Aldi Shoppers Can't Wait To Try Its Returning Pizza Flavor

With the rise of inflation still at America's heels, choosing budget-friendly food options in 2022 is a must and some people believe Aldi not only has unique offerings but saves you a considerable amount of money. There is also another big reason customers keep returning to Aldi: People genuinely like the taste of these bargain products. Not only that but some customers are even claiming certain Aldi foods taste better than their name brand competitors.

Even though frozen pizza is missing from the list of Aldi foods that have cult followings, that doesn't stop people from buying it and comparing the options on social media. Aldi frozen pizza has a vast range from take and bakes to thin crust to organic and they all come at an affordable price range with no pizza exceeding $7.00 before tax (via Query Sprout).

Many Redditors agree that the Mama Cozzi house brand stands above the rest. One recipe developer from The Kitchn even went so far as to taste test over 15 pizza options from the buzzworthy store to uncover the ones with the best taste. Two of her choices were also Mama Cozzi varieties making the house brand a taste-approved favorite. This comes as no surprise when you consider the attention the return of a much-loved Aldi pizza flavor is getting on social media since it's been spotted back in stores.

Aldi's spicy and sweet pizza is back

Two years ago, the internet went wild over a new Aldi product – the new Mama Cozzi Hot Honey pizza varieties. While these unique pizzas didn't last long since Aldi has limited inventory on house brand specialty items (via Aldi Reviewer), @aldifavoritefinds on Instagram posted a picture of the fan favorite back in select stores a few days ago.

Most Instagram users were happy about the pizza's return with one claiming, "This pizza was so good!" while another stated, "The hot honey bbq chicken pizza went beyond our expectations." In the past, this unique Aldi find had mixed reviews from Redditors based on taste and texture, some wishing the pizza was spicier than advertised. Another Reddit user claimed they had tried every pizza from Aldi and the hot honey varieties were the best tasting (which include bbq chicken and pepperoni options). If you're curious, give it a try and see if hot honey on pizza is your thing. If not, stick to another Mama Cozzi variety; Aldi fans claim you won't be disappointed.