The Fan-Created Taco Bell Painting That Left Viewers Stunned

If you haven't been on Twitter lately and you're a true Taco Bell fan, then you are missing out. No, Elon Musk did not buy Taco Bell (at least not yet). And it isn't another moment about how Chrissy Teigen inspired Taco Bell's at-home taco bar, although we concede that one was pretty genius. Nor is it an announcement where the Twitterverse heavens opened up when the Mexican-inspired fast food chain announced they were bringing back their beloved Mexican pizza, but we are indeed grateful to the fast food gods for that miracle. 

No, the Tweet you're missing is of the fan-inspired art appreciation variety, and before you dismiss it, we have to tell you, it's a rather erudite take on an iconic Taco Bell meal that's racking up a lot of attention. In fact, it might be worthy of more contemplation than when Dolly Parton revealed her go-to Taco Bell Order. We said "might." 

Artist Noah Verrier, who, per his website, holds a Master of Fine Arts and whose works have been exhibited around the world, posted a Taco Bell-inspired still-life painting on the social media platform, and run for the border fans are impressed.

The painting has Taco Bell in its feels

The tweet has received 329,300 likes (and counting) and has, thus far, been retweeted a whopping 36,500 times. Even Taco Bell had a strong reaction to this painting, writing, "We're tearing up. Art can be so beautiful." Now ain't that the truth? 

Verrier's oil painting makes use of a pastel palette that really captures the essence of the Baja Blast drink, tacos, cheese cup, and nachos featured in this work of art. But Taco Bell isn't the only entity on Twitter that was moved to comment. 

One serious art connoisseur calls, the Baja Blast "majestic," while another can't get over Verrier's attention to detail, gushing, "Omg it even has the remnants of tomato and cheese that has gracefully fallen out of the gordita on to the table. Perfection." Yet at the same time, this masterpiece brings to light the disparity between American Taco Bells and those in the U.K. with one fan pointing out the unfairness, sharing, "Ur in America arnt u.... British taco Bell doesn't do the sauce packets. its a sad life."

Verrier's artistic Taco Bell take is truly something to behold. We could definitely see this hanging in the likes of Chrissy Teigen's home or maybe even that of Anna Kendrick who has been a fan of Taco Bell since 2012. Do you smell a bidding war, too?