The Wingstop Chicken Sandwich Is Returning To The Menu Again

Once again, a chicken sandwich has caused far more pandemonium than ever thought possible. Before it all began, Chick-fil-A fans always lamented the one day a week when they can't get their fried chicken sandwich fix, due to static store closures on Sundays. Then, in 2019, Popeyes released its chicken sandwich, which caused massive lines and impressively quick sellouts, which "far exceeded...very optimistic expectations," per Forbes. Since then, many chains have engaged in what's now known as the "Chicken Sandwich Wars." During its course, restaurants like Church's, KFC, Wendy's, McDonald's, and many more have launched either new or significantly upgraded versions of the poultry-based menu item, says Restaurant Business Online.

Recently, Wingstop got in on the chicken sandwich action with the launch of its very own chicken sandwich, which debuted to great fanfare in September of this year. The brand encouraged customers to "break up" with other chicken sandwiches in favor of Wingstop's version, which isn't available in just one format. Wingstoppers, in fact, can choose between the brand's "12 bold, signature flavors," according to a company press release. That is, of course, provided they can get their hands on one, as the company sold out of the product in rapid fashion after its launch.

How Wingstop is planning to avoid another sellout situation

Wingstop's chicken sandwich sold out six days after its September launch, reported Restaurant Business Online. Though the chain had ordered enough buns, pickles, and sauces for a month of planned sales, the sandwich sold three times as much as the company had anticipated. Since the shortage, Wingstop has been consulting with suppliers and tweaking orders to ensure that franchises are well equipped to meet customers' demand, according to QSR Magazine. As of this week, Wingstop fans should be able to get a chicken sandwich at their local outlet.

Wingstop corporate attributed social media to the chicken sandwich's initial performance, and the brand is now doubling down on promotional efforts: Social media users' feeds are apparently about to be flooded with influencers and celebrities providing "their honest reviews" about the menu item, from Soulja Boy to Trey Kennedy and more — though they presumably won't have to pay the $5.49 for a sandwich (or $7.99 for a combo with a drink and fries) for their chicken fix.