Workers Reveal What It's Really Like To Work At Wingstop

If you've ever sought a freshly made batch of hot wings but didn't have the time to whip up a platter yourself, there's a good chance you got some fantastic wings at popular chains like Wingstop. As the winner of the UK Restaurant of the Year accolade at the Deliveroo Awards, Wingstop is no joke, especially in the U.S. After the chain first opened in 1994, Wingstop has been a hotspot for many to get hot, flavorful wings from on a Friday night. Whether you like your wings hot or you like the really hot, you can find it all at Wingstop. 

Ordering hot wings from Wingstop is one thing, but what's it like to actually prepare the wings? What's it like to work behind the counter of one of the most popular wing chains out there, work incredibly busy hours, and make sure one's customers are satisfied? From customers to coworkers, Wingstop employees have to deal with it all, though holding a job at the wing joint definitely comes with its perks. Maybe you won't ever work for the chain, but you might be wondering what goes on behind the counter.

The working experience depends on the manager

Good managers can contribute to a better job experience, while bad managers can make you never want to step foot in work again. At Wingstop, the manager an employee works with can make or break their overall job experience (via Glassdoor). Unfortunately for some Wingstop workers, they have to put up with managers that are difficult to work under or get raises or promotions from. One staff member noted that while their management would push many employees out of good positions, they would prioritize family members, even if the said family member had walked out of a position before. 

Fortunately, not all managers are like that. Many employees have had more positive experiences with their management and learned valuable lessons from their time at Wingstop. One employee claimed the management knew their job from "head to toe" and that they learned how to work under pressure and keep a level head (via Indeed). Other reviews on working at Wingstop back this up, writing that the management was great and contributed to an overall solid time at the wing chain. Not all managers will be friendly and enjoyable to work with, but if you work at Wingstop, there's a chance that your manager will have a lot to teach you.

The uniform policy can vary across locations

A uniform may provide a sense of unity in the workplace and makes it easier for customers to identify the people they want to order food from. Wingstop is no exception to this, though there's a little more to the employee uniforms than you might think. According to Indeed, the Wingstop uniform consists of a black button-up shirt, jeans, a hat with the Wingstop logo on it, and non-slip shoes. Many employees also claim that the policy was extremely strict, as nail polish and facial piercings weren't allowed, and tattoos had to be covered up. However, other employees argue that they were able to have tattoos and color their hair, suggesting a more relaxed uniform policy (as per Indeed).

That isn't all, though. In 2021, Wingstop launched new uniforms made from recycled plastic water bottles (via NRN). This line of clothing was reportedly created in order to promote a more environmentally friendly atmosphere within Wingstop and to be mindful of the chain's footprint. While these uniforms are good for the environment, it seems like workers wish they were a bit easier to come by. Staff members have varying experiences with the uniforms, as one employee on Reddit noted that they only got one shirt but that they weren't able to wash it four to five times a week. While uniforms do create a sense of unity within a store, we can see why employees at Wingstop might be a little frustrated.

Employees deal with all sorts of customers

At Wingstop, an employee can come across all sorts of people, and while they aren't perfect, some Wingstop workers can have a positive impact on the people they serve. One customer on Reddit claimed that their Wingstop server is incredibly nice to them and puts all of their orders into a box to make things easier to carry. Someone in the comments of this thread backed up this user, writing that though orders can be slow, the staff would give door dashers drinks to tide them over.

Not all customers have as great of a relationship with Wingstop employees, and though it is rare, managers may have to step in if things go too far. When an employee was being harassed by a delivery worker upset by a late order they were picking up, a manager stuck up for his employee and told the customer that they blacklisted him on their site and that he wouldn't be able to take orders from that Wingstop anymore (as per Your Tango). Not all customers will go as far as to yell or berate an employee, but it's never fun to deal with upset, hungry people at Wingstop.

An employee's coworkers can be good fun or no fun

Another huge aspect of any job is the employees that one works with. At Wingstop, you can come across a myriad of different coworkers, with some being incredibly supportive and uplifting, while others can make working at the wing chain all the more stressful (via Indeed). For the most part, Wingstop employees seem to enjoy working with each other. One reviewer writes that even though the management team was questionable, the people they worked alongside made for enjoyable shifts in a fast-paced environment, though they warned that they had to be prepared for nonsense. Other reviewers agree that the coworkers they had were wonderful, despite it being your standard restaurant job.

The greatest coworkers can make your time at a Wingstop fly by. On a montage posted to Tiktok, one can see what a job at Wingstop might be like: From stressing over dropping sauces and large piles of dirty dishes, it can seem like a lot at times. However, when you pair that with the bonds that one can make with their coworkers, a Wingstop position definitely seems worth it. Some coworkers will take road trips together and mix up flavors when they have some free time, according to the video. While you won't grow close with every employee you work with, at Wingstop, there's a good amount of incredible people you may come across.

Even the employees love the ranch

One of the many incredible aspects of going to Wingstop for a meal is the dips you can get alongside the wings, especially the homemade ranch. It's arguably one of the best varieties of fast food ranch you can find, and it's definitely a highlight of being at Wingstop. We can imagine there are many employees who enjoy Wingstop's ranch, too, and they get access to a lot of that ranch. One employee on Indeed claimed the ranch is one of the only good things to come out of working at Wingstop, writing that they appreciated learning how to make a good ranch dip. If it's that good, we can see why employees would like it.

