Here's How You Can Get Free Coffee From Sheetz

If you don't live in the mid-Atlantic states or one of their immediate outliers, then chances are you may not be familiar with Sheetz. If you do dwell in MD, PA, VA, or thereabouts, however, then you probably already know the awesomeness that is this way-more-than-a-gas-station. Sheetz is famed for its contact-free food ordering methods, pioneered a quarter-century pre-pandemic, and also for its tasty made-to-order foods, baked goods, and even signature craft brews incorporating such innovative ingredients as blueberry muffins and (we're not kidding) hot dogs.

Oh, and one more thing Sheetz is known for: a fierce rivalry with WaWa, a similar convenience store chain that occupies much of the same territory. In Philadelphia, for example, the Sheetz vs. Wawa debate may rage even more hotly than the Geno's/Pat's cheesesteak rivalry. Well, this latest offer from Sheetz seems to be a direct response to an earlier one from That Other Place: a few weeks ago, Wawa began offering free coffee on Tuesdays to its rewards members through the end of the year. As of Black Friday, Sheetz will be doing something similar.

Sheetz one-ups Wawa with free coffee any day of the week

According to Harrisburg, PA-based The Patriot-News, Sheetz has, in the past, offered free coffee to its customers on Christmas, New Year's Eve, and New Year's Day, but in the current COVID climate, they don't want people crowding their stores. Instead, they've come up with a promo that allows customers to come in at any time of their choosing to get that free cup of coffee. Well, actually, nine free cups of coffee if they come in once a week for the entire span of the promo, which will run from November 27th through January 22.

How it works is, you first need to be a MySheetz rewards member, though joining the program is as easy as downloading the Sheetz app and registering your email address. The free coffee offer will automatically be uploaded to your account every Friday over the promo's two-month span, and you can come in any time during that week to redeem it. The best part is, this offer isn't available only "at participating locations" (don't you hate that, when a company tries to put the burden back on you when it comes to determining who's "participating?"), but will be honored at all 614 of their locations. Which, we might add, are open 24/7/365 (including the aforementioned holidays, plus all other ones). Holy Sheetz, that's a pretty good deal.