Instagram Is Drooling Over Trader Joes' New Hard Kombucha

If you're a loyal Trader Joe's customer and love a good summer cocktail, other avid shoppers have some recommendations for you. When Trader Joe's peaches and cream liqueur hit shelves customers were brainstorming drink ideas, and shoppers have used Trader Joe's spicy jalapeño lemonade to make margaritas. Now, there's another boozy item that customers are getting excited about this season.

Instagram user @traderjoeslist shared a photo of hard kombucha from Luna Bay. It looks like Trader Joe's is stocking two flavors from this brand: Watermelon Sea Salt and Hibiscus Lavender. In the caption of the post, @traderjoeslist praised both flavors, especially the watermelon one, saying "It was extremely refreshing and the watermelon flavor was subtle but fresh. ... It is 100% real watermelon flavor and the pinch of salt really sends it home for me."

Reddit users were divided over Trader Joe's Watermelon Cucumber Cooler, so if you're looking for a watermelon-flavored drink, this may be the better bet based on what commenters are saying.

Here's what people have to say about this boozy kombucha

Since kombucha has been gaining popularity recently, we're not surprised that other Trader Joe's fans are raving in the comments section of the Instagram post and seem very excited to give this drink a try. One person gave a ringing endorsement for Luna Bay's hard kombucha saying, "We LOOOVE these!!!" Another person was persuaded by the original poster's review of the Watermelon Sea Salt flavor and said, "Omgggggg I neeed to find the watermelon sea salt!!!!!"

Other commenters also supported the company itself. According to its website, Luna Bay is the first hard kombucha company that's been founded and run by women in the United States. One fan wrote, "Luna Bay is the best!!! the owners are truly incredible women!!" The original poster also mentioned this in the caption, along with the fact that there's Yerba Mate in the drink.