The Cringe-Worthy Taco Bell Tattoo That Had Reddit Cracking Up

Have you ever been out in public and seen someone with a completely ridiculous tattoo? Maybe it's on their neck, arm, back, or in the worst case, across their forehead. It's not even anything against the person in question — it's just that you have to wonder what was going through that person's head when they had that mess of ink scrawled over their bodies like some kind of walking advertisement for poor decisions.

Indeed, the Internet has long taken delight in poking fun at those who have gotten less-than-sound tattoos. A teenager in Norway back in 2014 got his entire McDonald's receipt, right down to the store number and order number, on his arm, but only after being given the choice of doing that or getting a tattoo of a Barbie doll on his rear (via E! Online). In other cases, some tattoos are so extravagant and wild that they actually get rewarded for it. This was the case of Colorado doctoral student James Kunz, who took advantage of the Subway tattoo promo Reddit wasn't impressed by to ear a lifetime supply of free sandwiches in exchange for a foot-long tattoo in honor of the chain running down his back (via TODAY).

Unfortunately, getting a fast food tattoo isn't always going to get you free food or even metaphorical Internet points. As one unfortunate Reddit user learned, their tattoo of a beloved Taco Bell sauce only warranted cringe from others — not due to the content, but because of the art itself.

A Redditor got a tattoo of Taco Bell's Diablo sauce.

On the subreddit r/TacoBell, a Redditor posted an image of their new tattoo: a packet of Taco Bell's Diablo sauce in between a pair of laurels, with the words "Sorry Mom" written inside the sauce packet. The comments, however, were a bit critical of the tattoo itself. "Well the good news is that you didn't spend a lot of money on it," one user responded. "That's Rick and Morty tattoo levels of cringe," another said. Others were more welcoming, claiming that Diablo sauce was their favorite sauce as well and that the tattoo, for what it's worth, looked pretty good. Some had concerns about how the tattoo was healing, but the original poster assured them they were doing fine.

What exactly makes a good tattoo? According to Inked Magazine, the characteristics of a good tattoo include fully saturated color, consistent linework, flow of composition, legibility, proportion, detail, and healing. These qualities, aside from healing, are very similar to the "rules" of drawing, such as those in comic books. Unlike using ink and paper, however, the artist is using human skin, so every detail must be precise and professional. This isn't to say the Diablo sauce tattoo given to this Taco Bell fan is bad — if the Redditor enjoys it, other people's opinions should not matter. Other diners at the chain have shown their artistic side, such as fan who created a Taco Bell painting that left viewers stunned.