Twitter Is Once Again Coming After Gordon Ramsay's Portion Size

If you watch a lot of cooking shows, you've likely watched a show or two starring Gordon Ramsay — which means you've been privy to Ramsay's insults. The chef doesn't shy away from sharing his thoughts on TV or on TikTok, like the time he talked about a BBQ hack that had him seeing red. But sometimes, the tables turn, and the celebrity chef is now on the receiving end of criticism.

Ramsay just shared a post about his Suffolk lamb dish at his restaurant Pétrus, and what caught Twitter's attention is the two small pieces of lamb on the plate. Based on the restaurant's menu, the dish is part of the Prestige menu, and the lamb is served with young peas, girolles, and mint.

This isn't the first time that Twitter has shared thoughts on the chef's portion sizes. For example, Twitter trolled Ramsay over a small duck breast with one spear of asparagus, and he got roasted after tweeting multiple photos of small dishes. Still, the TV personality shows off food from his restaurants, which we admit at least look tasty. But here's what people are currently saying about the size of Ramsay's most recent Suffolk lamb post.

Twitter finds Ramsay's lamb dish laughable

As you can expect from social media, the comments on Ramsay's post about his lamb dish are pretty scathing. One comment includes a long and cheeky commentary "complaining" about the pieces of lamb and says, "I couldn't eat that until I knew for certain that the surface area of the two pieces of lamb that makes contact with one another was measured exactly to 10mm, no more no less. And if it's not then it's back to the chef. Please serve this with a small ruler."

Other Twitter users kept their comments brief yet biting. One person wrote, "Half a chicken nugget and 3 fries would be more filling!" We have to admit that each piece of lamb does look about the same size as a chicken nugget from McDonald's. Another person roasted the size of the dish saying, "I could chew more than that in one mouthful." If you do order this dish, we'd recommend trying to savor it with more than one bite.

Other responses to Ramsay's post include GIFs of the chef himself, like one where Ramsay is saying "the flavors are there." While it's likely that this little lamb dish tastes delicious, do you think it's worth the price based on the portion size?

For a bigger plate, you can always create your own lamb dish at home – but avoid these common mistakes.