Chips Ahoy! Is Celebrating New Years With A Confetti Cake Flavor

When the holiday season descends upon us, more and more companies and brands capitalize by releasing new exclusive seasonal products. For example, Burger King introduced a new winter Whopper in Japan, El Pollo Loco has its "12 Days of Pollo" food deals for December, and DoorDash launched a new gingerbread cake with Carlo's Bakery. Additionally, Trader Joe's brought back its candy cane green tea, Wendy's has a whole slew of food deals for December, and Red Robin released new limited-edition holiday shakes. Popular cookie brand Chips Ahoy! is no exception.

Introduced in 1964 and owned by Mondelez International, Chips Ahoy! has various cookie flavors with different textures, such as chewy, chunky, and candy blasts, per Mondelez International. From its classic chocolate chip cookies to its brownie-filled and red velvet-flavored cookies, Chips Ahoy! has a tasty cookie option for practically everyone (via SnackWorks). Now, Chips Ahoy! has a new confetti cake cookie flavor to celebrate New Year's that'll be available for purchase soon.

The new Chips Ahoy! cookie flavor will also commemorate its 60th birthday

To celebrate New Year's and its 60th birthday, popular cookie brand Chips Ahoy! is introducing a brand new confetti cake cookie flavor, according to a press release from the Chips Ahoy! parent company Mondelez International, Incorporated. The new chewy cookies will be confetti-cake flavored and have chocolate chips and rainbow sprinkles. The cookies will be available for purchase at select retailers throughout the United States beginning in January 2023. Additionally, the new Chips Ahoy! confetti cake cookies will be sold in 14.38-ounce family-size options and will sell for $4.99, depending on location.

This isn't the first time the popular cookie brand introduced a new cookie variation to celebrate an occasion or season. Just in time for the summer season, Chips Ahoy! released a new chewy chocolate chip cookie that was filled with Hershey's chocolate fudge in July 2021, per a press release from Mondelez International. The cookie brand also teamed up with Sour Patch Kids and famous DJ Steve Aoki in May 2020 for a unique new cookie flavor and sweepstakes inspired by high school prom season (via Mondelez International press release).