What To Know About The Sheetz Breakfast Menu

Those familiar with convenience stores such as Wawa and Buc-ee's will have no problem understanding Sheetz: A similar gas station chain with its own passionate fan base. Like Buc-ee's and Wawa, Sheetz inspires fanaticism with the locals. In the case of Sheetz, its stores are located throughout the Mid-Atlantic region and the Southeast. Between these two areas, there are over 600 Sheetz stores in six different states (via Forbes). In Ohio, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia, you'll have no problem coming across a Sheetz.

Since its first store opening in Altoona, Pennsylvania in the 1950s, Sheetz has had plenty of time to evolve. Over the years, touch-screen ordering stations and made-to-order meals became Sheetz's claims to fame. Along the way, it has also fostered a rivalry with competitor Wawa. Not only do the chains serve the same parts of America., but Wawa and Sheetz also have similar business models. The name is the one thing that hasn't changed for Sheetz all this time, and it still references founder Bob Sheetz, whose descendants still help run the company today.

It may be primarily known as a place for late-night food, but Sheetz also makes a mean breakfast. There is something for everyone on the breakfast menu: made-to-order sandwiches, donuts, hash browns, seasonal coffee drinks, and more. Read on to learn about the most important meal of the day at Sheetz.

Breakfast is served all day, every day

Sheetz is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. This schedule makes Sheetz convenient for customers with early shifts or long commutes. These early risers will have no problem stopping for breakfast at Sheetz when it's still dark out. But late sleepers don't have to miss out on the breakfast menu, either. As the chain says in its own words, "all menu items are available, all day." Since the breakfast menu doesn't have set hours, customers can access their favorite bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches whenever they want.

All-day, all-night breakfast also upholds Sheetz's reputation as a late-night stop. In Columbus, Ohio — where Sheetz didn't have a single location until 2021 — residents take advantage of Sheetz's 24-hour menus (via Reddit). "Where else can I get a taco, breakfast sandwich, moz sticks, and salad at 2:30 am?" asked one user. "I actually prefer their breakfast sandwiches to just about any other fast food option...It was the only place to get late-night hot food in college," explained another person. If breakfast-for-dinner (or for your fourth meal) is what you're craving, you can rely on Sheetz.

You can order off a touchscreen

If you walk into a Sheetz store today, you'll be directed to an area with a handful of touch screens. These kiosks are the norm for getting made-to-order sandwiches, coffees, or other customizable products (including those on the breakfast menu) at Sheetz. But they weren't always a thing for this chain. Touch-screens were first introduced to one Sheetz location in Altoona, Pennsylvania — the home of the first Sheetz and the company headquarters — in 1993, reports Business Insider. They were a hit. Three years later, Stan Sheetz (the son of founder Bob Sheetz) oversaw the installation of these touch screens at every Sheetz location, per Forbes.

In the 1990s, when Sheetz launched these in-store touch-screen ordering stations, they were one of the first companies to do so. As a result, Sheetz is credited with helping to pioneer this popular convenience store feature. Now, you'll find similar ordering touch screens inside every location of rival Wawa, which is also a gas station chain. Even fast food companies like Wendy's are using the screens now.

You can thank Stan Sheetz for the convenience, efficiency, and accuracy provided by touch-screen ordering (via The Washington Post). When you order without an employee, the entire process speeds up as workers can get started preparing your food more quickly. Overall, touch screens seem to benefit both parties involved.

The to-go bakery is filled with breakfast pastries

At Sheetz, those who favor a sweet breakfast will be easily satisfied. Every location of the convenience store chain is outfitted with a bakery case called Shweetz, which is well-stocked with various pastries.

Here, you'll find chocolate, cream-filled, custard-filled, glazed, and cake donuts. There are even donuts filled with peanut butter. Additionally, there's a handful of muffins within the Shweetz case. These come in flavors like blueberry, apple crumb, and Cinnabon. Other breakfast favorites, like coffee cake and apple fritters, should be available as well.

