Trader Joe's Returning Spicy Offering Has Cheese Lovers Excited

From the marinated mozzarella that some Trader Joe's shoppers claim to munch on every day to the Green Goddess Gouda that had customers ecstatic after it made its return to store shelves when it comes to cheese Trader Joe's policy seems to be that more is better. And the grocery store chains' cheese selection doesn't just have a variety of flavors, it also offers consumers an assortment of different cheese types. But while that means that vegans can find dairy-free cheese options from Trader Joe's, per its website, it's also good news for anyone seeking out a more lactose-intolerant-friendly cheese choice — goat cheese.

And Trader Joe's has now delighted fans of the dairy-milk cheese alternative by returning an all-delicious goat cheese to its stores that has been on leave for many years. Instagrammer @traderjoeslist reveals in a post that the long-awaited flavor is back and Trader Joe's shoppers in the comment section were eager to express their joy for this goat cheese's return. One user wrote, "Wow we waited 5 years for this to comeback!!!" Another stated, "OMGGGGG they brought it back? Finally!!!!! I am so excited." And according to the post, the returning goat cheese thrilling customers is all about spice.

Trader Joe's is setting goat cheese fans' taste buds ablaze with its Jalapeño and Honey Chevre flavor

Trader Joe's is no stranger to giving its customers cheese with a kick — after all, just last year the company released a spicy cheddar cheese filled with red peppers. But the grocery chain has brought back a product for goat cheese lovers that mixes a hot taste with a sweet flavor. As noted in @traderjoeslist's Instagram post, Trader Joe's Jalapeño and Honey Chevre goat cheese is officially once again available for purchase by adamant goat cheese fans.

This addition to Trader Joe's cheese selection, which combines sugar-like honey with fiery pieces of jalapeno, currently sells at around $3. And, as stated on Trader Joe's website, each package is filled with 5 ounces of jalapeno and honey-infused goat cheese.

The comment section of the post is filled with adamant goat cheese fans' rave reviews of the recently returned product. One user wrote, "So good with a hint of heat. I drizzled honey over the top and served it with crackers." Another posted, "I was in on Friday and bought 2! I practically finished the first one Friday night! I used the Everything crackers and it was a terrific combo." So it seems that, though it took quite a while for Jalapeño and Honey Chevre goat cheese to have a homecoming, for many Trader Joe's shoppers, it was worth the wait.