The Most Mouth-Watering Aldi Items From Different Countries

Aldis in other countries have all sorts of items that we've never seen in U.S. Aldis. Their interesting and unique items are why people tend to head to Aldi when they visit different countries. While you're likely to find savory and sweet options from local cuisine, you're also likely to find items from nearby countries and countries that share food tastes.

There are two main types of Aldi: Aldi Süd and Aldi Nord. Aldi used to be one store run by two brothers. However, when the brothers had a falling out over whether or not to sell cigarettes, they divided into two stores. Aldi Süd is the version in the U.S., Australia, and the southern part of Europe, while Aldi Nord is in the northern part of Europe. Perhaps it's a case of the grass looking greener on the other side, but we find Aldi Nord to have more intriguing grocery options overall. Take a look at what the different Aldis have around the world and decide for yourself which ones are most worth a visit.

Australia – Aldi Süd

In most Aldis, the meat offerings look much like you'd expect — chicken, beef, pork, fish, and the occasional lamb. However, Australia has kangaroo meat, which you likely won't find in any other Aldi. Aldi's K-Roo brand kangaroo meat comes minced and in a 1-kilogram bag, ready to make into burgers or add to pasta recipes. If you're wondering what it tastes like, many compare it to deer meat because of its gamey qualities.

The Australian Aldi also sells McVities choc tops digestive cookies and penguin cookie bars. McVities made its first digestive biscuits in 1892 in Scotland, so they're not a strictly Australian treat. McVities is known for its chocolate digestives. McVities choc tops come in both milk chocolate and dark chocolate varieties. The Penguin digestives have a cream filling and chocolate coating.

Another fun find at Australia's Aldi is Emporium apricot and almond cream cheese. This cream cheese is a strictly Australian product that makes a tasty spread on a variety of products.

Belgium – Aldi Nord

Of course, you can't go to Belgium without buying chocolate since Belgian chocolate is famous worldwide for being so good. When you shop for chocolate in the Belgian Aldi, there are far more brands than the two or three you'll find in U.S. Aldi. We find the Ambiente Belgian pralines to be the most tempting since it comes in a variety of flavors. Another that piques our interest is the banana-cream-filled milk chocolate bar from the top Belgian chocolate maker, Côte D'Or. The company's name derives from an old French name for what is now Ghana, which is where its cacao beans originate.

With speculoos cookies being Belgian and Aldi Nord being the sister company to Trader Joe's, you shouldn't be too surprised to see Monarc speculoos cookie butter available at the Belgian Aldi. Speculoos cookie butter is simply the crushed creamy version of the spicy cookie, which comes in crunchy or creamy varieties (just like peanut butter).

Two other tasty items available from the Belgian Aldi that we've seen in several European Aldi locations are Casa Morando eggplant Parmigiana and All Seasons spiced potatoes. The Italian-style eggplant Parmigiana comes ready to bake in the oven, and the pre-seasoned sliced potatoes are versatile enough to cook in the oven, microwave, or air fryer.

Denmark – Aldi Nord

Pickled eggs have mainly fallen out of culinary fashion in the U.S., except in a few dive bars and country convenience stores. So, if you've never tried them before, you have the perfect chance to pick up a large jar of them at Denmark's Aldi, alongside other more familiar pickled products like olives.

Perhaps more familiar are the desserts you can find in a Danish Aldi. One of its test winners is its Mucci Sensation chocolate-covered ice cream bar. A Danish chef gave it five out of six stars in a blind taste test. Only Magnum ice cream bars got a 6-star rating on his test. Another blind-taste-test winner on the shelves at Aldi in Denmark is Bridge digestive cookies.

If you're looking for tasty meat while shopping in a Danish Aldi, Grill Time has four tasty varieties of summer frankfurters from which to choose. They come in garlic, chili, bacon, and cheddar flavors. The chili and garlic ones have both been winners in blind taste tests. Another fun option is Worlds Kitchen meatballs which come frozen and ready to add to your favorite meatball dish like pasta.

