The Best Wings In Every State

Wings are a way of life and a yummy obsession in the United States. During the Super Bowl alone, Americans eat more than 1.38 billion wings as they watch the two best football teams duke it out. From bone-in to boneless and from exceedingly sweet to the unbelievably spicy wings you see featured on Hot Ones, wings come in all shapes and every flavor imaginable.

While you can get really good wings from chain restaurants, that's not typically where you will find the best wings around. Chain restaurants are helpful when you're on the run and you don't have much time to plan. However, when you want to seek out the best wings, it takes a bit more research.

Luckily for you, we've done the digging. By weighing reviews, tracking down awards, talking to locals, and reading countless articles, we've found the best wings in all 50 states of this country. Grab a tub of ranch or bleu cheese and enjoy.

Alabama: Spicy BBQ Wings from Wemo's Wings - Mobile

The best wings in the state of Alabama can be found at Wemo's Wings. Located in the city of Mobile, this place specializes in wings, and they have great reviews no matter where you look. While they have a lot of tasty flavors on the menu, including Honey Mustard, Sweet & Sour, and Garlic Parmesan, it's their Spicy BBQ Wings that get the most consistent praise. It has all the barbecue flavor you love and a spicy kick that takes the flavor to the upper levels of greatness.

Alaska: Gochujang Hot Wings from Chicken Shack - Anchorage

When the best wing places are pondered in Alaska, Chicken Shack in Anchorage is usually the place that ends up on top of the list. While you can get your wings with Tennessee Hot sauce or Buffalo sauce, it's the Gochujang sauce that is the best of the best. At first, you may think that Gochujang is a sweet sauce, but there's a fiery aftertaste thanks to the use of red chile pepper. Try the Gochujang Hot Wings once, and you too will be a happy patron.

Arizona: ATL Style Wings from ATL Wings - Phoenix

ATL Wings is a popular choice in Phoenix and across the entire state for a good reason: This restaurant has the best wings in Arizona! You may be tempted by some of the flavors on the menu like Citrus Chipotle or Extreme Honey Habanero, but it's their eponymous ATL Style Wings that are the big hit. These crispy wings have a dry rub consisting of a variety of spices and herbs. The unique offering is a leading reason why ATL Wings gets such stellar ratings. This chain has 16 locations across Arizona.

Arkansas: Habanero Honey Boneless Wings from Foghorn's - Fayetteville

Fayetteville's best wings are also the finest wings found anywhere in Arkansas. Foghorn's is a restaurant that serves everything from burgers to nachos to pulled pork sandwiches. However, it's their wings — more specifically, their boneless wings — that keep customers coming back. Foghorn's also has traditional wings on their menu, but this is one of the rare cases in which the boneless version is superior. The Habanero Honey Boneless Wings are quite spicy, but they have a sweet aftertaste that will cool everything down and leave you feeling good.

California: Smoky Grilled Chicken Wings from Charcoal Venice - Los Angeles

You can't find better wings in Los Angeles or anywhere else in California than you can find at Charcoal Venice. With an executive chef who is Michelin-starred, this restaurant is very serious about the quality of its wings and everything else on the menu. The Smoky Grilled Chicken Wings are flavored with a combination of chili, oregano, and vinegar. As the name suggests, they're grilled to perfection, and the result is an amazingly flavorful wing. Try these wings, and you will join the chorus of applause this restaurant receives on a regular basis.

Colorado: Mild Buffalo-Style Wings from Willy's Wings - Morrison

Even though you usually have to wait 15 to 20 minutes for your order at Willy's Wings, you'll know the wait was worth it after you start chowing down on the best wings in Colorado. Located in the tiny town of Morrison, which has a population of less than 500, Willy's Wings features traditional and boneless wings on its menu and a variety of flavors. Opt for the Mild Buffalo Style Wings, and you too will be thrilled. Most mild sauces are underwhelming, but the sauce at Willy's Wings is so flavorful that you don't need the extra heat.

Connecticut: Archie Moore's Buffalo Wings from Archie Moore's - Multiple locations

To say Archie Moore's wings are beloved would be a complete understatement. This restaurant has been serving award-winning wings since 1982, and it's sold in excess of ten million in total. When you order wings at this Connecticut institution, they come with Archie Moore's Buffalo Wing Sauce, which is so good that they sell it by the bottle. Without question, Connecticut's best wings are found at Archie Moore's. All four of their locations (in the cities of New Haven, Milford, Fairfield, and Wallingford) are in Connecticut.

