Twitter Is Trolling Gordon Ramsay Over His Restaurant Portions

If you're a fan of Gordon Ramsay, you know that he's not afraid to let people know what his opinions are on social media. He regularly reviews and roasts other people's recipes and cooking techniques on TikTok. For example, there was one video that Ramsay called a "crime against wagyu," and he wasn't impressed with this TikTok that involved a very fiery grill.

But in a recent Tweet, fans and social media users are now roasting Ramsay himself. In this tweet, Ramsay posted a video of sauce being poured over a piece of duck at one of his restaurants, Savoy Grill. What catches your attention in this short clip? Twitter users quickly jumped in to say that this dish was incredibly small, and the plate on the video only includes one piece of duck.

Earlier this year, Chipotle went viral on TikTok for their decreasing portion sizes, and if you're planning to spend the money to eat at one of Gordon Ramsay's restaurants, you might also be hoping for something a bit more filling.

What are Twitter users saying about the portion size of Gordon Ramsay's dish?

In the comments section of Gordon Ramsay's post about the duck dish at Savoy Grill, people aren't holding back their thoughts on the food. One person said, "I'm guessing that's a kids menu and portion right there?" Another commenter posted a photo of a full duck saying that it was a better size, and this comment got over 50 likes.

Notably, next to the one piece of duck, there's also one single spear of asparagus. Someone cheekily went for the asparagus spear and left a comment saying, "Excuse me, sir. I'd like some more asparagus, please."

Another Twitter user asked whether there were more courses and if customers had to stop by a fast food chain or "the local fish 'n chips store to get some actual food after eating at one of your restaurants?" Based on the menu on Savoy Grill's website, this duck does look like one of the options for a main dish, but hopefully, customers are getting other dishes offered at the restaurant. Savoy Grill's prix fixe lunch menu also has more than one course.

Want to try this meal for yourself but with a larger portion size? While this won't be Ramsay's exact dish, you can cook up as much duck and asparagus as you like. Whip up this duck breast with pomegranate sauce and fill your plate up with these roasted asparagus spears.