Bobby Flay's Banana Bread Waffles Are Creating A Commotion On TikTok

While the world's fourth-largest fruit crop is a nutritious part of our diets, some of us purchase bananas solely to bake banana bread. No need to hunt through the banana stand for firm bananas without signs of bruising. Instead, give us brown, overly-ripened fruit that's sweet, creamy, and in the ideal state to make delicious banana bread (per Leaf).

Banana bread is one of the most delicious ways to reduce food waste in your home. Instead of throwing them away, bananas, too ripe and mushy to be eaten, can be stored in the freezer, in the peel, waiting to shine when transformed into a warm loaf of banana bread. The quick bread recipe became popular in the 1930s and has become a favorite for breakfast and snacks. OG banana bread recipes contain few panty staples, including flour, sugar, salt, baking soda, and eggs; however, the flavor profile lends itself to well to additions like peanut butter, chocolate chips, hazelnut spreads like Nutella, nuts, cream cheese, and dried fruit.

According to MasterClass, banana bread can stay fresh for two days, covered at room temperature. It will last a week if stored in the fridge and up to four months if frozen. To conveniently enjoy a slice in the future, individually wrap slices of banana bread in plastic wrap before freezing.Banana bread can get dry and stale when wrapped incorrectly or left out too long. Luckily Bobby Flay has a decadent recipe that home cooks are going "bananas for."

Banana bread waffles with Bananas Foster sauce

In a Food Network TikTok video, celebrity chef Bobby Flay demonstrated a recipe for "banana bread waffles with a Bananas Foster sauce" that provides enough incentive to let some banana bread go stale just to make this recipe. Flay prepares a waffle iron with nonstick cooking spray before adding thick slices of banana bread and closing the lid. While the bread heats through and develops that delicious crispy waffle-like texture on the outside, Flay makes the Bananas Foster sauce.

Bananas Foster was created in New Orleans in 1951 by chef Paul Blangé for Owen Brennan's restaurant "Vieux Carré." Bananas Foster's name is a nod to Richard Foster, who worked with Brennan to clean up the French Quarter. The table-side dessert comprises vanilla ice cream topped with sliced bananas sautèed in a caramel sauce flambéd with banana liqueur and rum, per New Orleans Restaurants. The attention-grabbing, pyrotechnic, old-school dessert creates the sauce used on Flay's waffles which garnered attention from the passersby when Flay set the pan on fire.

Flay tops the slices of banana bread waffles with the Banana Foster sauce sparking TikTok users to comment on how amazing it looked. Although, several commented that they'd never heard of leftover banana bread. A recurring question left was, where is the vanilla ice cream? An oversight that should be amended when you make it home, bridging the gap between breakfast and dessert.