KFC Vs Jollibee: We Finally Know Whose Chicken Is Better

Nothing beats good fried chicken, especially if it's served by your favorite fast-food joint. That comforting aroma of fried chicken evokes memories of family dinners and Sunday lunches, but also dilemmas that are all-too-common: Where do we go, KFC or Jollibee?

Hailing from Louisville, Kentucky, KFC has been a household name since its conception in the 1930s. With its iconic "finger-lickin' good" slogan and the secret blend of 11 herbs and spices, KFC's Southern American cuisine has been enjoyed by generations, firmly establishing itself as a global fried chicken sensation.

Meanwhile, the Philippines' pride entered the scene in the 1970s and has since become an emblem of Filipino fast food. Beyond just fried chicken, Jollibee offers a taste of home for many Filipinos.

But, which fast-food giant truly reigns supreme when it comes to chicken? Is it the tried-and-true original recipe of KFC or the joy-bringing, heartwarming crunch of Jollibee's Chickenjoy? This culinary rivalry isn't just about who dishes out the best fried chicken goodness — it's a delicious clash of traditions and secret recipes. Let's dig in.

KFC's signature recipe uses 11 herbs and spices

Ever wonder why KFC's fried chicken is so delicious? It's not only because of its golden, crispy crust or the juicy, mouth-watering chicken beneath. The real star is that clandestine blend of 11 herbs and spices and the dash of mystery that surrounds them.

Maybe you've heard of the alleged "original" secret recipe handed over to a Chicago Tribune reporter by Colonel Sanders' nephew, Joe Ledington. It detailed a blend he remembered mixing as a young boy: salt, thyme, basil, oregano, celery salt, black pepper, dried mustard, paprika, garlic salt, ground ginger, and white pepper.

While this particular list ignites hope in every fried chicken lover's heart, KFC firmly denies its authenticity — which makes sense given that the allure of the KFC brand lies partly in this secret. Whatever the mix may be, we know how each herb and spice adds to the taste we all keep coming back to.

So, the next time you order KFC chicken or try to replicate it at home, know that it's not just about the flavor; it's about the intrigue and story that keeps fans guessing and taste buds tingling. At KFC, the legendary 11 herbs and spices aren't just a marketing slogan but an assurance of a unique taste and legacy that has held its own for decades.

Jollibee's chicken is all about crispiness and juiciness

Whether you've tried it or not, you've probably heard about how Jollibee's fried chicken tastes so good. Known for its "crispylicious, juicylicious" Chickenjoys, Jollibee has made a name for itself in America's rich tapestry of regional fried chicken varieties. To many, Jollibee's Chickenjoy is the best fried chicken in America!

Imagine sinking your teeth through crispy chicken skin and then tasting that succulent, juicy chicken that practically melts in your mouth — whatever Jollibee's unique cooking methods are, it sure knows how to seal in the moisture and ensure that the meat remains tender and bursting with natural flavors. While it might not boast 11 herbs and spices, its marinade is steeped in a mix of flavors that give it that distinctive crispiness and juiciness.

As more and more get to try Jollibee's famed chicken, one thing is clear: Chickenjoy isn't just a dish; it's a phenomenon that you do not want to miss out on.

KFC's chicken skin is thinner and delicately crispy

The world of fried chicken is vast and varied, but what sets KFC's chicken apart is its exquisitely thin and delicate skin. When you take that first bite, there's a delightful subtlety to the crunch. It ensures that you get just the right amount of crispiness to complement the juicy, flavorful chicken meat.

But, what's the secret to KFC's crispy magic? It's all in the preparation. The chicken is hand-breaded and seasoned using the Colonel's famous secret recipe, ensuring each piece boasts the same consistent, mouth-watering crispness. This process is further accentuated by the unique pressure frying technique KFC employs. As the chicken cooks, the skin gradually crisps up, retaining moisture for the meat underneath while ensuring that the outside is light, flaky, and crispy thin.

While some aficionados chase the robust, crunchy pockets of batter, others yearn for the succulent chicken meat itself. Whether you're in the mood for a gentle crunch or a mouthful of flavorful chicken, KFC's blend masterfully bridges these worlds.

Jollibee's chicken skin brings a massive crunch

Anyone who's visited a Jollibee branch knows that there's something intrinsically addictive about the way Jollibee masters its chicken skin. When you bite into Chickenjoy skin, the first thing that greets your senses is that unmistakable, robust crunch. That outer layer is slightly thicker, masterfully seasoned, golden brown, and impeccably crispy. Need we say more?

Former Jollibee employees have divulged the secret to this massive crunch. It's said that the chicken undergoes a stringent inspection and marination process that gives it that extra edge. Breaded in-house with exactly 13 grams of coating, this marinated goodness then hits the pressure fryer, where the moisture inside the skin turns into steam, causing it to bubble up and giving it that signature, bold crunch.

Half of fried chicken's enjoyment comes from the ASMR levels of crispiness. From the sound of the initial bite alone, the Chickenjoy's thunderous crunch is enough to let us know that Jollibee will never fail us on that end.

