15 Best Bacardi Flavors Ranked From Worst To Best

What could accompany the stunning scenery of a white sand beach and crystal blue water better than a cold and refreshing daiquiri? Now, there's a good chance that many of the daiquiris you have consumed contained Bacardi rum. 

Bacardi is one of the most accessible and popular rums worldwide. Bacardi is a brand with a long and formidable history. The brand has been around for over 160 years, and it has extensive experience in making rum. Bacardi has revolutionized the production process with advancements such as developing its own strain of yeast (via El Meson de Pepe).

Bacardi was founded in Cuba in 1862 by Don Facundo Bacardí Massó. It became famous rather quickly for its unparalleled quality. The company presented consumers with a smoother spirit that could be enjoyed on its own as well as in cocktails. The brand attained worldwide recognition during the Prohibition in the 1930s when tourists visiting Cuba were introduced to the rum. 

Bacardi has expanded its portfolio by making rums that had been aged for different lengths of time. It also introduced the Limón flavored rum in the 1990s. Bacardi's flavored rums work well as a cocktail base and are wonderful for creating new varieties of beloved classics. 

15. Bacardi Mango

Rum generally packs a punch. The spicy notes and clean finish make it a potent yet smooth liquor; the unique flavor of rum is often easy to distinguish from other spirits. If you prefer a drink that's more on the sweeter side, then Bacardi Mango might be just the one for you. Mango is a fruit that screams tropical. It's a sweet and juicy fruit that complements the smooth spice of rum perfectly. The mango in this flavored rum really complements the citrus notes from the oranges, making it taste a whole lot like summer in a glass.

Unfortunately, though, the summery vibe is not enough to make this spirit one of the better flavored Bacardi options. According to one Rum Ratings review, this mixed rum is good for people who have a sweet tooth. But if you don't prefer such a sweet drink, you could drink this rum with a sour or bitter mixer, which will help balance it into a great drink. Overall, unless you're looking for a sugar bomb, you may want to steer clear of Bacardi Mango.

14. Bacardi Dragonberry

Bacardi's Dragonberry flavor is another of the brand's flavored rums. It combines dragonfruit and strawberry flavors, which sounds quite enticing. This rum is quite similar to some of Bacardi's other flavored rums as it's on the sweeter side, and it works well when mixed into fruity, summery cocktails. The fruit profiles are helpful in differentiating one rum flavor from another, which is one plus of the Dragonberry flavored rum since this rum tastes quite fruity but also slightly unusual. 

The mild but sweet profile of the dragonfruit, often described as a mixture of pear and kiwi, complements the full, sweet taste of strawberries, or so we are led to believe. But not all is good about this flavor. One Drizly reviewer thinks that it's sickly sweet, while another has a hard time finding the dragonfruit. If you mix this rum into a drink with soda to water it all down, then you might just end up with something drinkable. 

13. Bacardi Raspberry

Bacardi Raspberry, like all the other Bacardi flavored rums, is not aged. The fruit flavor in the raspberry is predominant but still gives the rum the space to shine through. It's crystal clear in color, which does much to help keep the integrity of the rum intact, as opposed to adding some fruit coloring. According to the Difford's Guide, this is definitely a good mixing rum. The sweet and tart notes from the raspberry provide the perfect base for any cocktail.

Bacardi Raspberry is a pretty tasty base drink that is quite versatile; you can add soda and bitters, lemonade and mint, or lime juice and sugar to create exciting drinks. But there's no way you could drink this spirit on its own because it has a concentrated, oddly artificial aroma that is only hidden once diluted. If you know what you're getting into, then you may not hate this bottle: It's just that some others are far more remarkable.

12. Bacardi Mojito

When that craving for an ice-cold mojito hits, you simply can't ignore it! But maybe you don't have all ingredients at home, or you simply don't feel like making the drink from scratch. Wouldn't it be great to drink a ready-made cocktail straight out of the bottle? Bacardi had the same thought, which is why it introduced its line of ready-made cocktails, and the Bacardi Mojito is the best of the range. This bottle contains the brand's own rum mixed with classic mojito flavors. 

Many Influenster reviewers agree that the taste of this mojito is delicious and quite surprising. But, fair warning: Bacardi Mojito may be a bit on the sweeter side. Some reviewers also report that the taste of the mint was overwhelming, but that seems to be a matter of personal preference. If you're going to have a gathering and want to serve mojitos (without making them from scratch all night!), this Bacardi drink is the way to go.

