13 Items Klondike Sadly Stopped Making

Klondike has been a staple in convenience and grocery store freezers since the early 1900s, but not every product has stood the test of time. If you've ever experienced the thrill of unwrapping one of their ice cream sandwiches, bars, or other frozen treats, you probably have some favorites. If you've branched out beyond the original bar and sandwich, one of your old favorites is likely on this list of discontinued Klondike items. The company still keeps nearly a dozen bars, nearly a dozen ice cream cone flavors, three types of ice cream sandwiches, and even a couple of types of shakes in rotation.

Unfortunately, food companies can't keep every product they've ever made on the shelves. Some just don't sell as well, and profits are paramount. While you expect to see some experiments fail, you don't expect to see classics disappear. However, Klondike has even cut some of its classics. As you look at all the items Klondike has stopped making, you can add them to your product return wishlist. Unfortunately, a wishlist is where most of these discontinued ice cream treats will likely remain. However, if you voice your opinion loud enough, perhaps the company will bring back one of your favorites one day.

1. Klondike Choco Taco

While most Klondike items that have disappeared have slipped by without much notice, Choco Tacos made huge waves when fans found out they were disappearing.

Choco Tacos have been a staple in store freezers and ice cream trucks since 1983. This all-American ice cream treat drew on the growing popularity of Mexican restaurants in the '80s. A Philadelphia company called Jack & Jill once owned the Choco Taco and first sold them to children (and adults) chasing their ice cream trucks. Unilever bought Choco Tacos in 1989. As the parent company of Good Humor, you could find them in stores that sold Good Humor products. When Unilever bought Klondike in 1993, you started seeing Klondike Choco Tacos. You've been able to find Choco Tacos on the Taco Bell menu as well. They last returned to the menu for Taco Bell's 60th anniversary in February 2022.

However, by July 2022, Klondike announced they would no longer make Choco Tacos. The company's Facebook announcement received 1,300 comments from incredulous fans wondering why it was getting rid of one of the most beloved Klondike products. Klondike responded, "Over the past 2 years — we've experienced an unprecedented spike in demand across our portfolio and have had to make very tough decisions to ensure availability nationwide. We know this may be very disappointing, and hope you'll try our other delicious frozen treats!" Unfortunately, nothing else is really close, which has inspired nearly 20 petitions on Change.org.

2. Klondike Peanut Butter Chocolate Sandwiches

When we think about ice cream sandwiches, the one that usually comes to mind is the classic vanilla sandwich, which has vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two soft chocolate cookies. Klondike once experimented with the classic sandwich by adding peanut butter and chocolate to the vanilla ice cream to make Peanut Butter Chocolate Klondike Sandwiches.

The addition of peanut butter was light enough that it only added 20 calories and two grams of fat to the original 180-calorie, 5-grams-of-fat sandwich. Unfortunately, with that little peanut butter in the sandwich, a reviewer said, "The flavor of the peanut butter ice cream was non-existent ... The only peanut butter I could taste [was] from the peanut butter and chocolate swirls, which didn't have any chocolate flavor ... The chocolate chips did provide a different texture, but not much flavor."

With the peanut butter and chocolate not being very distinctive, this sandwich only lasted for three years, between 2010 and 2013. While many potential fans didn't seem to know they existed, it may not have mattered without Klondike revamping the flavor profile.

3. Klondike Whitehouse Cherry Bar

For many chocolate lovers, the epitome of chocolate bliss is the combination of cherries and chocolate. Add that combo to ice cream, and you should have a winner. For a while, you could get this combination with Klondike Whitehouse Cherry Bars. Whitehouse cherry is a flavor of ice cream that has been around since at least 1929, combining vanilla ice cream and Maraschino cherries. A few other companies like Hershey's and Mayfield still carry this flavor as an ice cream. However, Klondike has discontinued Whitehouse Cherry as a bar flavor.

While most ice cream companies put their ice cream bars on a popsicle stick, Klondike thinks you're beyond needing a stick. The company has quite a wide range of stickless ice cream bar flavors, all in the iconic square shape you know from its sandwich bar. One of these was Whitehouse Cherry Bars. However, over the years, flavors have come and gone. The company currently sells Reese's, Heath, Krunch, Cookies & Creme, Dark Chocolate, Double Chocolate, Mint Chocolate Chip, Original Vanilla, and No Sugar Added Krunch Bars. Whitehouse Cherry Bars included cherry ice cream with a chocolate shell. Unfortunately for chocolate cherry fans, there's no longer any flavor of ice cream treat from Klondike that includes cherries.

