Trader Joe's Fans Can't Get Enough Of This Spicy New Cheddar Cheese

If you're trying to eat better, there's a pretty good chance that every now and then — although hopefully not too often, heaven forbid — you might find yourself contemplating the terrible, anguish-inducing possibility of curtailing your intake of cheese. Not that cheese isn't "healthy," per se. It does, after all, reside in that hallowed pantheon of what we call "whole foods," according to Healthline. It's a good source of protein. It's rich in calcium and good for the teeth. 

We could go on, but then we might conveniently forget to remind ourselves that eating too much of it can lead to things we may not like, such as consuming excess calories and, not to mention, constipation. Besides, true cheese lovers eventually gain enough self-awareness to recognize that any thoughts of going any significant length of time without indulging in even a smidge of fermented dairy are nothing more than futile. And, thankfully, no one has successfully debunked the notion of "everything in moderation" yet.

All of that, of course, is our roundabout way of announcing that the cheese ante has now been upped significantly with a spicy new cheddar from Trader Joe's that fans simply cannot get enough of, and there's good reason why they can't stop talking about it on social media.

This cheese may be Trader Joe's hottest new item

If the throngs of Instagram fans showing love for Trader Joe's and their cult-favorite products like this cheese isn't enough reason not to miss out on this new cheddar block, you might want to know it's got some real kick featuring a cheddar base spiced up with Scotch bonnet chili and red peppers.

Trader Joe's superfan account @traderjoe'slist posted a photo of the delicious find that we're pretty sure made mouths water all over the internet and said, "I picked up this cheese yesterday and sampled it in this week's haul!" Calling it interesting, they further commented on its unique flavor. "I didn't expect it to be sweet but once I read the ingredients it's because of the chili pepper relish. It has a nice spice from the chili too. It reminds me of a spicy cheese that you dip in honey on a cheese board! ... would also be great on a toasted sandwich!"

Followers of that Instagram account, not to mention their Trader Joe's obsessed peer @traderjolene, have been talking about it nonstop ever since, with more than 8,400 likes on the former post alone. Comments have ranged from "whoa" to "cheesus!" to "must find this!" and simply "omg." Given all the hysteria, it might be wise to get to a Trader Joe's, stat, for this literal hot pick — lest you miss out on the hot new cheddar cheese that's become the talk of Insta-town. This is, after all, not the first time cheddar has caused a TJ uproar.