TikTok-Created Cookies That Are Worth Every Bite

TikTok is a Mecca for recipes. Unfortunately, with the ability for anyone to post any recipe at any time, there is a considerable range in the quality of the final product. Some TikTok cooking trends range from the gross to the downright dangerous, such as TikTok hard-boiled eggs which tend to explode. Luckily, cookie recipes are usually safe, as long as you actually follow the recipes.

With a wide variety of interpretations and the ability to be unique, cookies are a great way to play with flavor and technique. Many of the cookies from TikTok play with non-traditional cookie ingredients, and even expand the definition of "cookie" in some cases. With all the fun and games of TikTok, though, you don't want to get lured into trying a recipe that is just going to fall flat. That is why we figured out which cookies are worth your time and effort, and which ones you should swipe away.

Brown butter chocolate chip cookies

Chocolate chip cookies are an icon. It is hard to think of improving them, but TikTok really took that as a challenge, and gave the world the brown butter chocolate chip cookie. There is some variation in the different versions of these cookies going around TikTok, as people adapt it to their own personal taste, but the thing that remains the same is the use of brown butter. Brown butter is made by heating butter over low heat until it turns a beautiful golden brown color. This evaporates some of the liquid and caramelizes the remaining milk solids. The result is a nutty, rich flavor that cannot be achieved with simple melted butter.

It is incredibly telling that the top comment on Broma Bakery's TikTok post of brown butter chocolate chip cookies is of someone who has made them multiple times in the past week. Comments all down the comment section profess that the brown butter makes such a difference, and has given them their new favorite cookie. To top it off, Broma Bakery recommends sprinkling some flaky salt on top of the cookies to round out the flavor.

S'mores cookies

We love seeing two desserts put together to create one glorious new dessert. In this case, the good people of TikTok have combined s'mores and chocolate chip cookies to create the s'more cookie. This TikTok recipe is really more of a process than an actual recipe, as you are using individual components, but there is no need to mix or beat or really use anything other than your hands and a cookie tray. Start with squares of graham crackers. Top those with pieces of chocolate and marshmallow, and then cover the whole thing in cookie dough. For this recipe, using store-bought cookie dough is just fine.

Once the whole thing is encased in cookie dough, these cookies get baked. When they come out of the oven, you will have a gooey cookie that provides the joy of both a s'more and a chocolate chip cookie. The cookies are oversized and will spread, but other TikTokers who baked them say they are absolutely worth it.

Taylor Swift's chai cookies

What can't Taylor Swift do, really? She is a singer, writer, dancer, and apparently a master cookie creator. Taylor Swift's chai cookies first appeared on Tumblr way back in 2009. While the post in question no longer seems to exist, Taylor's version of cookies lives on. From screenshots of Taylor's original post, bakers were able to take the original sugar cookie recipe, and put in all of Taylor's adaptations to make them chai flavored.

The cookies took on new life when they resurfaced by bakers' posts on TikTok, where they spread like wildfire. The cookies are made with a sugar cookie base to which Taylor adds a whole bag of chai. That means these cookies are not just spiced they have actual crushed tea leaves in them. Then to top it all off, the cookies are topped with a spiced glaze which can be made with milk or eggnog, depending on the season. As one TikToker who made them said, even those who are not a fan of chai will like these cookies. The reviews from TikTokers are in, and these cookies are going to be a staple for the holidays for years to come.

Three-ingredient peanut butter cookies

Sometimes you want cookies, but you don't really want to deal with all the dirty dishes and ingredients. That is why we love these three-ingredient peanut butter cookies. The recipe has been making its rounds on TikTok, and was brought to even more prominence when vintage recipe tester Dylan Hollis found an early printed version of the cookies from 1984. Hollis made them, and was visibly shocked by the scrumptious results.

The cookies take just peanut butter, sugar, and an egg mixed together to form a dough. The dough is rolled into balls which are then pressed down using the back of a fork to create a crosshatched design on top. For those looking for a hint of molasses flavor, Hollis also recommends using brown sugar instead of white sugar. Either way, the result is a tender cookie that will win the hearts and stomachs of all those who try it.

Five-ingredient chocolate chip peanut butter cookies

Three ingredients make a good cookie, but if you are willing to throw in an extra two ingredients, you will be rewarded with chocolate chip peanut butter cookies. As we all know, chocolate chips do make things better. These TikTok five-ingredient chocolate chip peanut butter cookies are made with brown sugar, peanut butter, one egg, baking soda, and chocolate chips. This recipe makes a dozen cookies, which gives you enough for a small group, but also not too much for one person. The result is a thick peanut butter cookie with a crackled top speckled with chocolate chips.

Commenters on digestwithjesss's TikTok video have stated that this is their favorite cookie. Another person posted on Reddit declaring these to be some of the best cookies around. Not only did they love that the recipe was easy and only took one bowl, but also the cookies even tasted good cooled down. The best part is they save well, so even if you can't eat them all right away, you will get to enjoy your cookies for days to come.