11. Bacardi Coconut

If you consider cocktails that contain coconut, a Piña Colada is most likely the first drink that comes to mind. Bacardi's coconut-flavored rum makes it easy to make a piña colada at home within minutes. Similar to the other flavored rums made by Bacardi, this flavor is ideal for mixing into a mixed drink, and it probably will not work as well if sipped on its own.  

But if you love coconut, this will likely become your favorite flavor of Bacardi rum. The Manchester Evening News confirms that this drink does indeed lives up to its name and that it is bursting with unmistakable notes of coconut. 

The publication also describes it as an acquired taste, so let us warn you now: This drink might be shockingly strong in terms of (coconut) flavor, but if you're into coconut-themed drinks, there's a very strong chance you'll warm up to it pretty quickly.

10. Bacardi Lime

Bacardi Lime may well be the favorite among Bacardi's flavored rums. The natural flavors of lime and the hint of ginger used in the rum complement the spirit in the best way possible. The tart and uplifting tang from the citrus and the spicy sweetness of the rum make for the perfect pair. Simply pour this spirit over ice and garnish with a lime wedge, because Bacardi Lime is one of the few flavored rum flavors that's great on its own.

It's also great to mix into classic cocktails like a mojito or a daiquiri. Or, simply top it with a bubbly drink like soda water, as suggested by Wine Enthusiast, and enjoy the taste of the Caribbean in a glass. This drink is sweet for sure, but the citrus and ginger are refreshing enough that it's not as not as cloyingly sweet as some of the other flavored varieties; it veers more towards refreshing.

9. Bacardi Limón

When Bacardi launched Bacardí Limón in 1995, the lemon-flavored spirit was the very first flavored rum in the world. Every flavored rum goes through the same process as the regular spirits: The rum is fermented, aged in wooden barrels, run through a charcoal filtration system, and then infused with aromas. Bacardi Limon has hints of sour lemon candy and luscious lemon curd, adding tart and sweet notes to the rum.

You might enjoy this flavored rum on ice, but it's also perfect for cocktails, so it gets more mileage when it's used as a base. This is the OG of flavored rums, so it's no surprise that this is a fantastic foray into the world of fruity rums. Does it taste like fresh lemons mixed with plain rum? No, but it's not really meant to: If you just accept this rum for what it is, then you might find that it's quite delicious.

8. Bacardi Coquito

The Caribbean may experience year-round warm temperatures, but it's certainly a different story in the large parts of the U.S. And when the colder months arrive, the craving for fruity, refreshing drinks fades and is replaced with the desire for something smoother and richer. There are plenty of rum cocktail options for the winter, but nothing beats coquito. This cocktail feels like home, and Bacardi has put its own spin on coquito and now sells it in a bottle. 

Bacardi Coquito (Spanish for "little coconut") is a nod to the classic coquito cocktail as it has unmistakable notes of vanilla, cinnamon, and other baking spices. This drink is a Puerto Rican holiday favorite, and it tastes somewhat similar to eggnog. 

The marriage of Bacardi's clean and smooth rum with the rich and creamy flavor of coconut makes this drink an absolute delight that can be consumed over ice or in coffee. One Goody Goody reviewer describes the drink as a "creamy magic pie." 

While this drink is delicious at first sip; however, a Drink Hacker reviewer found it to be incredibly sweet as he needed a chaser after one glass. But that's the joy of coquito: Just one glass is enough to warm you up and give you that holiday glow.

7. Bacardi Carta Negra

Although Bacardi has expanded its portfolio with flavored spirits and ready-to-drink cocktails, the brand's focus was and will remain aged rum. Bacardi is known all over the world for its rums. One great example, considered one of Bacardi's entry-level rums, is the Bacardi Carta Negra. Negra (Spanish for "black") refers to the deep color of this rum. The hue is derived from blending different molasses-based rums to get just the right combination and blend. 

This rum is aged for four years in charred oak, and it certainly contains some of the sweeter notes of oak. You can't miss the hints of fruit in the aroma of this rum; you'll likely pick up on notes of heavy molasses, nuts, chocolate, and coffee that are pretty prominent and long-lasting. The finish, however, does leave a slightly bitter taste in the mouth, as described by World Rum Guide. This mixture of different flavors, paired with the natural spice of the rum, makes this spirit perfect for drinks like rum and  Coke or a Dark 'n' Stormy cocktail

6. Bacardi Spiced

Bacardi Spiced is the brand's less sweet rum. It has notes of cloves and allspice balanced with hints of vanilla and sweet toasted spices such as coconut and cinnamon. The rum leaves a buttery texture in the mouth, and its flavors remain on the palate for quite a bit of time.