As it turns out, Sheetz fans love their Shweetz. On Tripadvisor, customers sang the praises of these gas station desserts. "The chocolate donuts rule," wrote one person. "I never really ate anything at Sheetz stops, but this time I had a glazed chocolate donut that was so good, I bought a dozen of them to take to my family in Connecticut." Another Sheetz patron was also enthusiastic. "Love the donuts," they wrote, "The donuts are very good with the coffee in the morning."

Made-to-order meals are a key part of the morning menu

Before Sheetz brought touch screens to their stores, they introduced the made-to-order concept. As Pittsburgh Magazine reports, Sheetz added made-to-orders (a.k.a. MTOs) during the 1980s. Per Mental Floss, customers would fill out paper cards with their preferences. In the beginning, the MTO menu included burritos, pizzas, burgers, and more, with a particular emphasis on submarine sandwiches. In creating each sandwich, Sheetz patrons could choose their preferred type of bread, cheese, meat, and toppings. Eventually, the concept of MTOs came to the breakfast menu.

Today, the MTOs served at Sheetz during the most important meal of the day come in different categories. Naturally, there are classic made-to-order breakfast sandwiches — made on bagels, biscuits, English muffins, and more. Because it's Sheetz, these carbohydrates have been cheekily renamed "shmagels," "shmuffins," and "shmiscuits." Burritos, quesadillas, and even made-to-order subs also have a place on Sheetz's breakfast menu. Each of these items can be made appropriate for breakfast by adding ingredients like eggs.

For decades, MTOs have been married to touch screens in Sheetz stores. Together, these concepts ensure that customers get exactly what they want as accurately and efficiently as possible. While it's still food from a gas station, you can be sure your order will contain the correct ingredients.

Sheetz's breakfast subs rival Wawa's breakfast hoagies

Like the breakfast hoagies served at Wawa, Sheetz gives its popular MTO subs a breakfast twist. Customers seem to like it. On Reddit, many people applaud Sheetz's breakfast subs. "Every single time I get the same breakfast sub," wrote one user, explaining an order that featured hash browns inside the sandwich. Another person has their own recommendation. "Get a breakfast sub," they commanded, telling readers to add sausage and jalapeños.

Sheetz has made-to-order for a reason: To celebrate each individual's specific desires. First, you'll be able to choose between flatbread, white bread, a pretzel roll, or honey wheat bread. Then, you'll pick a protein such as sausage, ham, steak, chicken sausage, or bacon. It's breakfast, so you can add eggs, of course. There are fried eggs, scrambled eggs, or egg whites to choose from. Then, Sheetz has seven different types of cheese if you like dairy. Finally, you might be overwhelmed by how many different spreads and toppings there are to choose from. But once you get the hang of it, the personalization is amazing.

Finally, Sheetz fans like to do something interesting to their breakfast subs. They like to insert hash browns, tater tots, cheesy tater tots, or French toast sticks into the sandwich. It's not healthy, but some people find these fried bits extra delicious.

The Eat Shmart menu section offers healthy choices

If you can believe it, there are people out there who don't prefer cheese-filled tater tots on their breakfast sandwiches. For the healthier Sheetz fans out there, there are wholesome breakfast options found in the Eat Shmart section. This breakfast menu category features four different sandwiches (at the time of writing).

All of the Eat Shmart options are made on Sheetz's flatbread. According to the chain's menu, this carbohydrate option contains less than 150 calories, making it one of the lightest bread products — along with Shmuffins. By starting with low-calorie bread, Sheetz ensures that all its Eat Shmart sandwiches will be lower in calories overall.

The first sandwich we'll talk about is the Farmhouse Flatbread, made of maple chicken sausage, caramelized onions, cheddar cheese, and egg whites. Next is the Protein Showdown, made with egg whites, cheddar cheese, and pepper jack cheese. If you like ham, choose the Wildwest Flatbread, filled with egg whites, cheese, roasted peppers, and caramelized onions. Your last option is the Kickin Chicken, a breakfast sandwich composed of maple chicken sausage, habanero sauce, pepper jack cheese, and egg whites.

