The Mini Fridge Costco Shoppers Are Freaking Out About

For a lot of people, the usual Costco run likely involves groceries, snacks, and freezer and pantry items, followed by a stop by the food court for a hot dog combo. But besides food, there are plenty of other items that people get excited about. For example, earlier this month, large fiddle-leaf fig plants had customers hurrying to their nearest store, and people were hoping to get their hands on a high-end countertop ice maker. And right now, there's another kitchen appliance at Costco that's getting some attention on Instagram.

Recently, the Instagram account Costco Hot Finds posted a video of a mini fridge in stores. While a mini fridge isn't anything out of the ordinary, the thing that stood out for Costco Hot Finds, or Laura, was the amount of storage inside the fridge. In the video, Laura explains that this fridge includes a chiller compartment, a storage rack with space for seven cans, and a drawer for fruits and veggies. Plus, there are other components like a reversible door hinge and an interior light. And shoppers sound excited to check it out for themselves.

Here's what shoppers are saying about this mini fridge

If you're ever on the fence about buying any Costco product, you can usually rely on other shoppers to share their opinions. Based on the comments on Costco Hot Finds' Instagram video, people are loving this mini fridge. One person said, "I have it for an outdoor drink fridge, it's awesome!" For people who love entertaining outside all summer, this mini fridge could save you and your guests a few trips inside. Plus, the chiller compartment in this fridge means you can keep fruity ice cubes for your summer drinks easily available.

Other people also had positive things to say about the fridge, and if you don't have a Costco membership, you can look at other stores to get the same item. One person said they were able to find a similar fridge for a less price. In the Instagram video, the tag listed the mini fridge as $149.99. Whether you end up buying your mini fridge from Costco or Walmart, make sure to keep it in good condition and avoid these mistakes people make with refrigerators, like overfilling them.