Although it is not a very complex spirit, as Drink Hacker suggests, it's not a bad rum. It seems as if this rum was intentionally made in a simpler style so that it could be used as a great base for drinks. You can enjoy it on its own, sure, but the better option is to use it in mixed rum-based drinks. 

Imagine a Hurricane cocktail and its refreshing and sour notes: Consider adding Bacardi Spiced as the rum of choice, and the way in which the introduction of these additional notes will spice up the cocktail and transform it into a surprisingly different drink.

5. Bacardi Añejo Cuatro

Aging alone does not make an incredible rum. Bacardi's line of drinks has proved that the brand is capable of crafting multiple options of all types and age levels. The Bacardi Añejo Cuatro is only aged for four years. This gold rum has a surprisingly wide flavor profile. Similar to the Reserva Ocho, this rum has notes of tobacco and caramel, though it is less pungent on the nose. 

This is an approachable rum and can be enjoyed either neat or mixed. Añejo Cuatro is more complex than Bacardi's entry-level rums, and although the flavors fade as quickly as they arise on the palate, it is the more enjoyable option among the Bacardi rums. The Rum Pirate considers this a safe and predictable rum for aficionados and beginners alike. It's not unique or powerful, but it is a reliable option for aged rum.

4. Bacardi Carta Blanca

Bacardi circumvented alcohol restrictions during the Prohibition era because its distillery, which was built in the 1930s, was located in Puerto Rico, a U.S. territory. Bacardi continued to produce rum during the Prohibition era, and this helped pave its way to success (via The Nation). 

After the Prohibition, Bacardi emerged as a popular brand. In the first year following the end of the Prohibition era, a million bottles of Bacardi were sold in the U.S.  According to The Rum Barrell, Bacardi's Carta Blanca rum has notes of vanilla, lime, and green apples. On the nose, it has ints of cacao nibs, violette liqueur, and white pepper.

Bacardi Carta Blanca may not have the deep complexity compared to other rums, but it does contain quite a lot of flavor that makes it a must-have for every professional and at-home bartender. It isn't the most serious rum either, which makes it ideal for daiquiris and mojitos.

3. Bacardi Reserva Ocho

Besides Bacardi's entry-level rums, which are usually aged for four years or less, the brand also offers a range of older rums that pack a more complex flavor profile. One of these is the Reserva Ocho. Bacardi made the recipe for this rum in 1862 for the first time, although it was introduced to the public much later. This rum is aged for eight years in barrels, which allows the spirit to pick up its amber hue as well as take in the warm, sweet, and nutty notes of caramel, leather, and tobacco from the wooden barrel itself (via Distiller).

On the nose, Reserva Ocho is quite pungent but well-balanced with hints of rich dried fruit. This rum brings more to the table, and it can be enjoyed neat or on ice. One may consider it to be closer to other dark spirits like bourbon, and because of that, it could be used as a substitute in whiskey cocktails. Ever tried an old-fashioned with dark rum instead? With Bacardi Reserva Ocho, it sure is worth a try.

2. Bacardi Gran Reserva Diez

If you are looking for a more mature rum with a deeper profile, Bacardi Gran Reserva Diez may be the rum for you. The warm notes, which stream through the nose and across the tongue, are complex and highly varied: Dried fruits, dark vanilla, roasted almonds, toffee, and cream dance together in a harmony so lovely that it lets you simply lay back in your chair and enjoy this warm embracing hug of rum.

Flaviar reviewers praise this rum's flavor and smooth texture. The flavor complexity of this rum stems not just from its traditional production process of using cane sugar and molasses but also from aging itself. These notes are accompanied by lighter fruit flavors as well, like pineapple, pear, and banana. Gran Reserva Diaz rum is definitely meant to be enjoyed on its own. No flavor needs to be hidden or exaggerated by introducing more citrus, sugars, or bitters. Sit back and sip this drink, whether it's in front of a campfire or on a cool summer night.

1. Bacardi Gran Reserva Limitada

Rum lovers gather round! If you're on the search for something new and exciting, then look no further than the Bacardi Gran Reserva Limitada because it checks all boxes. This is the finest rum that Bacardi currently sells. It has been aged for at least 12 years, and it is a blend of the best rums from Bacardi's reserves. 

This one lives up to its legacy from nose to finish. Notes of dried fruits like raisins and peaches, almonds and chocolate, vanilla, and tobacco with a hint of the oak barrel give this rum an extremely well-crafted and balanced quality. 

Influenster reviewers have crowned this as Bacardi's best of the best, and they are not exaggerating. The flavor profile snuggles up to your senses and stays for quite a while, which makes this spirit the perfect long drink. If you are looking for a great rum, you cannot go wrong with this one.