Mars' Halloween 2022 Candy Is Officially On The Way

It might feel like the summer's just started, but brands are already rolling out their fall products. Even if you're not quite ready for all things pumpkin spice, there are still food announcements that might draw your interest. If you've got a sweet tooth and love chocolate, there's good news around the corner. Fall products mean announcements about Halloween candy are on the way, so get ready to break out your costumes and favorite spooky movies.

Mars is already bringing out the Halloween candy, and a press release explains that there will be three Halloween-themed twists on classic candies including M&Ms, Snickers, and Twix. 

And while there's been news that we might see a candy shortage before Halloween, Hershey did respond to the candy shortage news and says that the company can meet customer needs. So you don't need to be too worried about missing out on all the chocolate.

What's included in Mars' Halloween 2022 lineup?

Wondering what exactly to expect this Halloween? Mars' press release goes into more detail about what spin the company is putting on some fan favorites. For example, the M&Ms Mad Scientist Mix includes green, purple, and orange candies, but there's more to this Halloween mix than spooky colors. Mars says that the Mad Scientist mix will contain three different flavors of M&Ms: milk chocolate, peanut butter, and peanut. In Mashed's survey of the best M&M flavors, these three came out on top, so we imagine this will be a popular item.

This year, customers will be able to purchase fun size Twix and Snickers in Ghoulish Green. For Twix bars, the cookie comes in Ghoulish Green, and for Snickers bars, there will be Ghoulish Green nougat. This means that the outside will have the regular chocolate, but once you bite into the candy bar, you'll get some of the Halloween spirit.

Starting to plan your Halloween party early? Now you know about some of this year's candy products, but don't forget to go through these 56 Halloween recipes that will give your guests a fright.