Delaware: Original Jumbo Wings from Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza - Multiple locations

You may be surprised to learn that the top wings in Delaware can be found at a pizza joint called Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza. This place bakes their wings in the oven like they do their pizza, and the result is phenomenal. Not only are their Original Jumbo Wings big in size, they are also big in flavor, as they're served with a heaping amount of caramelized onions. Delawareans are in love with these wings, and no one can blame them.

Florida: Lemon Pepper Garlic Wings from House of Wings - Miami

When searching for the ultimate wings in Florida, the only correct answer is the Lemon Pepper Garlic Wings that can be found at House of Wings. This wing place was founded in 2003 and they have more than five dozen flavors of wings on their menu. While the Barack Obama is a tasty, sweet flavor and Ghetto has an amazing barbecue flavor, there's so much right with the Lemon Pepper Garlic Wings that they are impossible to ignore.

Georgia: Hot Bone-In Chicken Wings from Three Dollar Cafe - Atlanta

You won't be able to discover wings anywhere in the state of Georgia that are as good as the wings at Three Dollar Cafe. This eatery has been in the metro Atlanta area for more than three decades, and it's known for the homemade food, the beer on tap, and, yes, the highly cherished wings. Three Dollar Cafe's Hot Bone-In Chicken Wings are seriously spicy but still flavorful enough for you to thoroughly enjoy your entire order. If you do need to cool things down, that's a good excuse to take advantage of the beer selection.

Hawaii: Chimichurri Wings from Off the Wall - Honolulu

Off the Wall's Chimichurri Wings are extremely uncommon but entirely awesome. These flavor filled wings have a scrumptious chimichurri sauce and come with a citrus coleslaw. Off the Wall, which is located in the city of Honolulu, gets outstanding reviews, and it's these Chimichurri Wings that get a lot of the love. While this is the only type and flavor of wings they serve, these things are so good that it's worth a visit whenever you're on the island.

Idaho: Hibachi Chicken Wings from Barbacoa - Boise

Not only does Barbacoa serve the best wings in all of Idaho, their Hibachi Chicken Wings are among the best in the entire United States. Barbacoa is located in the city of Boise, and its specialty is Spanish-American food. How can a little restaurant in Idaho have such amazing wings? That's exactly what you'll be asking yourself after you try them. Their wings are cooked on a hibachi grill and come with tasty dipping sauces that have just the right amount of spice.

Illinois: Teriyaki Chicken Wings from Output Lounge - Chicago

If you want to find the finest wings in Illinois, head to Chicago. That's where you will find Output Lounge and their masterful Teriyaki Chicken Wings. Lots of people say they have the best wings in Chicago, and they aren't lying. This place is a mix between a lounge and a sports bar, so you can kick back and relax while you scarf on the delectable wings. If teriyaki isn't your thing and you want to turn up the heat, the Fire Chicken Wings are also highly recommended.

Indiana: Herman-Style Traditional Wings from Ale Emporium - Multiple locations

Ale Emporium, which has locations in the cities of Indianapolis, Fishers, and Greenwood, is home to the most terrific wings in all of Indiana. This place, which gets fantastic reviews, serves world-famous wings with award-winning sauces. If you love teriyaki wings, go with the Hermanaki Traditional Wings. But if you want the cream of the crop, select the Herman-Style Traditional Wings. A combination of their secret Herman sauce along with spices and peppers is a true joy for your taste buds.

Iowa: BBQ Smoked Wings from Smokey D's BBQ - Des Moines

The BBQ Smoked Wings from Smokey D's BBQ made the Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives' list of the best wings ever. Before they are smothered with barbecue sauce, these wings are smoked over cherrywood, which gives them a one-of-a-kind taste. Smokey D's BBQ, located in the city of Des Moines, gets stellar grades for its food, atmosphere, and waitstaff. If you're on the lookout for the best wings Iowa has to offer, this is the right place.

Kansas: Honey Sriracha Chicken Wings from Wallaby's Grill & Pub - Lenexa

If you're craving wings in the state of Kansas, head to the highly rated Wallaby's Grill & Pub. While the Spicy Bourbon Chicken Wings and the Honey-BBQ Habanero Chicken Wings are worthy choices, the best wings in the state are the Honey Sriracha Chicken Wings. If you're intimidated by the Sriracha sauce, you should know that the addition of honey cools it down so that these wings can be enjoyed by all. Don't be surprised if you too grow to love Wallaby's Grill & Pub and their delicious wings after your first visit.

