The YouTube Beef Gordon Ramsay Can't Look Away From

If you're a true Gordon Ramsay fan, chances are you delight in watching the fiery restaurateur roast apprentice chefs on his hit show "Hell's Kitchen." But did you know the roasting extends off the big screen? Ramsay has been all over the internet since he became the cook known for staunch criticism of others' culinary skills and food choices. Beyond "Hell's Kitchen," the celebrity chef has taken to Twitter to air more of his discontent with certain dishes among fans and new chefs that have tagged him for replies.

Dabbing his toe in the drama by asserting his position over the pineapple pizza debate of 2017 on an episode of U.K.'s "The Nightly Show," Ramsay has also taken the time to respond to everyday people seeking his stamp of approval. While some of Ramsay's quick-witted comments can come off a little harsh, there are also examples of him showing praise over dishes as well (via Delish).

The chef's Twitter whips are fairy vast at this point, per Bored Panda, and he has extended his brutally honest reviews to the TikTok platform (per The Washington Post). Recently, Ramsay was the focus of one popular food show on YouTube and the creators incited a classic response from the master cook by debunking one of his firm braising rules.

Gordon Ramsay gets called out on YouTube

YouTube's popular food show, "Mythical Kitchen," released an episode titled "Busting Gordon Ramsay Cooking Myths (Gordon LIED!)" In the show, host and chef Josh Scherer along with his sous chef sidekicks attempted to debunk four of Ramsay's culinary claims, one of which is braising meat uncovered.

In his recipe video for spicy lamb shanks, Ramsay claims that braising meat in a covered pot leads to condensation, and "all that exciting spice gets washed away" in the cooking process. The "Mythical Kitchen" crew put the claim to the test as they prepared two of the same lamb dish but cooked one covered and one uncovered per the master chef's advice.

While the YouTubers agreed the uncovered pot had a decent amount of caramelization, they all favored the covered version, appreciating the softer texture of the lamb and believing the overall flavor was more "harmonious" than Ramsay's method.

On Twitter, the show tagged him in a post with "@Mythical Chef is coming for you "Gordon Ramsay!" and the chef just couldn't help it as he replied with a gif of himself holding his face with the text "....doubt that." The famous chef's persona may come off as harsh, but the time he takes to reply to tweets and react to TikToks shows what he is really like.