Vegan gluten-free peanut butter chocolate chip cookies

Our vegan gluten-free friends are not forgotten by Tiktok. One of the things we really appreciated about this recipe is that instead of trying to substitute eggs and flour with expensive blends, they use easy and relatively inexpensive ingredients. The cookies come together with just bananas, peanut butter, brown sugar, baking powder, and chocolate chips. The resulting dough is loose and must be chilled before baking to help it hold together. While the ingredients are similar to the five-ingredient chocolate chip peanut butter cookie, the end result is a noticeably different texture.

When these cookies come out of the oven, they look indistinguishable from a more traditional chocolate chip cookie. Even those who aren't vegan or gluten-free are going to want to try these. On a TikTok video showing how to make the cookies, one commenter baked them, and reported that they were gooey, delicious, and would definitely be made again. Another commenter who also made them and gave them a "10/10" rating. While the peanut butter and the banana flavors both show through a bit, they are not unpleasant and help make this cookie the sensation that it is.

Cottage cheese cookie dough

We all know cottage cheese has seen a resurgence recently, going from a food designated for nursing homes to a trendy way to add tangy protein to just about any dish. With the viral cottage cheese ice cream, it was only a matter of time before cottage cheese infiltrated cookies. This time though, instead of a baked cookie, TikTok has blessed us with a food-safe, healthy-ish, edible cookie dough. The ingredients are simple: cottage cheese, maple syrup, and vanilla extract. The ingredients are blended together to create a smooth consistency. This is then poured into a bowl where almond flour is added, as well as protein powder. This gives the mixture that cookie dough-like consistency. Finally, chocolate chips are mixed in, and you can simply dig in with a spoon.

This recipe has been making rounds predominantly on FitTok, but this is honestly a great recipe for anyone to try. It is gluten-free and doesn't contain either of the two ingredients that make traditional edible cookie dough hazardous: raw eggs and uncooked flour (via the CDC). Of course, most importantly, it is yummy. TikToker trainwithshay tried it without having high hopes and was pleasantly surprised. One commenter on her video even admitted to eating the cookie dough for each meal for two days.

Blueberry cookies

Not only are these blueberry cookies delicious, but their color reminds us of our favorite cookie-obsessed Muppet. These cookies are simple to make, and are a nice change from the more traditional chocolate chip cookie. Start with thawed frozen blueberries, then add butter, sugar, flour, baking soda, salt, and white chocolate chips. Justine Snacks recommends on her TikTok to use white sugar and plant-based butter, as the whiteness of the ingredients helps the purple-blue color of the blueberries show through brilliantly.

The result is a cookie that is both beautiful and delicious. The commenters who have tried them found them to be scrumptious, and as with any public forum, added their own spin to the recipe. Some added lemon zest to brighten the flavor; others suggested adding oats to make these even more of a breakfast cookie. We love to see a recipe that is both great on its own and easily adaptable.

Pumpkin cheesecake cookies

If you are of the pumpkin spice persuasion, then these next cookies are a "must try" no matter what the season. TikTok went wild for pumpkin cheesecake cookies comprised of a delectable cinnamon-sugar-coated cookie outside and a sweet cream cheese filling. These cookies remind us of the truly spectacular, but sadly seasonal Starbucks pumpkin muffin, which features a similar filling.

This cookie made the rounds on TikTok, with different people posting tips and tricks for getting the cookies to turn out just right. Chelsweets, for example, portions out the dough, then chills it before flattening it to a disk, and then places frozen pieces of cream cheese filling in the center. In Bloom Bakery, on the other hand, recommends weighing dry ingredients, and removing moisture from the pumpkin puree to help with the dough's manageability.

Whichever method you use, you will not be sorry that you made these cookies. Commenters who have baked the cookies can't stop raving about them. They may be a bit more labor-intensive than other cookies, but in the end, you will be rewarded with spicy, chewy pumpkin cookies that can be enjoyed warm or chilled.

No-bake strawberry cluster cookies

Not all cookies need to be popped in an oven. On hot summer days when the hankering for a cookie hits you, these treats will hit the spot. Requiring just a few ingredients, a freezer, and a microwave, no-bake strawberry cluster cookies come together quickly, and without heating up the kitchen.

Of course, just because they are simple and great for hot days does not necessarily make them good. But these cookies manage to combine some of the best flavors into one astounding cookie. The base of these cookies is chopped strawberries, which are then mixed with honey and yogurt, and then frozen. This already brings a different cool treat, frozen yogurt, to the table. Then the whole thing is covered in chocolate. That means you get the classic combination of strawberries and chocolate, with the addition of the creamy frozen yogurt, all of which creates a delicious bite. Commenters on victoriatschoppp's TikTok post say they love the cookies. One commenter said she hides them from their husband to eat the whole tray by herself, and another stated they would eat the whole batch in one day. And who can blame them?