The Patrick Mahomes Cereal You Never Knew About

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Patrick Mahomes is quite the accomplished NFL player. Drafted to the Kansas City Chiefs in 2017, Mahomes is the youngest quarterback in the history of professional football to receive the honor of Super Bowl MVP, and he has been making headlines ever since. His fame has thrusted the athlete into the spotlight with fans clamoring to learn what the QB eats. Mahomes shared with Mens Journal that he, "usually eat(s) four to five meals a day," spreading dinner out across several smaller meals. And according to the blog Post Mates, after throwing six touchdowns with his rocket arm during a September 2017 game, Mahomes celebrated his on-field accomplishment at a KC eatery named Rye. The restaurant shared a glimpse of the super player's order and we have to admit, it sounded delish: "Prime Rib with mashed Yukon Gold potatoes, macaroni and cheese with crispy bacon, three-piece fried chicken, and pan-roasted scotch salmon."

But before the Super Bowl winning quarterback became a Super Bowl winner, one supermarket chain in the Midwest must have had a premonition that Mahomes would become not only a superstar of a player, but also a fan favorite. Per Forbes, during the Texas Tech University alum's inaugural season, Hy-Vee grocery store created an exclusive Mahomes cereal that you could only buy if you lived in one of the eight states that Hy-Vee calls home.

Mahomes Magic Crunch

But Hy-Vee did not expect the cereal aptly named Mahomes Magic Crunch to become the success it was. A spokeswoman for the company told Forbes they had only expected to sell 50,00 boxes of the cereal — but they sold way more. The sales benefited Mahomes's KC based 15 and the Mahomies Foundation, and Mahomes' involvement with the cereal catapulted the number of boxes sold to a whopping 300,000. "The excitement Hy-Vee's Mahomes Magic Crunch cereal has created for Kansas City Chiefs fans is truly unmatched in our company's history," Randy Edeker, CEO and president for Hy-Vee revealed.

What does the cereal taste like? Forbes compared it to the iconic Frosted Flakes and shared that a box originally retailed for $3.99. Because of its incredible success — and the incredible season Mahomes forged for the Chiefs in 2020 — Hy-Vee ordered up 600,000 boxes of the cereal to sell. And sell it did with fans waiting in long lines to buy it. 

Mahomes's cereal was a limited edition product, so chances of finding it in a grocery store are negligible. That said, if you are really jonesing to try a box of Mahomes Magic Crunch, you can always try to find a box on Amazon – but be prepared to pay more than $3.99. With Mahomes' star power only amplified with a Super Bowl win, this cereal is now a collector's item.