4. Klondike York Peppermint Patty Bars

Klondike York Peppermint Patty Bars are among the most missed Klondike bars. Refreshingly cool Peppermint Patties in an ice cream format? Yes, please. Sadly, they went the way of the dodo in 2009. While the company has a Mint Chocolate Chocolate Chip Bar, it's not the same as a York Peppermint Patty Bar, with chocolate chip mint ice cream inside instead of peppermint ice cream.

Addicted York Peppermint Patty Bar fan @Ashley said on Bite of The Best, "Mint is a tremendously popular flavor, and I think the York was arguably the best of the entire product line. I haven't bought a single Klondike bar since the York flavor vanished." Some fans even theorized that the popularity of the York Peppermint Patty Bars overwhelmed all the other bar sales, so the company got rid of them. While Unilever addressed other concerns in the forum, they neither confirmed nor denied this theory. Draw your own conspiracy theory conclusions.

5. Klondike Neapolitan Bars

Neapolitan ice cream is one of those flavors meant to satisfy everyone and allow you to get every flavor at once without having to choose since it contains strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla ice cream. This concept works out great when all the flavors are equal. Unfortunately, it usually ends up being more disappointing than anything else, with every flavor not being the same quality. So, we're not surprised that Neapolitan Bars came in dead last in our ranking of best to worst bar flavors.

There were numerous complaints about this flavor. A Walmart customer said they were surprised because "the strawberry looks like Pepto Bismol." Some weren't sure what the strawberry abomination tasted like, while others thought it tasted like cherry. As for the other flavors, "The vanilla was so-so, and the chocolate was ok." A Redditor complained that the company used "less vanilla ice cream than chocolate or strawberry." For those who like strawberry and chocolate better than vanilla, that works just fine. But this particular Redditor was sure it was part of a conspiracy to have enough vanilla leftover "to produce more of the original Klondike Bar for themselves." Who knew this ice cream company was so prone to conspiracy theories?

6. Klondike Donuts

Speaking of conspiracy theories, fans immediately saw right through the creation of Klondike Donuts — both literally and figuratively. The fact that you could suddenly see through a hole in your Klondike bar because the company was making them square-donut-shaped didn't sit well with a lot of fans. The donuts weighed a full ounce less than the bars while costing slightly more per ounce. One Facebooker sarcastically commented, "'It's a donut, we'll cut a huge a hole in the middle and make 20% more profits,' said the greedy Klondike bar executive at a 2019 board meeting ... pfffff."

Still, they were novelty flavors, so some people were still tempted to give them a try. You could get Boston Cream Donuts, Triple Chocolate Donuts, Frosted Strawberry Donuts, and Wake Me Up Coffee Donuts. With so much distrust from consumers, however, they didn't last long. While you can no longer find Klondike Donuts in the U.S., they're still available in Canada, where you can get a Maple Krunch Donut. Sure, you're missing an ounce of ice cream, but it's maple.

7. Klondike Oreo Sandwich Cookies

The Mandela Effect is the idea that we're now living in a parallel universe that diverged from the original. The proof is supposedly that some of us remember events that never happened or never really existed. The one that gives the Mandela Effect its name is the collective memory that Nelson Mandela died in prison rather than dying at home. The Mandela Effect struck again when Redditor u/zxwn questioned whether Oreo Sandwich Cookies had ever been real. They said, "As a kid growing up my parents would occasionally buy us Klondike bars, and I always remembered Oreo being [one] of the flavors that I liked. Now, I went through a grocery store to get them for old times' sake but noticed Klondike Cookies & Creme. Has this always been a thing, or was it changed?"

Yes, the company did really once sell Oreo Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches. They had an actual Oreo cookie on top and bottom with Oreo cookies crushed into the ice cream in the middle. It's easy to wonder, though, when you see today's Cookies & Creme Sandwich. It certainly looks the same, except the cookies have a Klondike stamp with a polar bear instead of the iconic Oreo logo. The only name-brand cookie sandwich left is the Mrs. Fields Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich. One day, someone will probably wonder if those were in a parallel world, too, when the company switches to generic chocolate chip cookies.

8. Klondike What the Fudge? Brownie Sandwiches

Cookie sandwiches are expected for ice cream sandwiches, but thinking outside the box brought forth the idea of brownie sandwiches. Klondike What the Fudge? Brownie Sandwiches started showing up on shelves in 2011. They were likely inspired by the Snickers Ice Cream Brownie. Klondike's version was a sandwich made from two square flat brownies on the outside and vanilla ice cream on the inside. The beauty of this sandwich was that the vanilla ice cream had a stripe of fudge running down the middle of it. So, not only were you getting brownies, but you were also getting fudge and ice cream in your treat. Unfortunately, there were complaints about the fudge tasting artificial.

