El Pollo Loco's '12 Days Of Pollo' Means A Ton Of Food Deals

The holiday season is a popular time for many companies to offer special holiday deals and menu items that wouldn't normally be offered at other times of the year. For example, Pizza Hut brought back its Triple Treat Box; Chick-Fil-A brought back its holiday favorites, the peppermint milkshake and chicken tortilla soup; and KFC brought back its $5 Famous Bowls and exclusive holiday-themed buckets. Mexican restaurant chain and Southern California staple El Pollo Loco is no exception. El Pollo Loco had a special menu just for the holiday season in 2021 that included tamales, a tamale bowl with avocados, a holiday family dinner, and Mexican hot chocolate.

To celebrate the 2022 holiday season, El Pollo Loco is turning up the festivities with its "12 Days of Pollo" (per Chew Boom). From December 1, 2022 to December 12, 2022, the promo features a different food deal each day that Loco Rewards members can redeem. El Pollo Loco Rewards can be joined for free, and members earn points and get birthday rewards and other special offers.

With a new deal each day, you may find yourself making multiple trips to your nearest El Pollo Loco this month! Here's what you need to know about the chain's holiday deals.

El Pollo Loco rewards members can redeem the food deals

As part of El Pollo Loco's "12 Days of Pollo" deals, featuring a new deal a day, rewards members can buy one burrito and get another and a large drink for free to start things off on December 1. The next day, members can get a large drink for free when they buy an overstuffed quesadilla. On December 3, the revolving deal includes a family feast for $20 with four large drinks for free, before switching to $2 off of orders of $20 or $5 off orders of $30 — plus a large drink for free — on December 4 (via Chew Boom).

The fun continues with free drinks with various purchases on December 5 and 6, and specialty priced combo orders throughout the rest of the month, including a 16-piece LT (legs and thighs) meal for $25 and six large drinks for free (December 10), and a chicken avocado burrito and a large drink for $6 (December 11). El Pollo Loco's deals extend beyond its menu as well, with members receiving 25 bonus points and a large drink if they refer a friend on December 9, and free delivery and a large drink with every purchase on December 12 — so if you find yourself needing a break from chicken, so can still get rewarded.