A Fan-Favorite Fall Treat Is Officially Back At Sam's Club

With fall just around the corner, it's time to start keeping an eye out for fall-themed snacks. Pumpkins are one of the key fall elements that you'll see in seasonal snacks and desserts, and it's not hard to understand why. Pumpkin puree in baked goods makes them delightfully moist, and if you're ready to try all that pumpkin has to offer, we've rounded up 62 of the best pumpkin recipes for fall. Want to combine two fall fruits into one dessert? We've got a pumpkin cranberry cake recipe that might hit the spot. But if you don't want to go through all the trouble of baking, you can still find pumpkin desserts in grocery stores.

According to Sam's Club, you can now snag a Pumpkin Cookie Butter Bar Cake for just $16.48 at the store. If you're a fan of pumpkins and Trader Joe's Speculoos Cookie Butter, then make sure you don't wait too long to buy this cake because it's a seasonal item and will be in stores for a limited time. This isn't the only fall treat that Sam's Club has to offer. Instagram couldn't get enough of Sam's Club's fall granola, which is apple pie-flavored, and we think that sprinkling a bit on some yogurt will make breakfast feel like dessert. This cake is also likely to hit your autumn flavor needs.

What's included in this Pumpkin Cookie Butter Bar Cake from Sam's Club?

Wondering what exactly is packed into this dessert? The main fall flavor in this comes from the pumpkin cake, but Sam's Club gives more detail about what makes this extra decadent. Between the layers of pumpkin cake, there's cookie butter mousse, and the whole cake is topped with graham cracker streusel, which gives the cake a little more texture.

We've made a cookie butter cake recipe, but we think that a cookie butter mousse would also have the same delicious taste with a creamy texture. Allrecipes put the Pumpkin Cookie Butter Bar Cake on its list of best products to hit Sam's Club this month, and if it's a popular cake, it's likely to fly off shelves. If it's still too early for you to be feasting on pumpkin desserts, there are still other beloved Sam's Club bakery items to add to your list to satisfy your sweet tooth. Member's Mark Cupcakes are extremely popular with customers and getting cupcakes in bulk is a great way to make sure there's enough for everyone at a party.