these are sure to be a hit.