Instagram Is Raining Hearts On Aldi's Adorable Holiday Waffle Maker

The holiday season gives us an excuse to decorate our homes and our food. Gingerbread houses can be artfully constructed into works of art, while cookie cutters turn regular sugar cookies into festive treats. 

Aldi knows how to celebrate the season with the release of its holiday items. The supermarket stocks Christmas candles that make your home smell like the holiday without having to ever open your oven. The store also sells advent calendars to make the entire month of December feel like a celebration. Aldi's advent calendars come in a variety of non-traditional options, like a wine advent calendar, a hot sauce advent, and even an 8 Nights of Hanukkah calendar (per Aldi).

For those who like a DIY cooking project, Aldi has plenty of seasonal cooking items to choose from, too. This year, Aldi released its giant Christmas cookie cutter that can cut out up to 20 cookies at one time. For a fun family activity, customers can purchase cookie decorating kits with an ugly sweater version and a fighting ninja version. All of these items are great for those looking to level up their holiday dessert game. However, during the holidays, shouldn't every meal have the same festive fun as dessert? Aldi is bringing Christmas cheer to breakfast with the release of its holiday waffle maker.

Start your day with Aldi's festive holiday waffle maker

Aldi's official Instagram account @aldiusa shared a picture of its holiday mini waffle maker. The Ambiano holiday mini waffle maker is available in three designs: Christmas tree, Snowflake, and Gingerbread Man. Each waffle maker leaves an adorable design imprint on the 4-inch waffles. The waffle makers are selling for only $8.99 and are listed under Aldi Finds, which means the items won't be on shelves for an extended time.

One user was perplexed about the holiday shapes, writing, "How is the top of that waffle maker making a tree shape?" Another user wrote, "I say I'm not going to spend more money but when I open my page and see this beauty I can't control myself." Aldi fans already love the chain's regular mini waffle maker, which debuted last year in festive mint green and red colors. 

If you're going to make a holiday-themed waffle this year, why not try adding in some seasonal flavors, like cranberry, peppermint, and pumpkin spice (per Brit + Co)?