Mix Your Aperol With Ginger Beer For A Spicy Fall Cocktail

Aperol is practically the mascot for European summers, and the delicious Aperol spritz has become a viral phenomenon, making the liqueur a staple on bar carts everywhere. But did you know that Aperol is good for more than a spritz during the summer season?

Transition your Aperol obsession into autumn by pairing it with ginger beer, the bold, bubbly beverage normally found in cocktails like the Dark 'n' Stormy or Moscow Mule. Ginger beer's flavors pack a punch, and the type you choose will impact how it tastes with Aperol. Ginger beers like Fever Tree are dry with less sugar, while brands like Q incorporate the flavors of agave and chili peppers — each ginger beer and Aperol pairing will highlight unique flavors. If you want a spicier drink, make sure to choose a ginger beer with more carbonation and ginger, like Reed's Extra Ginger Brew that has two times the ginger of the original formulation.

What else can you mix Aperol with?

Aperol can pair with many things besides Prosecco and ginger beer. It also pairs well with grapefruit juice, vanilla Coke, and, believe it or not, beer. If you're looking for a beverage with a little bit more of an alcoholic kick, Aperol can also be used in tandem with other liquors like Chartreuse, mezcal, and gin to craft delicious cocktails. If you're looking for something with a tropical twist, try mixing it with some white rum.

If you plan to be a loyal spritz fan forever, there are also plenty of ways to make the classic Aperol, Prosecco, and club soda combo more interesting. TikTok users have created frozen versions of the cocktail, such as one that incorporates frozen strawberries and ice cubes made from orange juice. Others have been inspired by the fall season, creating drinks like this Aperol cider spritz made with pear syrup, vodka, and sparkling apple cider.