Twitter Is Once Again Roasting Gordon Ramsay's Portion Sizes

Twitter has called Gordon Ramsay out, but it was not the first time the chef was teased on social media over the small portions served in his restaurants. According to Mirror, the celebrity chef was roasted just last year for featuring a photo of a lamb dish that was served in his Michelin-starred spot, Petrus, in London's posh Knightsbridge neighborhood. In the picture, a few neatly sliced pieces of meat were accompanied by an artfully arranged vegetable side. The item was featured on the restaurant's £125 ($148)-per-head dinner menu, and while some of Ramsay's followers admired its elegant presentation, many were quick to poke fun at its portion size with comments like, "What is this!? A dinner plate for Ants," and "Where is the rest of it?"

On the other hand, those who have had the fortune of dining at Petrus seem to have come away from the experience more than satisfied. Even though it's no longer on the menu, the lamb dish was served at the restaurant from at least 2015 to at least 2021 (according to the date of the oldest Tripadvisor review of Petrus that included mention of the lamb, and the date of Ramsay's Instagram post). That review, along with the only other Tripadvisor review of the restaurant that specifically mentions and includes a photo of the lamb, was glowing. So, if the two diners are a representative sample of opinions on the restaurant's food, Ramsay has little to worry about.

Twitter says, 'There's a plate-food ratio problem'

Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay is no stranger to controversy, but banter over a tweet he published yesterday was thankfully of the more lighthearted variety. The post featured photos of dishes served in Ramsay's restaurants. While many users praised the food's elegant presentation, others were quick to take jabs at the small portion sizes with messages like, "More plate than food." Others offered advised potential patrons that they should get a Big Mac or have a second dinner after dining in Ramsay's restaurants lest they go to bed hungry.

Reactions to Ramsay's tweet on Thursday exactly mirrored the comments on the chef's controversial Instagram post last year of a lamb dish, modestly portioned, from his London restaurant Petrus (per Mirror). But a Tripadvisor review by a patron who had the lamb suggests the dining experience at Petrus is perhaps much better than one might surmise from the negative social media comments about the volume of food served there. "The dishes are divine," they wrote, perhaps a consequence of the quality of ingredients used to prepare them — ingredients whose premium cost, according to Chef's Vision, is a large part of why high-end restaurants tend to serve smaller portions. Another advantage is that patrons dining at Petrus are not encouraged to over-eat after their hunger has been sated. The Tripadvisor reviewer said, "You do not leave feeling uncomfortable after four courses."