Sheetz's coffee cups underwent a big transformation

If you're going to Sheetz for breakfast, that probably means grabbing a coffee. When you do, take notice of the coffee cup — it's more significant than it looks. In 2015, Sheetz introduced Sheetz Bros. Coffee, a new line of in-store coffee products (via CStore Decisions). The launch included four new coffee blends made specifically for Sheetz. But it also introduced new coffee cups.

The Sheetz coffee cups introduced in 2015 are BPA-free, recyclable, and made from polypropylene, a common plastic type. This material is popular because it is heat-resistant and recyclable (via Healthline). According to PR Newswire, these coffee cups save over two million pieces of trash from landfills annually.

Along with the cups, Sheetz is also taking other measures to increase sustainability practices, per the company website. The next time you take a sip from a Sheetz Bros. Coffee cup, you might remember its less harmful impact on the environment. We hope that makes your morning latte taste even better.

The Walker Breakfast Ranger is a popular sandwich

One of the most popular breakfast options is the Walker Breakfast Ranger sandwich. On Reddit, one person called it amazing. On Facebook, another Sheetz fan recommended wolfing it down. "The flavor combination is delightful...You really want to eat this one as soon as you get it to enjoy the cream cheese and guacamole oozing out of the bagel middle," they wrote. On a post advertising the sandwich, another person exalted the Walker Breakfast Ranger. "I've had this. . . .so good," another social media user said.

Once you know what's in this sandwich, you'll understand what all the hype is about. It's composed of bacon, eggs, and cream cheese — all of that sounds pretty typical. But then, you pile on guacamole, pico de gallo, fire-roasted tomato sauce, and onions. These ingredients give the sandwich that iconic Southwestern flair referenced in the name. Altogether, the Walker Breakfast Ranger is a hefty, exciting sandwich. If you're starving the next time you're at Sheetz, you might want to try it.

Drinks come in seasonal flavors, like pumpkin pie

Sometimes, getting an iced latte for your morning coffee isn't going to cut it. At Sheetz, there's the opportunity to order a more elaborate drink, all while getting your first caffeine boost of the day. If it's the fall or winter, you can do all that while getting into the holiday spirit with themed drinks on the Sheetz breakfast menu.

In the fall, there's the Hot Pumpkin Pie Latte made with pumpkin pie flavoring, one shot of espresso, and steamed milk (via Petrol Plaza). It also comes iced. For something even more decadent, go with the Pumpkin Pie Milkshake — the best dessert-for-breakfast option featuring that festive pumpkin flavor. Also, you can opt for the Caramel Apple Milkshake around Thanksgiving time. This limited-time flavor is the result of a collaboration with the candy company Goetze's, so you can bet it will be sweet.

Closer to Christmas, you might be in the mood for seasonal drinks of a different flavor. You can get into the holiday spirit with the Hot Cookie Butter Chai Latte. This drink combines Chai spices with the flavor of that sweet, spreadable condiment made by Trader Joe's and Lotus Biscoff. If you can't decide which season to celebrate — between fall and winter — you can combine them. Sheetz combines the flavors of pumpkin and cookie butter in several drinks, such as in the Pumpkin Cookie Butter Milkshake, for example.

Sweet and savory sides can be added to your breakfast

Imagine you're getting breakfast at Sheetz. You've finished putting together your made-to-order breakfast sandwich and already ordered a customizable coffee — but you need more. Turn to the Sidez & Shweetz section of the breakfast menu. Using this category, you can add a savory side to your breakfast. There are mini hash browns, tater tots, and cheesy bacon tater bombs, and all of these will add a bit of greasy, crunchy goodness to your morning meal. As a bonus, every item comes with your choice of more than a dozen dipping sauces.

If you prefer dessert, you won't go hungry either. The "Shweetz" sides are beloved by many. On Twitter, one user advocated for French toast sticks, one of these options. "These are legit. French Toast Sticks need to stay," they wrote. Alternatively, you can try out the new Cinnapocketz, a new Cinnabon product sold at Sheetz. These square-shaped, cinnamon-filled goodies are already hit. One Reddit user described them as "fried cinnamon toaster strudel." Some of these treats are so good that they could be a full breakfast by themselves.

