The UK McDonald's Double Chocolate Pie Is Giving Us FOMO

Here in the U.S., if you walk into your local Mickey D's in search of a nice slab of pie with coffee (or milk, if you prefer), you're going to be disappointed on the "slab" front since the pies come in the form of petite bricks, instead. They also come in a choice of apple, apple, or, for a change, apple, unless you happen to show up when one of the special seasonal pies such as the autumnal pumpkin or the custard-filled holiday pie is on the menu.

Should you hop across the pond like a bionic frog, however, and happen to land in front of a McDonald's U.K. location, walk through the doors and your wondering eyes may be confronted with a double chocolate pie on the dessert menu. This pie, which is of course a "limited time" offer, has both a chocolate crust and a gooey chocolate filling. While it doesn't look as if a chocolate pie has ever been offered by McDonald's in the U.S., a similar pie was offered in the chain's Singapore locations in 2022 and in Korea back in 2017.

Here's what McDonald's US has to offer chocolate lovers

If you're a McDonald's fan and also a chocolate lover, we bet we can guess what you're thinking after reading the previous sentence: If this double chocolate pie's been around for six years, why haven't we seen this flavor in the U.S.? That we cannot answer, alas. In order to stave off your FOMO and satisfy your chocolate-craving sweet tooth, though, our domestic Golden Arches do have a few cacao bean-based treats on the menu. (Not nearly enough, but some is better than none.)

Should you be so lucky as to patronize a Mickey D's with a functioning soft-serve machine, you can indulge in a hot fudge sundae, chocolate shake, or McFlurry. McFlurries flavored with Oreo cookies or M&Ms seem to be part of the regular rotation, while other chocolate-based McFlurry flavors such as caramel brownie and chocolatey pretzel are sometimes available for (of course) a limited time. Btw, no need to feel FOMO if you missed the latter treat, since we tried it for you and it really wasn't all that. If your local McDonald's is experiencing a mysterious ice cream machine outage, you may have to settle for one of the mocha drinks on the McCafe menu. Perhaps your best bet for a chocolate treat that you can eat without a spoon or straw, though, is one (or more) of McDonald's chocolate chip cookies. While these briefly disappeared during the pandemic, they're back on the menu again