TikTok Is Enamored With The Pasta Queen's The Bear Spaghetti

FX on Hulu's new show, "The Bear," has hit a chord with anyone who's worked in the restaurant industry, especially in a struggling mom-and-pop restaurant. The gritty show nails the high-energy sense of urgency that comes with working on the line, including the barrage of insults and fists flying. The realistic tale transfers the anxiety felt onscreen to the viewers, sometimes leaving us feeling like we need a cigarette break too.

The drama tells the story of fine dining chef Carmen "Carmy" Berzatto, who begrudgingly returns home to take over the failing restaurant of his deceased brother. Carmy is played by Jeremy Allen White, who is familiar to fans of "Shameless." According to Entertainment Weekly, to convincingly play an award-winning chef, White spent months training at culinary school and in the kitchens of restaurants in Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York. The actor even worked the line in at Pasjoli, a Michelin-star restaurant in Santa Monica, California.

The Chicago restaurant depicted in "The Bear" specializes in Italian beef sandwiches, which has spurred an increase in demand for the sandwich, according to The New York Times. In the first season's final episode, the beaten down chef prepares his brother's favorite meal, spaghetti, for the restaurant's family meal. Since its airing, the internet has been flooded with videos of home cooks and celebrities in the kitchen recreating the mouthwatering recipe — including TikTok's The Pasta Queen.

Spaghetti with the most elegant marinara sauce

Along with Mindy Kaling, The Pasta Queen was inspired to make "The Bear's" spaghetti marinara on her social media channels. While a shortened video is on TikTok, The Queen goes into detail on YouTube as she prepares the dish with "Pasta Bro."

Using the Pinuccia pan from her new cookware line, Munno shares interesting details about the recipe, which combines northern and southern Italian cooking techniques. Beginning with an infused oil, Munno blends garlic, chili flakes, and basil with lots of olive oil until a smooth sauce is formed, which Munno says is a delicious dip for warm, crusty bread if you need a snack while cooking.

Using a technique from northern-Italian cookbook author Marcella Hazan's tomato sauce, Munno then places two peeled onion halves in a pan of unsalted butter. After sautéing the onion for a few minutes, the basil oil is added along with a can of peeled Italian plum tomatoes. A 30-minute simmer session later, the tomatoes have broken down into a thick spaghetti sauce, and the onion has done its job and can be removed. Complete with a shaving of Parmesan and basil, the "just gorgeous" plating had TikTok users sharing how much they loved "The Bear," the Queen's video, and the spaghetti recipe after making it at home.