Kentucky: BBQ Sauce Chicken Wings from Against the Grain - Louisville

It's in Louisville, Kentucky, where you can discover the state's ultimate wings. Against the Grain had a focus on beer in their early days, but along the way, they've discovered how to create excellent wings. They have three flavors of wings: Buttery Lemon Pepper, Buffalo, or BBQ. All three varieties are mouthwateringly good, but the BBQ Sauce Chicken Wings are a step above. Be sure to get some of their ranch that's made on location each day.

Louisiana: Chicken & Waffles Wings from Chicken & Watermelon - Multiple locations

A trio of brothers put their heads together and created Chicken & Watermelon in 2013. A few short years later, this beloved restaurant is now known for having the top wings in New Orleans and across the state of Louisiana. These wing geniuses have very creative flavor options like Fish Fried, Watermelon Candy, and their house specialty Boogie Bird. However, it's their Chicken & Waffles Wings that will blow your mind. As the name suggests, these wings are coated with crumbs of waffles, and the result must be eaten to be believed.

Maine: Thai Chili Lemongrass Grilled Wings from Blaze - Bangor

Blaze, a hip eatery in the city of Bangor with a huge selection of craft brews, is the top spot in Maine for wings. Their wings are grilled, and they have a yummy variety of flavors including Korean BBQ and Brown Butter Buffalo. For something a little bit different but oh-so scrumptious, try Blaze's Thai Chili Lemongrass Grilled Wings. These wings have a powerful taste but will soon become some of your favorite wings on the planet.

Maryland: Old Bay Wings from Full On Craft Eats & Drinks - Rockville

Maryland's best wings can be found at Full On Craft Eats & Drinks, which is located in the city of Rockville. This place gets impeccable reviews, with the wings getting a lot of the adulation. While their Mumbo Wings made with mumbo sauce get a lot of praise, their top wings are actually the Old Bay Wings made with Old Bay seasoning. Full On Craft Eats & Drinks douses the wings with the perfect amount of Old Bay to completely titillate your taste buds.

Massachusetts: Nashville Hot Wings from Buff's Pub - Newton

The number one spot for the finest wings in Massachusetts is held by the Nashville Hot Wings from Buff's Pub in the city of Newton. Like other Nashville hot chicken you may have tried, these wings have a complex spice profile with the optimal amount of sweetness mixed in to keep you in a cheery mood. In other words, they are hot, but they aren't so hot that you'll need a tall glass of milk next to you.

Michigan: Sweetwater Wings from Sweetwater Tavern - Detroit

When you're in Michigan and you're searching high and low for the best wings in the state, you just need to remember one word: Sweetwater. Order the Sweetwater Wings at Sweetwater Tavern, and your search will be complete. These wings are marinated for an entire day and then rolled around in Sweetwater Tavern's special blend of spices. At that point, they are fried until they have the perfect crispness. Try these amazing Sweetwater Wings, and you'll understand what all the hubbub is about.

Minnesota: Goat's Blood Wings from D-Spot - Oakdale

D-Spot is the spot to visit in Minnesota if your goal is to find the wings that are the best in the entire state. Located in the city of Oakdale just outside of St. Paul, D-Spot has more than 50 flavors of wings, including Huckleberry Finn (blueberries, BBQ sauce, and honey), French Toast (cinnamon, powdered sugar, and maple syrup), and the super spicy Black Venom. If you require the best, however, go with the Goat's Blood Wings with red curry, goat's cheese, and tomato sauce. It may sound odd, but it tastes amazing.

Mississippi: Medium Lemon Pepper Wings from American Wings & Cafe - Hattiesburg

The city of Hattiesburg is where you will find the top wings in Mississippi. American Wings & Cafe is a humble eatery that gets reviews that are virtually flawless. While all of their wing flavors are worth trying at least once, it's the lemon pepper flavors that draw the rave reviews. They have mild, medium, hot, BBQ, honey BBQ, and other types of lemon pepper wings. When in doubt, go with the Medium Lemon Pepper Wings and adjust from there until you reach lemon pepper nirvana.

