The Most Outlandish Dessert Jonathan Bennett Remembers From Cake Wars - Exclusive

We may now only have reruns, but "Cupcake Wars" and "Cake Wars" are still a staple in food television-watching. The competition series put bakers to the test by challenging them to make cakes or cupcakes with unusual ingredients while pushing them to their decorative limits, resulting in some memorably strange creations. And in an exclusive interview, Mashed asked the host of "Cake Wars" himself — Jonathan Bennett — which was the most outlandish cake he tried from the five-season series.

An episode from 2015 had bakers making a cake for the Girl Scouts, so his answer is much more tasty than outlandish. Bennett explained, "They had to take each one of the cookies and transform them into a cake version," and he described the trail mix cake as "the best cake [he's] ever had." As he has sampled many treats during his tenure as a longtime Food Network host, we'll take his word for it. (It also turns out that the trail mix cake recipe is available online for you to try out if it sounds like something you just have to taste for yourself.)

Bennett described the trail mix cake as 'phenomenal'

"It was a brown sugar, cinnamon-dense cake, but it had nuts and berries. It tasted like trail mix, but it was in this really good brown cake," Jonathan Bennett told Mashed, before adding that the dessert was "absolutely phenomenal." The television personality was actually rooting for the winner, explaining, "The guy from Atlanta — he was the one that won, and I've never been more excited than to crown him the winner of that episode because I was like, 'You deserve this.'"

Bennett's latest series endeavor, "Battle of the Decades," revisits nostalgic appliances and desserts (which is seemingly perfect for a Girl Scouts-related episode — just saying). What's even more exciting than one new food show? Two, of course — Bennett will be on our television screens for yet another baking series this fall, as he also recently announced his official return to host "Halloween Wars" on Food Network, set to premiere on September 17.

New episodes of "Battle of the Decades" air Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Food Network. You can keep up with Jonathan Bennett's latest projects on his Instagram page.