France – Aldi Nord

It's difficult to think of France without imagining its incredible breads and pastries. So, you can't miss the bakery section when you visit. You'll find multiple types of baguettes, buttery croissants, chocolate bread, and more. And the prices are surprising, with a single baguette costing only $0.42 (0.39 euros). You'll also want to check the cookie aisle for exciting treats like Petit Choisi chocolate disco cookies, which come topped with chocolate and M&M-like chocolate candies.

Aldi shoppers who love stuffed foods can pick up a packet of Crousti Vol cordons bleus, crêpes, or stuffed puff pastries. The cordons bleus come stuffed with an impossibly thin layer of crusted chicken surrounding cheese and a thick layer of ham. The crêpes come stuffed with ham and cheese as well. One more stuffed item that might catch your fancy at the French Aldi is La Cuisine Des Saveurs goat puff pastry. It contains goat cheese inside and puffed pastry on the outside.

Germany – Aldi Süd and Nord

Germany is the only country that has both Aldi Süds and Aldi Nords. We're a little disappointed to find no Deutsche Kuche branded products in Germany's Aldi Süd since they make us so happy during Aldi's German week. However, a very German item you will find is Landfreude dumpling dough. These potato dumplings will be tasty alongside Iglo creamed spinach, available in the frozen food aisle.

Our favorite dessert picks at Germany's Aldi Süd are Meine Kuchenewelt nut nougat creme croissants and Choceur Coconut Kiss (which are excellent cold). Plus, you can find various flavors of Mucci Selection ice cream, including cherry, strawberry, hazelnut, chocolate chip, vanilla-chocolate, and walnut.

Aldi Nord is a great place to try out a multitude of German sausages, ranging from grilled bratwurst and mini ham and peppercorn sausages to even vegetarian meat sausage and curry sausage.

Aldi Nord also has interesting sweets like Sweet Land vegetarian fruit gummies. Wunderstern comes in alicorn shapes, while VeggieFant comes in cute elephant shapes. Some fun cookies include Choceur star rice crunchy puffed rice and chocolate candies. They're available in classic chocolate bites, crunchy bites, crunchy nut bites, and crunchy bittersweet bites. Tempting cookies include Biscotto sandwich waffles with a cocoa and milk cream filling. The frozen food section yields up Mucchi crunchy cones, which contain alternating layers of either chocolate and vanilla ice cream or strawberry and vanilla ice cream.

Hungary – Aldi Süd

The Hungarian Aldi's sweets are among the most tantalizing items in the store. Germany's famous Milka chocolate is available in Hungary's Aldi, and it comes in flavors including Alpine milk, chocolate whipped cream, Oreo, mmmax strawberry cheesecake, and strawberry. Other mouth-watering sweets you can find in Hungary's Aldi include Finest Bakery frozen quick cocoa mini rolls, which have both a dark and light chocolate filling inside. Gluten-free shoppers will likely be drawn to Daim Almondy, a tasty Swedish cake filled with almonds, chocolate, and caramel crunch.

Some interesting savory items you can find in the Aldi in Hungary include La Finesse penne gorgonzola, which is a frozen pasta containing creamy gorgonzola and spinach sauce. Hungary's Aldi also carries Nature's Gold potato pockets. There are two versions of these German stuffed potato pockets. One comes with leeks and ham inside, while the other is stuffed with spinach and mozzarella cheese.

Ireland – Aldi Süd

Aldi Ireland has several interesting savory options. Some that look especially tasty are its Ready, Set ... Cook! Thai meal kits. There are two Thai curry meal kits — one with Thai red curry and another with Thai green curry. Each kit comes with enough food for two people and takes only 15 minutes to heat. The other Thai meal kit is pad Thai. If you're looking for a super-tenderized and inexpensive cut of meat, you can try Irish minutes steaks (also known as cubed steaks), which are great for a tender crock pot cubed steak recipes or country fried cube steak. You can also find a variety of ready-made salads in the refrigerated section of the store. Some especially mouth-watering ones include the roasted vegetable couscous salad and red pesto pasta salad.

The freezer section is full of lots of ice cream treats. Among them are Gianni's rocket popsicles, watermelon popsicles, and fruit power bars, which will appeal to both young and old.

