Bobby Flay Explains The Key To Keeping Your Brunch Waffles Crisp

Think of all the foods that taste better when they're crispy: bacon, fried chicken, French fries, onion rings, and so on. Waffles can also be added to the list. But if you've ever made waffles before, chances are that they came out soggy at least once or twice. Or maybe, despite all of your efforts, you still haven't quite perfected crispy waffles.

Ending up with soggy waffles is pretty common. AboutWaffles lists a few reasons that can cause this to happen. They include overcooking or undercooking the waffles, failing to properly preheat the waffle iron, having runny batter, and letting the batter sit too long before pouring it in. But according to Bobby Flay, American celebrity chef, restaurateur, and reality television personality, there's one particular ingredient that makes the biggest difference when it comes to making crispy waffles. 

Flay shared a recipe for cornbread waffles on Food Network's Twitter page, which includes his tip on how to keep waffles crisp. He addresses a few common mistakes everyone makes with homemade waffles and focuses on one primary ingredient that contributes to the waffles' crispiness.

The amount of this ingredient determines the crispiness of your waffles

In the Food Network's Twitter video, Bobby Flay makes the waffle batter from scratch using yellow cornmeal, but you can use regular waffle batter if you prefer. He gently mixes several dry ingredients with a few wet ingredients, including eggs, buttermilk, and honey. After the batter is well mixed, taking extra care not to over mix it, he adds the ingredient that serves as the key to keeping the waffles crisp: melted butter.

He claims the amount of butter you use determines how crispy the waffles will be. For this eight-serving recipe, he uses 5 tablespoons of unsalted, melted butter for "medium crispy" waffles. If you want your waffles to be a little more crispier, use more butter.

Just remember to avoid the temptation of pouring the batter in too soon, or you'll end up with soggy waffles. Make sure to also preheat the iron before making the batter, and not to make the batter too thin or let it sit for too long. After you pour the batter into the iron, keep checking on your waffles to avoid overcooking or undercooking them. With these tips and the inclusion of butter, you should end up with nice, crispy waffles.