Panda Express May Have A New Chicken Offering On The Menu Soon

Panda Express is known for serving delicious American-style Chinese food in a quick and affordable manner. What fans may not know is that the chain operates the sole location of its Innovation Kitchen in Pasadena, California. This location allows customers to create their own food adventure, choosing toppings for salads, wraps, and rice bowls. Fan favorites, like orange chicken and honey walnut shrimp, are available to order a la carte or as an entree for a meal.

One of the more unique features of the innovation kitchen, specifically, is its website filled with recipe ideas. There are several videos that feature Panda's Innovation menu items that are transformed into other meals. One video shows how to make an orange chicken burrito using leftover chicken, fried rice, and tortillas. Another shows a fun spin on the classic shepherd's pie, using Panda's honey sesame chicken breast. Part of the magic of Panda's Innovation Kitchen is the new food items that guests can try before anyone else. In the past, this has included its orange chicken sandwich and orange chicken burrito. Now, a new meal has made it into the kitchen's testing phase: chicken strips (via YouTube).

Panda Express is testing chicken strips

It feels as if every fast food chain is offering some version of a chicken strip meal. Now, Panda Express will offer its version of hand-breaded chicken strips, available only at its Innovation Kitchen (per Chewboom). The new offering is made with all-white meat chicken that is seasoned with Panda's exclusive spice blend. It is served with a side of crinkle-cut fries and a choice of dipping sauce. The unique dipping sauces are hot honey habanero and creamy sweet chili panda sauce.

The chicken strip offerings come as a 3-piece meal for $6.95 or a 4-piece meal for $7.95. Youtube reviewer, Peep THIS Out!, got his hands on the strips and shared his thoughts with viewers. He was impressed with the crispiness of the strips and noted that the chicken was pounded very thin. He also speculated that the coating is most likely made from panko breadcrumbs (per YouTube).

While not entirely new to the fast-food world, chicken strip fans are sure to be happy with this potential offering. But for now, only time will tell if the option finds a home on Panda Express menus nationwide.