These Are Brittany Mahomes' Favorite Foods

Being in the spotlight means the whole world is watching. Though celebrities mostly try their best to please everyone, at some point, nearly every famous chef, singer, athlete — or athlete's spouse — is going to have an action or comment picked apart by fans and media alike. And one celebrity spouse who has amassed multiple incidences of the public's raised eyebrows is none other than Brittany Mahomes.

Brittany Mahomes, née Matthews, is the spouse of Patrick Mahomes, the successful football quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs. Though it is Patrick on the field playing the game, it seems that his wife ends up on our television and computer screens every bit as often. She is disliked so fiercely by some, there exists an entire Reddit thread dedicated to tearing her down called BrittanyMatthewsSnark. On the other hand, she has plenty of fans, too; people who don't believe she has earned the amount of bad press she receives. "People Hate Brittany Mahomes (Matthews) For Absolutely No Reason," reads the title of another thread under r/sports.

Whether you can't stand Brittany or love her, the former soccer player turned sports wife has to eat. Here are some of Brittany Mahomes' favorite foods.

Coconut shrimp from Red Lobster

Brittany Mahomes has been known to take to her various online platforms to speak out about things she finds herself bothered by, and earlier this year, she opened up on X (formerly known as Twitter) regarding something rather unexpected: a less-than-satisfying experience at none other than the popular chain restaurant Red Lobster.

The Parrot Isle Jumbo Coconut Shrimp is one of the seafood franchise's most popular appetizers ... and is apparently just as loved by Patrick Mahomes' wife. So loved, in fact, that when she couldn't order it during a visit to the restaurant, she let the world know. "Red lobster really got rid of their coconut shrimp in case anyone was wondering..." she said, following up with a whole line of crying emojis. Since Red Lobster couldn't let false information circulate on the profile of a high-visibility celebrity, the company responded, apologizing generously.

"Brittany," the post began, "we think you're shrimply the best and we're sorry you didn't get your coconut shrimp! It's still on the menu so don't worry. Shoot us a DM to coordinate getting your [coconut shrimp] fill!" While many bystanders looked at this reaction by the quarterback's wife as being overly dramatic, or even a "first-world problem" in nature, we have to say ... the Parrot Isle Jumbo Coconut Shrimp dish is delicious. Whether or not it's so delicious as to warrant a very public post on X when the Red Lobster kitchen is temporarily out, we aren't sure.

OWYN protein shakes

OWYN is a company which provides completely plant-based, vegan-approved protein and nutrition shakes to the masses. While anyone can appreciate a clean source of drinkable protein, there are some who must rely on a safer array of ingredients due to allergies. This is reportedly the case for Brittany and family, for whom the OWYN drink line has been a lifesaver.

In an interview with People magazine, Mrs. Mahomes shared that her two children suffer from severe food allergies. Therefore, her household must be diligent regarding food, ensuring that all meals and pre-packaged snacks and drinks are safe so as not to cause a reaction in either one of them. The allergen-free OWYN company is consumed in the Mahomes house daily, providing both Brittany and her football-playing husband with the protein they need for recovery — at zero risk to their kids' health. Brittany's passion for allergy safety and continued research is such that she and the OWYN company have partnered up, providing a whopping matched donation to FARE, the Food Allergy Research & Education organization. What new breakthroughs or discoveries this donation might go toward unearthing remains to be seen — but in the meantime, it appears, the OWYN shakes will continue to be a staple in the Mahomes home.

Homemade rice bowls

Rice bowls are as delicious as they are versatile. Given that the stars of the dish are the tiny nutritious grains the world loves so much, pretty much anything can be added to round out the meal with additional protein, nutrients, or flavor. Chicken, vegetables, shrimp, peanuts, sauces ... whatever it is you're craving, you'll bet there is a place for it in a rice bowl.

And, it seems, Brittany Mahomes is a believer in the easy, healthy staple as well, working a rice bowl into her diet as often as possible. Various meals starring white rice in particular tend to show up on her social media platforms often, and in 2021 — just after she had given birth to her and Patrick Mahomes' first child — an article on Life&Style featured snapshots of the numerous meals that the budding celebrity was eating postpartum. Many of them were, in fact, rice bowls: some with sesame chicken, others with corn and cilantro, yet another featuring mango and fish. All of them appear to have been made at home... and all of them inspire us to head to the rice cooker. 

BioSteel sports drinks

BioSteel is a sports beverage company whose claim to fame is its clean ingredients and sugar-free hydrating products. Unlike most sports drink formulas, BioSteel's electrolyte powder packets and ready-to-go bottled refreshments are not laced with added sugars — only with five important electrolytes that every athlete needs for recovery. This fact, combined with its dedication to sustainable packaging for its products, caught the attention of Patrick Mahomes ... and, as it turns out, his wife.

"So pumped to announce my partnership with biosteelsports and to join my other half patrickmahomes on TeamBioSteel!" posted Brittany Mahomes on an official, sponsored Instagram reel in 2020. The short video features the wife of the NFL star performing an intense workout while drinking down one of the company's thirst-quenching performance beverages. "It's so important to hydrate with the best," she continued, "which is why I've always trusted BioSteel." Unfortunately, despite having the all-star promoter on its side, BioSteel has ended up in the throes of business trouble. The company filed for bankruptcy in September of this year — a huge shock, considering its presence in the NFL and NBA, among others.