Missouri: Dry Rub Smoked Wings from Salt + Smoke - St. Louis

You won't be shocked to learn that the best wings in Missouri are found in St. Louis. That said, it is a bit surprising that they're found at a barbecue restaurant called Salt + Smoke. Go to this highly regarded eatery, look at the appetizers section of the menu, and that's where you'll see the Dry Rub Smoked Wings. These things are sure to live up to the hype. As the name suggests, these bad boys are smoked and come with a flavorful dry rub.

Montana: Hot BBQ Wings from Desperado Sports Tavern - Missoula

If you find that the vast majority of barbecue-flavored wings are too sweet and you desire something completely different, try Desperado Sports Tavern's Hot BBQ Wings to locate exactly what you've been searching for. These wings will hit your tongue with a fiery heat that will cause you to sweat. However, before things become too overwhelming, you're able to enjoy a subtle yet unmistakable barbecue-powered aftertaste that will put a smile on your face. After a few wings, you'll fully agree that this beloved eatery is Montana's best wings joint.

Nebraska: Buck Nasty Hot Wings from Chicken Coop - Multiple locations

In the race for the preeminent wings in all of Nebraska, the wings at Chicken Coop win first place. Chicken Coop, with locations in Kearney and Grand Island, has a multitude of wing flavors including Jack Sauce, Pepper Teriyaki, and Jalapeno Garlic. Although those flavors are really, really good, the best wings are the Buck Nasty Hot Wings. These things are spicy, but you won't be able to stop yourself from reaching for the next wing.

Nevada: Jamaica Jerk Dry Rub Wings from Wing King - Las Vegas

On your next trip to Vegas, make time in your schedule to try the finest wings in Nevada. While Wing King is perhaps best known for the Hell Challenge that gifts 100 wings if you're able to eat 12 of their spiciest wings in less than 20 minutes, this wing joint is a lot more than just heat. In fact, they have 100 flavors of wings, and their reviews are stupendously good for wings of all flavors. If the number of choices has your brain tied in knots, simply pick the Jamaica Jerk Dry Rub Wings and thank us later.

New Hampshire: Sweet Chili Flamingo Wings from Rosa Flamingo's - Bethlehem

Rosa Flamingo's is the choice you should make when scavenging for the top wings in the state of New Hampshire. You wouldn't think that this Italian restaurant in the city of Bethlehem would have great wings, but they certainly do. Specifically, the Sweet Chili Flamingo Wings have the perfect mix of sweetness and spiciness that will convince you to visit again and again. The crunchy Blackened Flamingo Wings also get high marks. Bethlehem is about an hour and a half north of Concord, but it's well worth the trip.

New Jersey: Salt & Pepper Wings from Peck Peck - Teaneck

Peck Peck is a Korean restaurant in Teaneck, New Jersey, that offers up outstanding wings. In fact, they're the best wings in the Garden State. Visit this restaurant, and you'll understand why Peck Peck's reviews are so glowing. They have savory Soy Garlic Wings, the fiery Sweet & Spicy Wings, and the incredible Salt & Pepper Wings, which use a dry rub that is exploding with flavor. You won't be disappointed with any of their wings, but their Salt & Pepper Wings are truly something you deserve to try at least once in your life.

New Mexico: Original Wings from Frank's Famous Chicken & Waffles - Albuquerque

As you might guess, you can get waffles with your wings order at Frank's Famous Chicken & Waffles. This Albuquerque establishment gets nearr-perfect reviews, and their wings are a leading reason why that's the case. The Original Wings at Frank's Famous Chicken & Waffles are crunchy, juicy, and overflowing with flavor. You simply can't find better wings anywhere in New Mexico. Eat the wings as your main meal, and then drown your waffles in syrup and eat them for dessert. Do that, and you'll leave this restaurant with a grin from ear to ear.

New York: Madame Wings from Madame Vo - New York City

Madame Vo is a Vietnamese restaurant located in New York City that has wings that are so tasty that they turn heads every day. The secret is that their wings are double-fried, which locks in all the yummy flavor. Pick the Madame Wings that come in a fish sauce with garlic in it. They have the perfect amount of spice and a unique taste that may change everything you thought you knew about chicken wings. You simply won't find better wings anywhere in the state.

North Carolina: Uncle Donnie's Famous Blackened Wings from Moosehead Grill - Charlotte

If you go to Moosehead Grill in Charlotte, the excellent Uncle Donnie's Famous Blackened Wings are the flavor you must try. These are absolutely the best wings in all of North Carolina. The blackened wings look scrumptious and taste even better. Moosehead Grill gets fantastic reviews, with patrons pointing to the service, the beer, and, of course, the wings. Another flavor of wings that is worthy of your hard-earned dollars is the Honey Mustard and Wasabi Wings. Wings flavored by wasabi are usually iffy, but these are splendid.

