Reddit Isn't Impressed With Subway's New Tattoo Promo

The way you could get Subway sandwiches for life was recently announced, and it's a smidge more involved than their beloved, long-gone $5 footlong deal. Today only, fans of the sandwich juggernaut in Las Vegas can hop on over to Bad Apple Tattoo between the hours of 11 a.m. and 5 p.m., PT. There, people who get an actual, permanent 12-inch by 12-inch tattoo of the new Subway Series logo on their sternum or back will then be awarded $50,000 worth of gift cards.

People can also opt for more discreet ink, albeit for lesser money. A 3-inch by 3-inch tattoo on the calf, shoulder blade, or forearm can net a person $4,380 in gift cards. A 2-inch by 2-inch ink job on a food, wrist, or bicep earns 'em a $372 gift card (equivalent to one month of free sandwiches), per the official terms and conditions. Although many people love Subway's line of fresh sandwich options, some think this is taking devotion a bit further than really necessary.

Reddit weighs in on the Subway tattoo promo

For people who really love getting inked, this Subway promo might be something of a no-brainer. However, Reddit has all the opinions about the deal, and most of them are seemingly not in favor. On one thread, a commenter beseeched people, "Please do not do this to yourself." After all, the requirement for the largest prize is a permanent version of a logo that takes up a full square foot of space on one's body.

Another commenter said that they'd have to "be on real hard times to consider this," and also wondered if Subway has "considered the sorts of people likely to take this deal?" Yet another person called it the "weirdest freebie" they've ever seen, and a different person lamented, "My wife said no."

A different commenter noted that there are less permanent ways to handle food insecurity, and although inflation is hurting already-strained food banks the user suggested going to one like Second Harvest instead of using this promotion to get food, adding, "Free sandwiches to desecrate your body is profane." So while some might head on over for a tattoo and some free grub, it's safe to say that much of Reddit is unimpressed with the promo.