KFC offers varieties of fried chicken

If you're here, you are a fried chicken enthusiast just like us — no matter what shape or form that fried chicken may be. If there's one place that doesn't just stop at classic fried chicken, it's KFC.

Though it started with chicken thighs, wings, drumsticks, or breasts in the classic Original Recipe, KFC has expanded its chicken offerings over the decades. Now, there's a form for every fried chicken aficionado with tender and juicy filets, the delectably dippable popcorn chicken, or the portable and ever-convenient chicken sandwiches.

Then there's the range of spiciness levels on offer: The gentle simmer of the original recipe, the spicy variant for those craving a bit of a fiery kick, and the Chicken Scorcher for the truly daring. But, it's not just about the spice levels. From the honey-glazed BBQ sandwich to the discontinued Pickle Fried Chicken, KFC ensures that every palate is accommodated. For those who yearn for even more bite, there's the Extra Crispy Chicken, which offers maximum crunch.

While others may focus on perfecting one iconic flavor, KFC spreads its wings and dares to venture into new territories. It captures various tastes to ensure that every chicken lover finds their beloved flavor profile at KFC.

Jollibee focuses on perfecting one classic flavor

Though the world of fried chicken flavors is endless, there's something to be said about mastering one and doing it with unparalleled excellence. That's exactly what Jollibee does, with every bite of its iconic Chickenjoy being a testament to its dedication to quality, consistency, and a flavor profile that is both distinctively Filipino and universally loved.

Interestingly, when it comes to its classic fried chicken, Jollibee made a conscious choice to stick with the most flavorful parts — the leg and the thigh only. Additionally, it only offers one fried chicken spice level. However, let's not be too hasty in painting Jollibee as too restrictive. You can still find delectable chicken sandwiches and succulent tenders, alongside other options that are just as great as the classic chicken.

Where KFC brings an expansive palette of options, Jollibee doubles down on its ever-reliable, ever-delicious Chickenjoy iconic flavor. Whether you're in Manila or Los Angeles, that first bite transports you straight back to your fondest Jollibee memories — if you have none, go make some!

KFC's chicken adapts to local tastes

Fried chicken might be an American favorite, but when it comes to international flavor adaptability, KFC has made its mission to prove that its chicken is as diverse as the many corners of the world it finds itself in.

Start off in Korea and you'll find yourself greeted by the delectable Tender-Rice, a marriage of crispy chicken tenders and perfectly seasoned rice. Jet over to India, and the famed KFC Chizza steals the show. Chizza, you ask? It's a pizza with an all-chicken crust that makes you wonder, "Why didn't we think of this before?" Over in Malaysia, KFC offers the spicy Bangkok Green Curry Chicken Meals and Zinger Green Curry Burger. Meanwhile, Singapore's breakfast menu introduces the Flossy Original Recipe Chicken Porridge, which blends traditional porridge with KFC's classic chicken.

With its global reach, KFC has clearly mastered the art of blending iconic American flavors with local culinary landscapes, ensuring that no matter where you are in the world, there's a KFC dish that feels both comfortingly familiar and excitingly novel. If that diversity and adaptability is what you're looking for, KFC's fried chicken is the way to go.

Jollibee's chicken is a taste of the Philippines everywhere

Bite into a piece of Chickenjoy and you're instantly transported to the bustling streets of Manila. But, how does Jollibee do it? Well, the brand takes immense pride and meticulous care to ensure authenticity. In fact, every ingredient is directly imported from the Philippines. Even the breading and the gravy are shipped in from Manila!

For any Jollibee enthusiast, its brilliance lies in its commitment to stay true to its roots. Jollibee's founder himself astutely recognized that the brand's true strength resided in embracing the Filipino palate, a harmonious blend of sweet and savory, rather than chasing the quintessential "American" flavor.

For newcomers, Jollibee offers an authentic insight into the heart of Filipino cuisine, unadulterated and presented with pride. Jollibee doesn't just serve chicken, and that's a flavor hard to replicate. In fact, we have Jollibee to thank for bringing its iconic Chickenjoy to the American table and for giving the nation a new gold standard in fried chicken excellence.

KFC's savory classic vs. Jollibee's Filipino homestyle gravy

A battle between KFC and Jollibee fried chicken is not complete without addressing their gravies, an integral sidekick to those crispy, golden chicken pieces we all adore.

With KFC, its gravy is the epitome of classic, soulful comfort. It's a silky blend of spices and herbs with a rich, deep flavor that has been mastered over decades. Even if the gravy we have today is not Colonel Sanders' original recipe, KFC's gravy promises something reliable and nostalgic, and that is its very charm.

For the pride of the Philippines, every gravy should sing a tune that's reminiscent of Filipino family gatherings. It's thick and sticky but with a slightly sweeter, even umami undertone. 

In the end, it's a delicious dilemma indeed. Are you craving the familiar, timeless embrace of KFC's classic gravy or seeking an adventurous dip into the sweet and savory blend of Jollibee's homestyle gravy recipe? Whichever camp you fall into, one thing's for sure: These gravies turn any chicken meal into an experience worth savoring.

KFC has a massive menu of sides

As lifetime patrons of KFC, we know that it never fails when it comes to the sheer variety of side dishes it has on offer. No matter what you like to pair your fried chicken with, KFC is sure to have something that suits your palate.