North Dakota: PB&J Chicken Wings from Sickies Garage - Bismarck

Peanut butter and jelly isn't a combination that springs to mind when you're pondering your favorite flavor of chicken wings. However, visit Sickies Garage in Bismarck, North Dakota, and it may actually become your favorite flavor of them all. The wings here are the best in the state, and their PB&J Chicken Wings are better than you can even possibly imagine. Not surprisingly, Sickies Garage has won awards for the sauce they put on PB&J Wings.

Ohio: Nashville Hot Rub Breaded Wings from OH Pizza and Brew - Columbus

OH Pizza and Brew is much more than just pizza pies and pints of beer. They also have Nashville Hot Rub Breaded Wings, the finest wings in the city of Columbus or any other city in the state of Ohio. These are the only breaded wings on their menu, and that's part of what makes them so good. The mix of brown sugar and cayenne pepper is perfect and will turn you into an instant fan who will join the legion of satisfied patrons.

Oklahoma: Jumbo Wings from Mama E's Soul Food - Oklahoma City

A restaurant that serves soul food is a good place to look for outstanding wings. That's exactly what you'll find at Mama E's Soul Food in Oklahoma City. The Jumbo Wings are bigger than you're anticipating and totally delicious to the last bite. At Mama E's Soul Food, if you're hungry, go with the Wing Basket, and you'll get four of these monstrous wings and three honey butter biscuits. That's enough food to cover two entire meals.

Oregon: Extra Hot Wings from Fire on the Mountain - Portland

When you visit a place called Fire on the Mountain, you just know that it'd be wise to order the hottest of their hot wings. As expected, the Extra Hot Wings are excellent and a key reason why this restaurant is known as the place to go for wings in Portland. Fire on the Mountain, which has been selling wings since 2005, gets outstanding ratings. They get bonus points for having some of the best vegan wings found anywhere in the country.

Pennsylvania: Sweet Heat Wings from Hunt's Annex Lounge - Woodlyn

Hunt's Annex Lounge is a family-owned destination for wings that has been in business for more than 35 years. This eatery in Woodlyn, Pennsylvania, gets superb reviews, and they deserve to be known as the top place for wings in the entire state. The delicious Sweet Heat Wings set your taste buds on fire and then extinguish the flames with a wave of sweetness. If you desire unrelenting heat, their Bite Me Wings are more than capable of handling the job.

Rhode Island: Yellow Submarine Wings from Boneheads Wing Bar - Warwick

When you need to get tasty wings in your belly in a hurry, the best place to go in Rhode Island is Boneheads Wing Bar. This highly rated wing joint has a long list of wing flavors that range from Buffalo Soldier (a mix of bleu cheese and creamy buffalo sauce) to Razzamatazz (Mountain Dew syrup and a pepper sauce with raspberries). But the best of the flavors is the gnarly looking Yellow Submarine Wings that feature a mustard sauce blessed with honey.

South Carolina: Citrus Kick Wings from D's Wings - Cayce

An excellent citrusy wing is difficult to find, but that's exactly what you'll discover at D's Wings. Located in the city of Cayce, you must try the Citrus Kick Wings at this much-ballyhooed wing joint. These wings are made with real citrus juice, and they provide a spicy kick to your lips to further your enjoyment. Happy customers will enthusiastically inform you that you won't be able to find superior wings anywhere else in the state of South Carolina.

South Dakota: Mango Habanero Traditional Wings from RB Beers & Burgers - Yankton

In addition to cheeseburgers and beers, RB Beers & Burgers also has some mighty fine chicken wings. In fact, the amazing Mango Habanero Traditional Wings at this Yankton, South Dakota, eatery can stand toe to toe with any wing in the nation. They have a deep mango flavor and enough spice from habanero peppers to keep you on your toes. If you want even more heat, go with their Demon Goo Traditional Wings. RB Beers & Burgers gets excellent reviews, and they deserve it.

Tennessee: Sweet Chili Wings from Wings Xpress - Knoxville

Wings Xpress is a Knoxville wing destination that is beloved in the state of Tennessee. Available flavors include Mango Habanero, Lemon Pepper, and the ultimately spicy Atomic. However, it's the Sweet Chili Wings that will make you a repeat customer. While the Sweet Chili Wings are a bit sweeter than similar wings that you can find elsewhere, they're entirely enjoyable. Tennessee has a lot of tasty wing joints, but none of them can hold a candle to Wings Xpress.

