Trader Joe's Shoppers Come To The Defense Of This Beloved Fall Item On TikTok

When it comes to seasonal products, perhaps no store is more committed than Trader Joe's. Fans are always counting down the days until the brand brings back beloved snacks, and devoted shoppers are quick to praise delicious new items. Now that it's September, shelves are being restocked with fall products, and TJ's just announced the comeback of a pumpkin spice cashew yogurt. The store's shoppers are also freaking out about the new cinnamon roll blondie bar mix, but there's even more talk about the chain's fall goods on social media.

Recently, TikTok user @kelseysfoodreviews posted a video showing off a few seasonal products from Trader Joe's, advising viewers on whether or not each product was worth the purchase. She gave an enthusiastic yes to the TJ's pumpkin cream cheese spread and called the pumpkin ginger Hold the Cones "absolutely amazing."

On the flip side, Kelsey said that the grocer's cinnamon bun cookies, which include a cinnamon cream filling, aren't worth buying. Though one person in the comments agreed with the TikToker's verdict on the cookies, most people took issue with her recommendation to "skip the pumpkin cheesecake," which seems to be a well liked item.

What Trader Joe's shoppers say about the pumpkin cheesecake

Although @kelseysfoodreviews might not love Trader Joe's frozen pumpkin cheesecake, many other TikTok users are defending this product and talking about how much they enjoy the seasonal treat. The top comment on her video confirms confusedly, "skip ?? the ?? pumpkin ?? cheesecake??" Trailing closely behind with 92 likes is a comment that insists, "The pumpkin cheesecake is amazing though." Yet another person pushed back against Kelsey's verdict and declared, "No! The pumpkin cheesecake is wonderful!"

For some shoppers, the thaw-and-serve pumpkin cheesecake (made with real pumpkin and a graham cracker crust) is a favorite they seek out every fall. One person said, "I look forward to it every year. That review is a LIE!!! I bring it to all my family events!" When a dish is a staple of a large gathering, you can usually bet that it's a fan favorite.

Some commenters said they haven't able to find many fall items at their local Trader Joe's yet. In the meantime, there are plenty of other places where you can track down a pumpkin cheesecake. For example, a giant pumpkin cheesecake has returned to Sam's Club, and you can also follow a pumpkin cheesecake recipe to whip up the creamy dessert in your own kitchen.