Twitter Wants To See A Popular Food Network Star As The Next Host Of SNL

Since its inception in 1975, "Saturday Night Live" has become a screen institution, parodying the parts of daily life that we all feel uncomfortable addressing, like the most awkward part of dinner with friends. Besides jokes about current politics and modern-day life in America, SNL is the perfect breeding ground for mass impersonations of celebrities all over the world.

While it's true that Bobby Flay once cooked the SNL staff an award-winning dinner, celebrity chefs are often the meat and potatoes of the late-night program, serving as inspiration for the comedic jokes that have kept the popular show running after all these years. If you ever wondered what Julia Child thought of Dan Akroyd's SNL skit in 1978 or Alex Guarnaschelli's feelings about the 2019 "Chopped" parody, you can rest assured both chefs were not only impressed with the actors' ability to impersonate them but they also vocalized their approval to friends and social platforms.

Martha Stewart is another chef that has been the crux of many late-night skits over the years. She even had the chance to be an SNL host at one point but had to turn down the opportunity for issues pertaining to her past felony charges (per Today). Apart from Stewart, there is another chef that is receiving votes from Twitter users to become the next host, and he is certainly up for the challenge.

Is hosting SNL in Guy Fieri's future?

If you're a Food Network fan, there's a strong chance you're familiar with Guy Fieri and his show "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" which has been taking viewers around the country on a food-fueled adventure since 2006 (per IMDb). Not only has the chef built a career around his popular cookbooks and hit food shows, but there is a lot about Fieri that begs to be parodied.

Whether it's his boisterous personality, frosted tips, or signature one-liners, SNL has never been shy about taking the opportunity to make fun of the Food Network star. Actor Bobby Moynihan has done numerous skits as Fieri over the years and in 2014, and Fieri revealed to Parade that he often texted with the SNL actor and hoped to be on screen with Moynihan one day. Sadly, this SNL duo might never happen as Moynihan left the show after nine seasons.

Putting that dream team aside, the Mayor of Flavortown account tweeted that Fieri should be SNL's next musical guest. The following day not only did Fieri tweet a picture of himself as a potential host, but the tweet received a lot of attention from fans. One user stated "This must happen" and the tweet was even reposted by actor Drew Talbert and techie Brad Davis. The Food Network star still has hopes to be on the show and given the support he has on Twitter, a future on SNL just might be possible.