Italy – Aldi Süd

Italy's Aldi carries Algida Liuk, which is Italy's most popular Sicilian lemon ice pop. Not only is the ice pop made from fresh Sicilian lemon juice, but the stick is an edible piece of licorice. Another treat you can get from the Italian Aldi is Nesquik Snack. These chocolate snacks look like ice cream sandwiches on the package, but they're actually chocolatey snack cakes. Another fun treat in Italy's Aldi is Kinder chocolate ice cream. Don't worry; there aren't any random toys inside these chocolate-coated ice cream pops — just vanilla ice cream.

Italy's Aldi has an interesting line of snacks called Fiorentini Snick Snack. One XXL variety with sea salt is made from potato flakes and rice flour, so it has an interesting texture you'll not find in regular potato chips. Another non-fried Fiorentini Snick Snack has a shape more like cheese puffs and is made from lentils and chickpeas.

Outside the snack aisles, you'll encounter Gusto Pronto vegetable paella. It's a preservative-free, pre-made version of paella, which you can eat as it is or add your own meat.

Luxembourg – Aldi Nord

The most mouth-watering foods we found in Luxembourg's Aldi revolve around small dishes (tapas). While tapas originated in Spain, they're popular in Luxembourg. We're impressed with the Bistro'Vite cold plate packages, which contain various ingredients you can eat like you would from a charcuterie board. One cold plate features ingredients like ham, cauliflower, boiled eggs, shredded carrots, tomato, potato salad, and green beans. The other substitutes salmon for ham. Luxembourg's Aldi also sells Puuls shrimp tapas. There are three varieties, including chili flavor, garlic flavor, and pesto flavor. The shrimp comes pre-cooked and ready to eat.

An extremely tempting offering in Luxembourg's Aldi is the All Seasons stuffed potatoes. One version features potatoes stuffed with cheese and ham, while the other is stuffed only with cheese. They come ready to warm and eat.

Another option is jars of Devina cheese cubes in oil. There are three varieties: one with red peppers and chilis, one with various herbs, and another with olives. And who could resist buying one or both versions of Mama Mancini focaccia bread? One version is smothered with garlic and mozzarella, while the other is infused with red peppers and olives.

Netherlands – Aldi Nord

You may have a difficult time deciding which baked goods to buy at Aldi in the Netherlands. We counted over 20 varieties. They range from sweet treats like apple turnovers, pecan rolls, and donuts to savory options like sausage rolls, cheese rolls, and spinach and feta rolls. Plus, there are a variety of bread, like white tiger ball bread (with a surface that looks more like giraffe or leopard skin), champion bread, and baguettes.

A box of Albona apple tart mix costs less than a euro and can allow you to bake your own apple tart at home. So, visitors to the country can take a bit of the Netherlands home with them. The Lekker & Snel quiches also look yummy. They're pre-cooked and come in a pie tin ready to reheat in the oven. The quiches come in interesting flavors like salmon and broccoli, tomato and mozzarella, quiche Lorraine (bacon and cheese), and bacon and leek. Also impressive are the packages of Lekker & Snel Dutch stews. You can also get kale stew with smoked sausage and gravy, endive stew with beef meatballs and gravy, and spinach stew with meatballs and gravy.

The Dutch Aldi also has an impressive variety of pre-made salads. They include pasta salad, Caesar salad, Italian salad, oriental salad, shrimp salad, chicken salad, and more.

Poland – Aldi Nord

Since Aldi Nord and Trader Joe's have the same parent company, it's not uncommon to find Trader Joe's brand products in Aldi Nords. The ones we've seen have American flag packaging to indicate their connection to U.S. cuisine. So, what fine U.S. delicacy does the Polish Aldi offer? If you guessed Trader Joe's chicken nuggets, you'd be right. However, it comes with a curry dipping sauce, so we're not too mad.

Other countries represented here are Italy and Switzerland. The frozen food section contains several flavors of Sammontana Gruvi gelato pops. These mouth-watering Italian frozen treats have vanilla gelato inside. The outer coating and filling are either pistachio and cookies, blueberry and strawberry, almond and caramel, or chocolate and cookies. You can also find Bermont Krauterli herbal candy, which comes from Switzerland.