Delve into the comforting warmth of KFC's mac & cheese, a timeless American classic, or you could drown in smooth, buttery potatoes drizzled with savory gravy, alongside your chicken. Craving something a bit healthier? The cole slaw is a refreshing dance of textures while green beans offer a fresh, filling crunch. If you want a bit of Southern hospitality, it also has flaky, buttery biscuits as well as rich, smoky BBQ Baked beans.

Whatever you pick, one thing's certain: KFC's side dishes are not mere accompaniments but stars in their own right. Perhaps it's the sides that truly make or break the perfect fried chicken plate for you — and we wouldn't blame you at all!

Jollibee serves Filipino favorites

While KFC parades an entourage of sides, Jollibee stands tall with its authentic Filipino favorites. Dive into Jolly Spaghetti, a Filipino spin on spaghetti bolognese. While not everyone's palate is adjusted to the sweet, savory pasta topped with slices of hotdog and ground meat, this is a dish that is reminiscent of Filipino family gatherings and festive occasions.

Additionally, no Filipino feast is complete without the mention of rice or adobo, and you can get your fried chicken with a side of Garlic Rice or Adobo Rice at Jollibee. Infused with the aromatic goodness of sautéed garlic or the savory and tangy flavors of soy sauce, vinegar, and a blend of spices, these sides are the essence of a home-cooked Filipino meal.

While KFC caters to almost every taste with its diverse sides, Jollibee is a celebration of Filipino culture, tradition, and flavors, reminding everyone that sometimes, the best tastes come from bold authenticity and vibrant uniqueness.

KFC's presence is worldwide

For many, it may be easier to just follow the red-and-white beacon of KFC for your fried chicken cravings. Why? Because chances are, no matter where you are in the world, there's likely a KFC not too far away.

With a jaw-dropping presence of over 25,000 outlets across more than 145 countries, the Colonel's face has become a universal symbol of fried chicken done right. If you're thinking that KFC is stopping there, think again. KFC has its eyes set on expanding its footprints even further with plans of diving deeper into existing markets and foraying into untouched territories, ensuring that its mouth-watering chicken is never out of reach.

This accessibility and the art of being everywhere has done the brand some good, that's for sure. If proximity and the guarantee of walking into a familiar setting is your key criterion, KFC seems to be the place to be.

Jollibee has fewer branches, but its expansion is unstoppable

While KFC may be the seasoned giant with its sprawling network, Jollibee, with its distinct flavor and loyal fanbase, is the underdog story everyone's rooting for.

With a commendable 71 branches already established across the US, Jollibee has firmly planted its flag on American soil. There's a beehive of activity promising ambitious growth plans that almost double the restaurant's current footprint, targeting a staggering 150 stores across the US. It might be the smaller player now, but its momentum is undeniable.

In a world of fast-food giants, Jollibee stands out not just for its delectable dishes but also for its heart. So yes, whether it's a drive away or perhaps just a few blocks down, choosing Jollibee may mean putting in a little extra effort to get your chicken. But, when you finally take that bite, you're reminded that it's always, undeniably worth it.

KFC's value meals vs. Jollibee's budget combos

Both KFC and Jollibee have their own unique flair when it comes to fried chicken, but where we truly get the most bang for our buck still has to be considered. Should we enjoy KFC's iconic bucket or dive into Jollibee's spaghetti combo?

KFC is renowned for its value-rich, flavorful meals that don't break the bank, particularly its iconic bucket specials. These menu specials cater to groups and individuals alike, showcasing a diverse range from the classic Original Recipe chicken to crispy tenders. There's a certain predictability with KFC — you know you're getting value per meal that feels both hearty and satisfying.

At Jollibee, you can pair fried chicken with a side of spaghetti drenched in sweet tomato sauce and loaded with hotdogs and ground meat or enjoy a meal with a side of palabok. These combos aren't just pocket-friendly, but they can also offer you a distinctive cultural taste — what's more valuable than that?

In the end, it's not just about which combo offers more food for less money — it's about the experience you're after. Do you crave the time-tested, universally loved crunch of KFC's chicken? Or are you in the mood for a unique, sweet-savory rollercoaster that only Jollibee can provide? Whichever table you find yourself at, rest assured that your taste buds are in for a treat.

Whose chicken reigns supreme?

So, what's it going to be — the secret blend of 11 herbs and spices from KFC or the distinctively Pinoy flavor of Jollibee?

If you're yearning for that hint of familiarity, KFC might just be your bird. But, for those who fancy a taste of home or something new, Jollibee offers that distinct feeling of togetherness (even when you don't hail from the Philippines).

Rather than choosing one over the other, why not celebrate the diversity of flavors each brand brings to the table? At the end of the day, whose fried chicken is better ultimately depends on your tastes. Sometimes, the Colonel's secret recipe is all it takes, while Jollibee is always ready to soothe the soul with that touch of Filipino comfort. However, if you still find yourself undecided, maybe getting a chicken leg from KFC and a thigh from Jollibee all for the same lunch may ease your indecisiveness. Why choose when you can enjoy both, right?