Your Bundt Pan Is For More Than Just Sweets

While the trusty ol' bundt pan is often associated with cakes, its versatility goes far beyond dessert. This timeless kitchen tool can be utilized in a variety of surprising ways to create sweet and savory dishes alike. From pizza to meatloaf to rice-based delights, your bundt pan can be a vessel for some of your most legendary breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. Here are just a handful of bundt pan meal ideas to give a whirl.

Bundt pizza, anyone? Layer pizza dough, sauce, cheese, and your favorite toppings in the pan to make a ring-shaped pizza monkey bread. The bundt pan's curved design yields an even thicker, chewier crust than ordinary 'za — what's not to love?

Transform your average sandwich into a showstopper by building it in a bundt pan. Start by layering sliced bread across the bottom, then add your favorite deli meats, cheeses, condiments, and other fillings. Whether you want a hot baked sandwich or a chilled one, this method will give you a big sandwich ring that's easy to share and fun to eat.

Speaking of baking, a bundt pan can also be used to prepare a pasta bake that's as charming as it is delicious. Simply combine cooked pasta, sauce, cheese, and other desired ingredients and bake until bubbly. Pasta not your thing? Turn plain rice into an elegant-looking side or entrée (such as Persian tahdig) by packing it into a greased bundt pan. When the pan is inverted, it'll reveal a beautiful rice sculpture.

Bundt pans are more versatile than we give them credit for

Why not give traditional meatloaf a twist by cooking it in a bundt pan? The shape of the pan helps excess beef fat drain away, resulting in a flavorful meatloaf with more room for glaze. Plus, you can fill the center with mashed potatoes or roasted vegetables to create an eye-catching full spread.

A bundt pan can be used to whip up a hearty frittata for breakfast or brunch. Eggs, veggies, cheese, and herbs get mixed together, poured into the pan, and baked. The pan's ridged form will also add a chic touch to this morning meal.

You can even make potatoes au gratin by stacking a bundt pan with thinly sliced potatoes, heavy cream, cheese, and seasonings, and if you're big on nachos, you can make them in a bundt pan too. For a healthier side dish, put a fun twist on a salad recipe by assembling it in a bundt pan. Arrange lettuce, veggies, proteins, and dressing, then chill until ready to eat. (We won't judge if you eat it directly out of the pan.)

Of course, bundt cakes are absolutely marvelous, but this iconic bakeware can do so much more.