A fun pastry you can find in Poland's Aldi is from a famous Polish chocolatier called E. Wedel, which has been around for nearly 170 years. The E. Wedel donut comes filled with chocolate cream and topped with chocolate frosting and chocolate flakes. Another E. Wedel treat you can find is the Ptasi Mlecsko. It's a chocolate bar with a vanilla-flavored marshmallow on the inside and a chocolate shell on the outside.

Portugal – Aldi Nord

Some of the most enticing treats from the Portuguese Aldi are in the ice cream portion of the frozen food aisle. Here, you'll find several interesting varieties of gelato. One is a package of Mucci lemon-flavored gelato cones. You're also likely to find Mucci praliné sticks, which are gelato on a stick with a variety of hard shells. Varieties include hazelnut and dark chocolate, coconut and white chocolate, and classic chocolate and hazelnut. Another item among the frozen treats is Trader Joe's NY rodeo cookies. Despite the title, these ice cream sandwich cookies were made in Spain rather than the U.S.

In Portugal, you don't have to wait until fall to enjoy pumpkin spice confections. Flete makes a little cake with pumpkin spice flavor and is ready to satisfy your cravings ahead of pumpkin spice season. It was voted a top innovative product for 2023. Another fun item in Portugal's Aldi is Ursi pineapple or strawberry gelatin cups, which are pre-made and ready to eat.

Spain – Aldi Nord

Spain's Aldi has a lot of interesting options. We found Flete cured ham croquets (croquetas de jamón curado), which is a popular tapas dish in Spain. Another popular Spanish dish that you can find in the Spanish Aldi is a Spanish potato tortilla, which has some similarities to frittatas. Aldi has two types of Spanish potato tortillas. One contains potatoes and onions, while the other contains only potatoes with no onions.

You can find interesting cheeses in Spain's Aldi like you can in the U.S., but you may have to act quickly to get them. Some we've seen come and go include Dutch-matured Italian-style cheese and matured sheep cheese (both from La Tabla).

Interesting desserts you can find in Spain's Aldi include Gutbio organic mango ice pops, which are dairy-free. Moving to the refrigerated section, you will find Milsani chocolate and cream cups, which are chocolate custard cups.

Switzerland – Aldi Süd

Switzerland loves its müesli cereal, so you shouldn't be surprised to find 15 or so varieties in the breakfast aisle. Happy Harvest had a large number of flavors, including coconut, chocolate, berry, multiple fruits, raisins and nuts, strawberries and coconut, nuts, chocolate and cookies, and blueberries and goji. You can also find müesli cereal from Nature Active Bio. One has seeds and fruit, while the other just contains fruit.

Seafood lovers will be excited to see many gourmet fish fillets available from Swiss Aldi. You can find Golden Seafood gourmet fillets that are covered in broccoli sauce or an Italian sauce or come Bordelaise-style or extra crispy Bordelaise-style. You can even find some in pastry pockets.

You can also find some fun snacky foods in the Swiss Aldi. Snack Fun sticks are stick-shaped potato chips that are cooked in sunflower oil. They come in flavors like salt, sour cream and onion, and paprika. For dessert, you can go for a cup of Milfina Swiss crème dessert in either chocolate or vanilla. If cookies are more your style, Switzerland's Aldi sells Finest Bakery soft cakes. They have a chocolate top coating and a middle filled with either raspberry or orange fruit filling.

UK – Aldi Süd

If you're in a UK Aldi looking for something mouth-watering, you might as well start with Stefanoff cocktail pouches. Simply put them in the freezer to create a frozen cocktail drink without any mixing involved. They come in a variety of delightful flavors, including strawberry daiquiris, raspberry mojitos, and passion fruit martinis. If you're in Scotland, you also may be able to find beef and pork Lorne blocks, which are pre-sliced Scottish sausages that come in squares.

For dessert, you can find Harvest Morn crispy chunks, which are the equivalent of Rice Krispy treats. You can get them in either plain marshmallow flavor, with chocolate, or with both chocolate and caramel. Aldi UK also has Scottish ice cream, which includes a Belgian chocolate one, a double cream one with vanilla, and one with sea salt and caramel. You may like to try Joe and Seph's popcorn, which comes in French-dessert-inspired flavors like crème brûlée and pain au chocolate.