Kelsey Berish

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Carlsbad, California
University Of North Carolina Wilmington
International Cuisine, Meal Prep, Cheese & Wine
  • Kelsey has eaten her way through Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Israel, Croatia, Romania, Prague, Budapest, and Poland. Her heart will always be in Southeast Asia with its delectable spices and fresh ingredients.
  • A certifiable pizza snob, this Jersey girl is on a mission to find the best pie on the West Coast, hopefully at a place that serves by the slice.
  • Kelsey is all about holiday meal prepping with her mom and sister; each year, they pull recipes from her mom's carefully crafted recipe books, curated from magazines, websites, and friend recommendations. Some staples include cheesy crab dip, avocado crack dip, and zesty shrimp wrapped in bacon (of course, with a tangy dip!).


Kelsey began her professional writing career in 2019, starting as a content writer for Hive Media Group before moving into an editor position. She has covered a wide range of topics since beginning her professional journey, but being an avid foodie, Kelsey gravitates toward health and food content. Traveling the world before settling down behind a desk, Kelsey developed a deep appreciation for international cuisine, especially if the recipe calls for a lot of spices and coconut milk. She is always trying to recreate meals from her travels and loves finding new ways to improve dishes, jotting down her "improv ingredients" in recipe margins.


Kelsey has a bachelor of fine arts degree in creative writing and English from the University of North Carolina Wilmington, where she was on the Dean's List. During her time in college, Kelsey had three poems featured in the senior anthology, "Stardust, Lust, and Human Choice."
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