We noticed that people who reviewed these sandwiches weren't enamored with the name. Some even found it offensive. So, there were likely a few language prudes who didn't buy these on principle. Despite being easier to find than the Snickers version, they weren't successful enough for Klondike to keep. After a two-year run, they were discontinued in 2013.

9. Klondike Caramel Pretzel Bar

There was a craze there for a while to try adding pretzels to items that normally didn't contain pretzels. Pretzel sandwich buns seemed to work fine, but how would pretzels fit into an ice cream treat? Klondike decided to try to find out by introducing a Caramel Pretzel Klondike bar.

You would expect there to be a more pronounced pretzel experience with a caramel pretzel bar than just a few pretzel pieces in the ice cream — maybe with a thin layer of pretzel beneath the chocolate surface. When Jason Mazurek tried it on YouTube, he said, "To me, it just tastes like caramel Klondike bar. Nothing special." His companion was so dissatisfied with it that he put his aside and said, "I won't be finishing that one."

We're not terribly surprised this flavor didn't work. After all, there were about a dozen flavors available at the same time. This one didn't stand out enough to become a regular in the long run.

10. Klondike Rocky Road Bar

There are two different origin stories for Rocky Road. However, we know that it was invented in the Great Depression and that it's been popular ever since. People who love chocolate ice cream, nuts, and marshmallows tend to still buy it in cones or entire tubs, so it seemed like a pretty good bet in 2011 for an ice cream bar. Klondike made a twist on the classic flavor by having almonds mixed in with the outside chocolate coating and including both chocolate ice cream and marshmallow ice cream inside.

Some reviewers didn't think the bars didn't do a great job of mixing the three normal Rocky Road flavors, finding the marshmallow overwhelming. However, Freezerburns on YouTube said it was a "real Rocky Road experience." Based on the images from different testers, it appears that some customers were getting a bar that was heavier on the marshmallow, while other customers were getting ones with more balanced ingredients, which probably led to the differences in opinions. Had it been more of a consistent experience, perhaps it would have stood the test of time a little better.

11. Klondike Cookie Dough Swirl Bar

Who isn't tempted by cookie dough ice cream? It combines two of the most pleasurable dessert treats in one. Now, add a chocolate coating on the outside, and it's perfect. Klondike invented this treat in 2015. True to its name, Klondike Cookie Dough Swirl Bars had swirls of cookie dough scattered throughout its ice cream center. The big surprise was that the cookie dough also had bits of baked chocolate chip cookies mixed up with it. So, you got cookie dough, pieces of chocolate chips, and pieces of cookie all in one bar.

It was a delightful bar, and the only way it might have been better was if it had more cookie dough or more chocolate chips. The outside chocolate coating on the bar was basically a big chocolate chip, but having more chocolate inside would have been nice, too — for the textural experience.

Sadly, this flavor didn't last. While it seems like it had the makings of a classic, it's no longer available.

12. Klondike Minis

When you reach into the freezer for a frozen dessert treat, you don't necessarily want to blow all your calories for the day on an ice cream bar, even if it's extremely tasty. So, the company had an idea in 2018 to create Klondike Minis. Each original-flavored mini bar was only 120 to 130 calories, as opposed to 250 calories for a full-sized bar. They were about a half-inch thick and seemed to have a thinner chocolate shell than the original.

Klondike Minis came in original, mint, and Reese's flavors, with the Reese's flavor having 10 more calories. With both of those being winning flavors for the brand, we're surprised that the Minis line didn't last. Perhaps people were happy enough with full-sized bars or figured they could just eat half of a full-sized bar and wrap the other half up for later.

The writing on the box attempted to appeal to the health conscious by calling them "a quick bite that's just right" and reminding consumers that the small size "keeps calories in check." It also tempted consumers by reminding them that it was "half the size half the guilt." Apparently, those lines of packaging advertisements didn't work out as well as the company thought since you can't find these anymore.

13. Klondike Kandy Bars

Klondike added Kandy Bars to its lineup in 2014. These ice cream treats were shaped and built like chocolate candy bars. They were oblong and about the size of a regular candy bar with a white or dark chocolate outside, covered in nuts, crisped rice, or cookie pieces. The inside was ice cream topped with a special candy or cookie ingredient depending on the flavor. Flavors included Cookies and Cream, Caramel & Nuts, and Fudge Krunch (sometimes called Triple Chocolate Krunch). So, you basically had a Snickers dupe, a Hershey's Cookies & Cream dupe, and a sort-of Three Musketeers dupe with crunchy bits and fudge. There was also a Mint Fudge Cookie Kandy Bar that defied comparison to a current regular candy bar.

Customers found them to be delicious, but they still didn't last. The Kandy Bars are another of the company's treats that you can no longer find. However, nobody took to Change.org to ask for their return like they did for the Choco Taco, so we may never see them again.