Costco Shoppers Are Preparing For Halloween With Spooky Skeletons

The end of summer can only mean one thing — the countdown to Halloween is officially on. And now that there are 83 days left until trick-or-treaters start haunting the streets, signs that the fright-filled holiday is nearing are on the shelves of grocery stores across the nation. Sam's Club is already ready for Halloween and shoppers can already browse through countless costumes. And Mars' Haloween candy is on the way to a store near you. With the much-needed sweets and the proper attire covered, Halloween fiends are only missing one thing — skeletons.

But die-hard Halloween fans don't have to worry about scrambling to find spooky scary skeletons to set out on their front porch, because Costco has a duo of skeleton friends that shoppers are already eager to add to their decor. Considering that Costco just released a Disney Halloween set that will level up any Halloween display, it seems obvious that its skeleton decorations would also be delightfully themed. And according to a post by Instagrammer @costcohotfinds, the skeleton set shoppers are excited for are clad in flannel shirts, brown hats, and play the banjo.

Banjo playing skeletons delight Costco shoppers

The video posted to Instagram showcases the grocery chain's Animated Dueling Banjo Skeletons strumming out a song and revealed that the skeleton duo not only plays music but also talk to each other. As noted in the post, this Halloween set requires no assembly and is motion and sound activated. Both of the skeletons' eyes light up and customers are able to adjust their volume and language settings.

Costco shoppers in the comment section revealed their adoration for the skeleton duo. One user posted, "Omg so cute. Cosco is making me broke Omg those are fabulous." Another customer, who noted that the skeleton set is a hit with kids, stated, "​​My 2 1/2 year old is obsessed with these!! He asks to go to Costco to see the skeletons." Many tagged their Halloween-loving friends, urging them to go get the skeletons.

The Animated Dueling Banjo Skeletons' cost can vary depending on what Costco location you are shopping at. However, the set is currently available on Costco's website for around $110. And those who plan on buying these banjo-slinging skeletons may want to get in on even more skeleton fun by trying out a skull cheese ball recipe.