Costco's New Fiddle-Leaf Fig Plants Have Shoppers Running To The Store

If you're making a trip to the grocery store, you likely don't have a tree or any plants on your list. This might change around the holiday season when Trader Joe's fans spotted Grinchy Mini Trees, but it turns out that summer might be the time to snag a gorgeous plant too. And Costco has you covered. Instagram account Costco Hot Finds posted a video of a pallet of fiddle-leaf fig trees that had just been dropped off at the warehouse store. According to the caption, "People were going crazy over them!" Instagram users and Costco fans also expressed their excitement and plans to pick up their own fiddle-head fig tree.

It's not hard to see why, since these plants have large and shiny leaves, and putting one in your living room would make the space more vibrant. That's right, you don't have to immediately relegate the tree to the outdoors to enjoy it.

How to take care of fiddle-leaf fig plants

For anyone who is planning a Costco run for a fiddle-head fig tree (per Instagram) — in between your other groceries, of course — there are some basic rules to follow to keep your plant healthy. According to The Spruce, fiddle-leaf fig trees are found in tropical parts of Africa, but since they're typically displayed as an indoor plant, you'll need to do a few things to ensure proper growth. The Sill says that fiddle-leaf fig trees need indirect sunlight that's bright, while The Spruce also recommends rotating the plant so that one side doesn't get too much sun. 

When watering your fiddle-leaf fig tree, think about the amount of sunlight the plant is getting and the humidity levels in its environment. If your tree begins to show yellow leaves and the potting mix is wet, it could be a sign that you're overwatering it. If its leaves are crispy and curling, your tree may need more water (via The Sill).

To keep the fig tree's leaves shiny and healthy, HGTV recommends wiping down the large green leaves with a damp cloth. But if you have pets, you might want to pass on purchasing this type of fig plant. The Sill explains that consuming fiddle-leaf figs is toxic for pets. But if you're absolutely set on bringing home another plant, Costco fans are also fawning over these citrus trees that you can leave outside.