Ice cream

Who doesn't love ice cream? Well, as it turns out, more people than you think. CNN reports that in the United States, the popularity of the frozen custard-like dessert has been dwindling — down from 18 pounds eaten per person per year in 1986, to a measly 12 in 2021. Threads such as "Ice cream is gross," or "Ice cream is disgusting and overrated" on Reddit help to illustrate in real time that, yes — some people simply and decidedly do not like the cold, classic dessert treat.

However, Brittany Mahomes is certainly not one of them. On the contrary, her love for the food appears steadfast. She said so in her own words on an Instagram post in which she stands beside a friend, the both of them holding up cups of ice cream and smiling broad, genuine smiles that only delicious frozen sugary goodness could inspire. "It only took me coming to Iceland to find someone who [...] loves ice cream as much as I do," she said frankly. We're happy she found her match.


We've all heard the saying about a woman scorned ... but what about a woman who doesn't get her pizza? The world watched — somewhat uncomfortably — as Brittany Mahomes took to X, formerly known as Twitter, in late November to share her obvious exasperation over a missing pizza order on the very same night her husband was on the big screen playing one of his most exciting games of the season.

"I ordered a pizza an hour and a half ago, still ain't got it," she posted, tacking on an emoji that was both laughing and crying. She later elaborated on the incident after responders inquired further as to what had become of the missing pie, explaining that after a while longer, she physically drove to the restaurant herself to inquire about her food. Ultimately, it appears, she never received it ... and from there, the trail runs cold. However, all of this points pretty strongly to the fact that Brittany really, really loves pizza. After all, it takes a pretty passionate cheese-and-sauce lover to blast what, in some people's eyes, was a bit of a minor occurrence to the world.

Doughnuts ... and chocolate

Though ice cream may have fallen from the top spot of beloved American sweet treats in recent years, doughnuts have been doing nothing but climb the rungs of the popularity ladder. Statista reports that from 2011 to 2020, the total number of United States doughnut consumers sprang from 173.57 million to 201.02 million. This number is projected to rise to over 207 million in 2024 — and it's looking like Brittany Mahomes will likely be one of the citizens lining up at her favorite breakfast spot to snag a fresh-baked sugary snack.

Though an avid health and fitness junkie who values clean eating, it appears Brittany Mahomes appreciates balance, enjoying a good sweet treat every bit as much as the next person. Plates of chocolate strawberries, slices of decadent chocolate cakes, and yes, doughnuts have all been spotted on her Instagram stories over the years, according to Life&Style Magazine. Oftentimes, the shots are accompanied by a happy face emoji or a hashtag displaying her obvious euphoria. We can't say we blame her for that one. 


Broccoli is generally considered a superfood due its high levels of vital nutrients, consistently providing consumers with blasts of vitamin K, C, fiber, folate, and cancer-fighting phytonutrients with every bite. It is fabulous for weight loss, gut health, cell health, disease prevention, and is often a top food pick for health and fitness gurus everywhere ... including, apparently, Brittany Mahomes.

The former athlete and current active mother appears to integrate broccoli into her diet — a lot. From raw broccoli heads paired with simple dips to broccoli and rice bowls to mac and cheese with broccoli on the side, the NFL wife certainly taps into her body's need for the healthy veggie. Brittany has often been recognized for her rapid physical "bounce back" after giving birth to her and Patrick Mahomes' two children, Sterling and Patrick. Given all of its benefits, a high broccoli intake may have helped with this postpartum transformation.

Plain noodles ... at least when pregnant

Pregnancy is known for inducing cravings ... sometimes, extremely bizarre ones. Think pickles and ice cream, or tuna mixed with peanut butter. Some unlucky women will even develop Pica while pregnant, a condition which causes a person to crave and chew inedible things. "Sponges," replied a Reddit user on a post in which women discussed their wildest pregnancy cravings. "The yellow ones with the brillo pad on top. Had such bad pica I had to sit there chewing on them to get over the craving."

For other women, though, pregnancy cravings will be far less dramatic ... and some of them, even downright boring. This appears to be the case with Brittany Mahomes, who shared her plain (literally) pregnancy craving with the world via her Instagram stories. Plain noodles, she explained — those without butter or sauce — were on her list for must-have foods during pregnancy. Though rice appears to be the former soccer player's carbohydrate of choice when not pregnant according to the majority of her other posts, it seems that noodles are what baby craved.

Fried chicken ... or not

The most current scandal Brittany Mahomes has found herself in the center of involves — interestingly enough — a contentious comment regarding food. During a GQ couples quiz in which she and her husband were supposed to be answering carefree questions about the other person for fun, things took an ugly turn.

When Patrick Mahomes asked his wife what his favorite cheat-day meal was, she answered with emphasis: "fried chicken." With a slightly hurt look on his face, the quarterback informed her that Mexican food was, in fact, his preferred heavy meal. Besides the obvious fact that Brittany did not know the favorite meal of the man she has been with since high school, the public was irked by something else: the way she had pronounced the words "fried chicken." Many felt that going straight to this particular food choice, along with the faux Southern accent she used when she did, was intended as an amplification of racial stereotypes, given that Patrick Mahomes is biracial.

Despite the anger being thrown in Brittany's direction, we wonder ... could there have been, perhaps, a less nefarious reason her brain went to the dish it did? Is a fabulous deep-fried breast cutlet a bite she and her husband have shared in the past? Is it a favorite of hers, spread to Patrick by proxy in her mind? We can't say — but we wait with bated breath to see if she'll let the world in on this one.