There are breakfast burritos, but not everyone likes them

If you're going to stay away from one Sheetz breakfast menu item, let it be the breakfast burritos. Sheetz doesn't have the best reputation for these, and you wouldn't think this would be the case, as some breakfast burritos are MTOs. With this option, customers can select which meats, eggs, spreads, and toppings they desire within each burrito. But even with MTO breakfast burritos, people are sometimes unsatisfied.

On Reddit, customers took to commiserating over the Sheetz breakfast burritos. Many people noticed a downturn in burrito quality recently, after 2020. "I often get Sheetz for breakfast because I really like their sausage breakfast burritos...The last two times I tried to get them, their burritos are... different, and not nearly as good," said one user. "

Other disappointed Sheetz fans suggested that the less-than-satisfying taste resulted from a supplier change. One Sheetz employee seemed to verify this, saying of the new supplier, "I'm surprised we haven't gotten rid of them yet based on the amount of complaints we have gotten about them." Another employee agreed with this new supplier theory but urged Sheetz patrons not to take their frustration on staff members. "We've already had one person get aggressive about burritos at my store," the Sheetz worker lamented.

Feel free to pay with Bitcoin

Recently, Sheetz added a new way to pay for breakfast: Bitcoin. In 2021, the gas station chain introduced this alternative purchasing method. To do so, Sheetz partnered with Flexa, a payment network that supports transactions involving popular digital currencies. Along with Bitcoin, Flexa also supports other popular cryptocurrencies such as Dogecoin and Ethereum.

While using Bitcoin at Sheetz isn't going to be that popular and won't overtake cash or card anytime soon, adding this option follows with Sheetz's branding. It's a way of allowing customers to personalize their payments to suit their exact needs. In many ways, this move is similar to Sheetz's use of touch screens to customize their made-to-order breakfast items.

Company representatives reflected on this new decision in a press release announcing that Sheetz now accepts Bitcoin. A Flexa founder even pointed out that Sheetz is one of the first stores of its kind to allow purchases via Bitcoin. "Sheetz is one of the most forward-thinking brands in the business and understands their customer base better than anyone else. We're absolutely elated that Flexa can help them become the first convenience and retail chain to accept digital currencies directly at the pump," said the digital network's co-founder.

Coffee is sometimes free during the holiday season

Since 2018, the convenience store chain has offered coffee free around the holiday season. During that year, Sheetz gave away free cups of hot coffee on Christmas Day, New Year's Eve, and New Year's Day. The promotion applied only to drip coffee. In 2020, Sheetz tried something new. It allowed customers who were members of the MySheetz rewards program (meaning they possessed a MySheetz card) to obtain one free coffee per week, starting November 27 (via the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review). The program lasted into the following year, ending on January 22. By spreading this deal over several weeks, Sheetz hoped to prevent customers from flocking to stores simultaneously, thus encouraging social distancing during the pandemic.

Finally, at the end of 2021, Sheetz offered yet another holiday coffee deal (via Sheetz). Like the previous year, this deal only applied to MySheetz Rewards members. However, unlike in prior years, customers could choose between getting a Cup'occino or a drip coffee. While too soon to say what the deal will be in 2022, we hope that free coffee returns to Sheetz around Christmas again.

Use DoorDash or Grubhub to order breakfast online

If you're too lazy to leave the house for breakfast, don't fret. There are ways to get the Sheetz breakfast menu to come to you. Over the past two years, Sheetz has greatly expanded ways to do that by partnering with food delivery services like DoorDash and Grubhub.

Ordering with Grubhub came first in April 2020 (via Sheetz). At the time, Sheetz was looking for ways to increase business near the onset of COVID-19. "Grubhub delivery allows Sheetz to continue to give customers what they want, when they want it but from the safety and comfort of their homes," said CEO Travis Sheetz.

When Sheetz partnered with DoorDash in 2021, another member of the founding Sheetz family stepped in to announce this deal. "This new partnership with DoorDash allows Sheetz to significantly expand delivery options," said Vice President of Marketing and Brand, Ryan Sheetz. No matter which delivery service you choose, you can be sure there is a way to get a Cup'occino and Shmuffin breakfast sandwich right to your door.