Since the ranch dip is incredibly popular, it's very likely that Wingstop employees are making a lot of it. They reportedly run out of fries and ranch frequently, which can make a shift incredibly stressful (via Indeed). Fortunately, that doesn't take away the fact that the ranch dip is incredibly delicious, and the staff thinks so too: One employee on Tiktok revealed that they worked for the chain all summer only to figure out the recipe for the ranch and that they celebrated when they learned how to create the flavorful dip. We probably wouldn't work at a restaurant to figure out how a dip is made, but when it comes to Wingstop, it would be a pretty big seller for the job.

The employees get free meals and discounts

The best part about having a job at a restaurant or fast food joint is the free food and discounts that you may get while you're working there. While not every job comes with discounted food, at Wingstop, employees can enjoy delicious wings and dips for a lower price, and in some cases, for free (via Glassdoor). According to some reviews, the amount of the discount can vary depending on what Wingstop you work at. One former employee said they got 33% off while they were on the clock, while another claimed they got their meals half off. Either way, getting Wingstop food for a lower price is a pretty cool deal.

Some employees have had the lucky experience of having free meals from Wingstop. While one employee on TikTok didn't enjoy the meal too much, they did get to have a meal of wings for free, which, in our opinion, is better than no wings. Another employee on Indeed wrote that while the job could be a hit or miss depending on what Wingstop you're at, the wings and the ranch made the job a bit better. Even if you aren't the biggest fan of the food Wingstop sells, there's no denying that it's awesome to get a free meal, especially when it comes with a delicious side of ranch.

Many feel the pay is too low

The amount you're paid is the sole reason why many take up jobs in restaurant joints like Wingstop. According to Payscale, the average hourly rate of working at Wingstop is around $12, though that could be more or less depending on where one is located. You won't get paid enough to afford everything you want in life at the wing chain, though if you're a student trying to make some extra in between classes, then having a job at Wingstop can help with that. However, not everyone who works there feels like the pay is worth the stress and chaos they endure, and they wish that they earned a bit more working at Wingstop.

Even employees who've had great staff to work alongside have to admit that they wish their pay were a bit better (via Indeed). They write that while the management expected them to work very hard, the pay does not reflect that. Other employees back this up and even claim that they were being paid half the pay that less experienced staff members were receiving and doing double the work that they were. You shouldn't expect to make a large sum of money at Wingstop, though these employees definitely feel like a little more cash is well deserved. 

It gets extremely busy during football season

There's never a dull moment when you work at a super busy food chain like TGI Fridays or Wingstop. Not every day will be loaded with a constant barrage of customers, but since wings are incredibly popular, it's no surprise that Wingstop is a hot spot for good food. Some days are busier than others for the wing chain, though, and it isn't just the weekends (via Indeed). It's true that weekends are more stressful than weekends for Wingstop employees, though according to an article by FOX 59, the busiest day for Wingstop falls specifically on Super Bowl Sunday.

It should come as no surprise that football season is the busiest time for Wingstop. If you've ever been to a sports party, hot wings and dip were likely present. According to QSR Magazine, customers are asked to place their orders early just to ensure they actually get their wings. Imagine how hectic this is for the employees. Staff members back up the fact that the Super Bowl is the busiest day of the year and that the customers hoping to get home to watch the big game may not be very nice, which makes things a bit more difficult for the Wingstop employees (via Indeed).

Relationships with DoorDashers vary

Doordash is one of the most popular delivery services in the U.S. Many people use it to order food and have it sent to them without ever needing to leave the house, so it's no surprise that the employees at Wingstop have gotten familiar with handing off orders to Door dashers (via Gigworker). That doesn't mean DoorDash workers and Wingstop employees get along, though. While not every interaction between the two companies will be negative, since Wingstop dropped DoorDash as its exclusive delivery partner, it's likely that DoorDashers find themselves frustrated with Wingstop staff members and the other way around.

According to a thread on Reddit, when a Wingstop employee ordered from DoorDash, the Wingstop member only left them a small tip, which the DoorDasher didn't appreciate. On the other hand, DoorDash employees can come off as pretty disrespectful to Wingstop staff members. This was apparent when a manager had to step in and stand up for an employee that was being yelled at by a DoorDash delivery driver (via DailyDot). Whether you're making the wings or taking them to a customer's door, the service industry can lead to lots of conflicts if one isn't careful.

Employees feel it's easy to make the food

Making your own wings isn't the easiest thing you can do in a kitchen, but it isn't the most difficult, either. But throw in impatient customers and increase the number of wings you need to make, and things might sound a bit more challenging. At Wingstop, however, it isn't as challenging as some might assume. 

In fact, many Wingstop employees find the job to be surprisingly simple, despite the long hours that go into any normal restaurant job (via Indeed). That doesn't mean it comes without its stressful moments, though. When a YouTuber worked in a Wingstop for a day, they found the job difficult and said they wouldn't work there ever again.

Most seasoned Wingstop staff members, however, find the job can be pretty simple once you get the hang of it. One employee wrote that the work itself is quite straightforward and that the menu can be easily memorized. 

The work itself is really easy as the menu is pretty simple and easy to memorize. Other workers back up the fact that the short nature of the menu makes it easier to remember and prepare things, making for an easy and overall entertaining restaurant to work at. There's a lot that happens behind the counters of a Wingstop, and even though there are problematic aspects of the job, at least the menu isn't working against them.