Texas: Ranch on Fire Wings from Tommy Want Wingy - Austin

The top wings in Austin also happen to be the best wings in Texas. Tommy Want Wingy, which got its name from that line in the movie Tommy Boy, gets immaculate reviews, and you'll know exactly why once you give their wings a try. Their Ranch on Fire Wings have a dry rub that has a salty, spicy flavor that will leave you licking your fingers. If the hot temperatures in Texas have you yearning for something even hotter, Tommy Want Wingy's Holy Schnikes Wings have enough heat to leave you begging for mercy.

Utah: Tatonka BBQ Wings from Wing Coop - Salt Lake City

Wing Coop isn't just the best wings place in Salt Lake City, it's the best place for wings in all of Utah. With sauce options ranging in spiciness from the sweet Tiger Teriyaki sauce to the raging inferno that is their Eleven sauce, you're sure to find a sauce that will satisfy. If only the best will do, try their award-winning Tatonka BBQ Wings. These things have the barbecue sauce flavor you love but with a spicy edge. Wing Coop gets excellent marks across the board, and you too will become a regular once you visit.

Vermont: Sweet Harissa Chicken Wings from Honey Road - Burlington

Honey Road is a restaurant that thoroughly deserves all the praise that they get on a regular basis. Located in Burlington, Vermont, this eatery describes their food as Eastern Mediterranean. After you try the Sweet Harissa Chicken Wings, you will simply describe the food as yummy. These wings are so universally loved that you can visit here with the utmost amount of confidence. Vermont has no better wings anywhere inside of its borders.

Virginia: Harlem Heat Wings from The Dirty Buffalo - Norfolk

The Dirty Buffalo in Norfolk has been slinging Virginia's best wings since it opened in 2012. Today, you can't mention wings anywhere in this state without mentioning The Dirty Buffalo. Tasty options on the menu include Margarita Buffalo, Sweet Jamaican, and The Outsiders with its mix of garlic parmesan and cajun spices. While those three are awesome, you really need to try their Harlem Heat Wings. These bad boys are rubbed with garlic lemon pepper and then smothered with buffalo sauce.

Washington: Buffalo Wings from Hounds Tooth Public House - Seattle

Seattle quietly has some of the best wings in the United States. When only the best will do when you're in the Emerald City, insist on visiting Hounds Tooth Public House. You can order the wings from this highly graded restaurant tossed in buffalo sauce, barbecue sauce, or sweet Thai chili sauce. While all three options will please your taste buds, the wings tossed in buffalo sauce reign supreme. The wings have the perfect crisp, and the juiciness is out of this world.

West Virginia: Saloon Girl Wings from 3rd Base Bar and Grille - Keyser and Petersburg

3rd Base Bar and Grille has two locations in West Virginia, with one in the city of Keyser and the other in the city of Petersburg. No matter which one you choose to travel to, you'll be met by the best wings in the state. You might not know what to expect when you order the Saloon Girl Wings, but you'll be pleasantly surprised when you receive a plate full of awesome wings that have been coated with delicious barbecue sauce.

Wisconsin: Creamy Buffalo Boneless Wings from Good Land Wing Co. - Multiple locations

Good Land Wing Co. is a unique wing joint because it prioritizes the healthfulness and wholesomeness of their wings. At each of their three locations in Wisconsin (in the cities of Milwaukee, Brookfield, and Port Washington), you can find traditional wings, boneless wings, meatless wings, and even cauliflower wings on their extensive menu. While all of their wings get high praise, the best of the best is their Creamy Buffalo Boneless Wings. These boneless goodies aren't particularly spicy, but they'll still take your taste buds for a ride.

Wyoming: Hot Classic Buffalo Wings from The Bird - Jackson Hole

Not only does The Bird have the best wings in the city of Jackson Hole, this aptly named restaurant has the highest flying wings in the entire state of Wyoming. Take note that this restaurant doesn't take reservations and can get insanely busy. But even if you need to wait an extraordinarily long time for your pieces of chicken from The Bird, their Hot Classic Buffalo Wings are so good that you won't regret your decision. The Garlic Parmesan Wings are also breathtakingly delicious at this highly-rated spot for wings.