Cookie Butter Lovers Won't Want To Miss Carvel's Holiday Biscoff Collab

There's something so wonderful about the caramelized flavor of Lotus Biscoff cookies. And while they're great for dunking in coffee, Carvel has great news for those who love the cookies and all kinds of cold treats. The chain is launching its Lotus Biscoff Cooking Butter Ice Cream again after a three-year absence (via PR Newswire). When Carvel introduced the flavor back in 2017, excitement exploded onto the comments section of an Instagram post that showcased the ice cream. One person wrote, "omg omg omg omg yessss." Another declared it their "fave." Even a self-described Carvel owner exclaimed that "it's amazing!"

This year, the chain is also rolling out an all-new product: Lotus Biscoff Cookie Butter Crunchies. Both are definitely things to get excited about. "During the holidays, people seek comforting treats that remind them how magical the season is," Delia Wong, Director of Marketing at Carvel, said. "Our Cookie Butter Ice Cream and new Cookie Butter Crunchies made with Lotus Biscoff will transport fans to a cookie wonderland as they take breaks from the holiday rush, enjoy a cozy night in or share a treat with guests during holiday get-togethers." The best part might be all the different ways you can enjoy the holiday treats.

These are the cookie butter products you can get at Carvel

The Cookie Butter Crunchies combine vanilla crunch and Lotus Biscoff cookie crumbles covered in a vanilla shell (via PR Newswire). It tastes just like a signature Carvel ice cream cake with crumbled Lotus Biscoff cookies sprinkled in between the layers. While fans will undoubtedly want to add Cookie Butter Crunchies to almost everything, there are plenty of options to choose from at Carvel.

The chain will offer their cookie butter soft ice cream mixed with Lotus Biscoff cookie butter topped with the crunchies on top as well as a scooped cookie butter ice cream mixed with bites of Lotus Biscoff cookies and caramel sauce with the crunchies on top. You can also add the Cookie Butter Crunchies to a Cookie Butter Sundae Dasher, a Cookie Butter Shake, and even a Cookie Butter Flying Saucer. There are tons of ways in which fans can indulge their taste for cookie butter. But these flavors won't last long this holiday season, so don't wait to try your favorite cookie butter treat.